Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Men Can Also Be Vases

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Lauren was shocked. “Ah, why? I’m not blind. Why would I want you to be my boyfriend?”

Quinn was speechless.

“Is that the main point now? Besides, you’re so young. Why would you want to have a boyfriend?”

Lauren pouted. “I’m just saying. But…how did your fans know about me?”

Quinn took out his phone and swiped to the trending search page again. Lauren finally understood what was happening.

“Quinn, your fans are too crazy. They are so scary. It’s as if they want to find me.”

Quinn nodded. “Mm. So, I’ve decided to formally introduce you later at the party. This is also what I have discussed with Franklin.”

“Introduce me?”

“That’s right. Otherwise, I won’t be able to clear my name even if I jump into the Yellow River. Besides, you’re dressed so nicely today. Of course, you’ll have to use this opportunity to make an appearance in front of everyone. With me around, you don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of you.”

“Tsk tsk. I don’t need you to take care of me.” Lauren snorted in disdain. She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

As the two of them chatted, they reached their destination.

The reception started at five in the afternoon and it was only noon. However, there were already many staff members in the studio who were busy preparing for the final step.

There was a lot of media personnel carrying cameras who came in advance to occupy the best seats.

This was the second time Lauren had come to Quinn’s studio. The first time she came, the place had not been fully renovated yet. In less than a week, the place had already taken on a brand new look.

The studio was designed in a modern and industrial style. The colors were very simple yet sophisticated.

Decorative balloons were hung everywhere because of the party.

A red carpet was laid out in front of the door.

Everyone was busy with their own matters. Therefore, when Lauren and Quinn got out of the car, no one paid much attention to Lauren.

Quinn brought Lauren to his office, and after that, Quinn went to help out.

Though the party was supposed to start at five in the afternoon, people were already coming over with invitations at four in the afternoon.

Lauren looked down from the window of Quinn’s office and saw that there were many male and female celebrities that she had seen in TV dramas.

They were dressed in beautiful clothes and stood in front of the sign-in board to sign autographs.

Meanwhile, the media personnel standing beside the red carpet were carrying heavy cameras that were constantly flashing.

Lauren looked down at the scene from upstairs and felt that her eyes were blinded by the flashes. ‘Not everyone can be a celebrity. You have to have a pair of good eyes to withstand that,’ Lauren thought to herself.

Quinn instructed Lauren not to go down first. He would send someone to pick her up when the time came.

Therefore, ever since Lauren arrived, she could only hide in Quinn’s office.

The party had already begun. Lauren saw many people holding wine glasses and congratulating Quinn.

When the auspicious time of five o’clock arrived, Quinn held a pair of scissors and prepared to cut the ribbon with the other studio staff.

Lauren leaned against the window and watched.

The other actors were all gathered on both sides. Lauren had good hearing. Although the scene was very noisy, she could still hear some of the actors whispering to each other.

The one who was whispering was an older actor. He looked about 40 years old.

Lauren recognized him. He was often on the trending pages of entertainment magazines.

At this moment, he was talking to another male actor. “Young people nowadays are really arrogant. How old is he? He’s already opening his own studio and making it so grand. Moreover, he even invited half of the entertainment industry over. I just saw Director Spielberg.”

Another male actor nodded. “That’s right. This young man doesn’t have any famous works yet. For all we know, we might hear negative things about him in a couple days’ time, and by then, all his effort will go to waste. If it weren’t for the fact that our agency boss wants to sign a contract for him, why would two seniors like us, who have been in the industry for so many years, come here?”

“What a disgrace.”

“That’s right. I wonder what our boss sees in him. This guy already has his own studio, and he still wants to sign him into our agency. What does he see in him?”

“He’s handsome. Looks can bring men a long way as well, not just women.”

These two men were not only insulting both men and women, but they also openly expressed their contempt and ridicule for Quinn.

Lauren frowned as she listened.

Sure enough, these celebrities were hypocrites.. In reality, they talked too much.

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