Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Styling

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Quinn nodded and explained, “Tony used to study abroad, so you can just call him by his name.”

“Oh, okay!” Lauren agreed.

As Franklin, Quinn, and Tony were old acquaintances, Tony personally did the styling this time.

Lauren was styled as a cute little girl.

In addition, the theme of Quinn’s cocktail party this time was called “Letter from Spring”. As it was spring, Tony chose bright cherry red colors for Lauren.

He prepared a lovely headband with two cherries on it for Lauren.

Lauren’s thick black hair was braided into two pigtails and hung obediently on the shoulders. Her hairband was also the same cherry color and had two small cherries.

Lauren did not need a necklace or bracelet as she was young. If she used them, she would lose her childish beauty. Therefore, she was not given any extra accessories.

In the end, Tony paired Lauren with a skirt.

It was a vest-style long skirt that was almost reached Lauren’s calves. The main color of the skirt was white and there were some irregular patterns on it. The pattern was cherry red as well.

Lauren wore a pair of lace socks and a pair of cute leather shoes of the same color. With that, she was done with her outfit.

At this age, Lauren did not need any makeup at all. Therefore, in less than a few minutes, Lauren was done with her styling.

Tony clapped his hands and praised Lauren as he admired her look.

“Not bad. You look like the brightest star in the whole world right now. No, the brightest star in the whole universe.”

“Your skin at this age is really good. I can’t see any pores at all.”

Tony kept praising Lauren. On the contrary, when Tony was helping Quinn with his styling, he kept ridiculing him.

“How many days have you not slept well? Why is your skin so rough? Look at your blackheads. Don’t you know how to take care of yourself? Do you still call yourself a celebrity? You’re not qualified at all.”

Quinn was speechless while Tony scolded him. After all, he had been eating takeout every day in the studio for the past two days and did not have time to exercise. He had wanted to prepare for this cocktail party better, and now, he had to be scolded by a stylist even while doing styling.

Tony was also the best stylist he knew, so he did not dare to refute him.

What if he offended him and he chose an ugly outfit for him? What would he do then?

While he was fixing Quinn’s hair, Tony continued to mock Quinn.

“How long has it been since you’ve had your hair taken care of? It’s as dry as savannah grass. Even if you were to randomly pick some wild grass from the roadside, it would still be more nutritious than your hair.”

Therefore, he personally gave a quick fix to Quinn’s hair.

Lauren had already taken a nap by the side. When she woke up, she realized that Quinn was still sitting on the chair, while Tony was busy applying cream on his face.

She stretched lazily.

The originally dark sky outside the window was now completely bright.

“Quinn, you’re too slow. Didn’t you say that women waste too much time dressing up? Why does it take so much time to dress you up?”

Tony covered Quinn’s face with a layer of foundation in disgust.

“You were born beautiful, while Quinn needs to rely on his hard work to make up for it.”

Quinn did not dare to voice his anger. If a gaze could kill a person, then the bodies of Tony and Lauren would probably be filled with thousands of holes.

After that, Tony brought Quinn to the wardrobe room to pick clothes, they spent a long time there before Quinn finally came out.

Even though it took a long time, Lauren felt that it was worth it.

Lauren’s eyes lit up the moment Quinn came out of the wardrobe room.

Tony knew Quinn’s strengths. The clothes he chose, the makeup he designed for Quinn, and the hair he had styled for Quinn all revealed his strengths.

Quinn had an androgynous appearance because he had a small frame and delicate facial features.

If his style was slightly off, people would think that he was a female.

Therefore, Tony did not choose a tight-fitting suit for Quinn. Instead, he chose a casual suit.

He wore a shirt and pants on the inside, but he chose a windbreaker for him on the outside.

The windbreaker was wide and loose, so it weakened the characteristics of his slender frame.

Although the makeup had been applied for quite some time, it was not heavy and looked very natural.

“Quinn, you are most handsome now,” Lauren gave him a thumbs up and praised him generously.

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