Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 318

Chapter 318: First Cold War

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Mr. Hayes was resting in bed today, so only Franklin and Lauren were the only two people at the dining table. Franklin left without looking back, leaving Lauren alone.

Although Mr. Hayes did not have his meal today, he had instructed the people in the kitchen to prepare more meat for Lauren. However, Lauren did not have the slightest appetite despite the table full of meat in front of her.

She put down her chopsticks, lowered her head, and even actually cried out in grievance.

Perhaps it was because she was the only one left in the living room, so she felt a little lonely. Or perhaps it was because Franklin’s attitude today had hurt her very much. Or perhaps she felt that she had no control over her own fate.

All kinds of emotions were mixed together, causing her to break into tears.

Maria had told her before that a girl’s tears were pearls and should not be shed easily.

Lauren quickly wiped away her tears. She did not want to continue crying.

When she was in the church last time, she was lonely and without any family, but at least she was free.

Though the people in the church would discipline her, they were not so harsh.

If Lauren insisted on doing something, they would ultimately help her, just like how Franklin had helped her before.

Lauren had initially thought that her big brother would always support her like the others, but his attitude today really made her feel lost and hurt.

With an empty heart and an empty stomach, Lauren went upstairs.

When she passed by Franklin’s study room, she could see the yellow light shining through the crack from his door.

Lauren subconsciously slowed down her footsteps, as she did not want to disturb Franklin.

However, she suddenly thought of what Franklin had just said.

“If I say no, it means no. This matter is not negotiable!”

It sounded like the tone of a domineering chairman. But Lauren wasn’t his employee, and she didn’t receive a salary from him. Why should she be bullied?!

‘Why should I think of him?!’ Lauren thought as she stomped vigorously on the floor. The floor, which was covered with a thick carpet, let out a dull noise.

When she returned to her room, she slumped into her bed, not in the mood to do anything.

When Franklin sent her to school the next day, the two of them did not speak. They were having a cold war for the first time.

What made Lauren even more upset was that she realized that Ruby had already successfully transferred to another class.

That was fast!

Lauren felt even more lonely in class now. Although she had a good time with the other children, everyone had their own good friends, and it was hard for Lauren to enter their conversations.

So, she sat alone in a corner. After class, she talked to Joie for a while, but she was unhappy for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, she attended the physical education class together with the children from the intermediate class.

When Lauren saw Ruby again, it was as if she saw a long-lost family member.

She decided to consult Ruby for her experience. “Ruby, how did you convince your mother to let you transfer classes?”

“It was very easy to transfer classes. I told my mother that I couldn’t learn any of the classes here. I felt unhappy, so my mother transferred classes for me.”

‘Oh? So it was such a simple matter? But why is it so difficult for me?’ Lauren thought.

After a boring day, Lauren finished the talent program’s math class in the afternoon. As usual, she quickly finished the work given by John.

Ever since he had begun to teach high school mathematics, the speed of John’s lectures had slowed down.

This was because the students still needed time to digest and absorb the knowledge, even though they had better learning abilities and higher IQ than the average person. As a result, Lauren felt bored during this math class.

After school today, Lauren initially planned to have a good chat with Franklin on the way home. She did not expect that the person who came to pick her up was actually Ben.

It had been a week since she last saw Ben and Lauren missed him quite a lot. She chatted with Ben for a while, but she could not help but ask, “Uncle Ben, where’s my brother?”

“Oh, Master Franklin said that he had to go on a business trip at the last minute. He’s flying overseas this afternoon.”


So last-minute?

Lauren wondered if she was the reason why Franklin decided to go on a business trip.

However, on second thought, she did not seem to have that much power. She did not think that Franklin would go abroad just because he wanted to have a cold war with her. Perhaps he really had something to do.. After all, Franklin had been very busy recently.

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