Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Quinn Has a Girlfriend?

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Quinn was also very satisfied with his new styling. He thought to himself that all that scolding just now was worth it.

He admired himself in front of the mirror, and let out an unnatural laugh when he heard what Lauren said. This was the first time Lauren had praised him so genuinely.

In order not to show his happiness too obviously, he coughed to divert attention.

“Of course, I don’t look bad at all, okay?”

Tony was also very satisfied with his own work. He had been working hard on their looks all morning.

“Quick, Quinn, I want to take a photo of you and post it on my studio’s Instagram.”

Quinn seemed to have some special ability. As soon as he noticed the camera, his whole body would automatically go into working mode.

Just as Tony turned on his phone’s camera, Quinn automatically walked to the place with the best lighting. The perfect right side of his face pointed toward the camera.

The first ray of sunlight shone in at just the right moment, making Quinn’s facial features stand out even more clearly.

Even Lauren had to admit that Quinn was very handsome today.

Tony took the photo very quickly and did not seem to be taking it seriously at all.

“Hey, the way you take photos is too casual.”

Quinn looked at the photo in dissatisfaction.

Tony, on the other hand, said flatteringly, “You’re so good-looking. You’ll look good in any photo.”

The photo was actually quite well taken. It had a high resolution, but there was no composition and the background was messy.

However, Quinn still looked handsome in the photos.

Quinn was quite satisfied with Tony’s reply. He nodded his head and said, “Alright, that’s it. Then, we’ll be heading to the studio, which is a little far from here.”

At that time, Quinn had deliberately chosen the south side of the city center to avoid attracting too much attention to his studio.

With a brand new look, Quinn had become much more confident.

Lauren sighed. As expected, people rely on their clothing!

When they arrived at the parking lot, Lauren noticed a man in a suit standing beside the car.

“Oh, the designated driver I called has arrived,” said Quinn.

“Don’t you know how to drive yourself? Why did you call for a designated driver?”

“I’m dressed so dashingly today. Don’t tell me I have to drive myself?”

Quinn would never admit that he was actually scared by Lauren’s sudden reminder this morning. He had not driven for so long. What if he really hurt someone while driving?

It took about an hour to get to the studio. For the first half an hour, both of them were resting with their eyes closed.

After that, Quinn couldn’t fall asleep. He took his phone out of habit and looked at his Instagram. He actually found himself on trending Instagram posts. The title was #Quinn, the popular male model, suspected to have a girlfriend#.

Quinn frowned. What kind of groundless allegation was this?

He had a girlfriend?

In order to avoid scandals, he didn’t want to hang out with female celebrities. Moreover, he hadn’t seen any women recently.

As Quinn was curious, he clicked on this hot search.

After clicking on it, the first thing he saw was his fans’ various Instagram posts.

“Quinn is so handsome today. This windbreaker is amazing.”

“That is obviously a girl’s hair. She even has a cherry hairband. She looks like a cute girl. I didn’t expect my prince charming to actually like cute girls.”

“The studio is opening today. Could it be that he’s introducing his girlfriend today?”

“Don’t assume that she’s his girlfriend just because she’s a girl.”

‘That’s right, does it have to be his girlfriend when it’s a girl? However, where’s the girl? What are they talking about?’ Quinn thought.

When he swiped to the end, he finally saw the photo that caused a hot search.

Wasn’t this photo taken by Tony when he was in the styling room?

Was there anything else in this photo other than the handsome him? How did they tell that he had a girlfriend?

Wait a minute, a cherry hairband?

He shifted his gaze to Lauren, who was snoring and drooling beside him.

Didn’t Lauren have a cherry hairband on her ponytail?!

The angle of the photo happened to cover Lauren’s body and face. It only showed her hair and the hairband.

At this moment, Quinn really did not know whether to laugh or cry. People nowadays really knew how to make groundless accusations. It was just a photo of a hairband, and they were already sure that he had a girlfriend.

What if they took a photo of Lauren’s entire face and found out that she was only a child? Would those people say that Quinn was married and had children?