Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Change Class

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“This is a percent sign.”

“Oh…I see.” Ruby looked at the mathematical symbol in frustration. “Hey, look, there’s a Chinese character here. Is this the symbol for the word ‘factory’?”

John happened to pass by. He lowered his head and glanced at Ruby when he heard her voice.

“This is the root sign! It’s a mathematical symbol, not a Chinese character,” Lauren whispered to Ruby.

“Well, that’s hard! I must be good to be able to participate in this a month ago. Is my IQ all gone after this hit? Why do I feel that I lost not a month of memory, but more than ten years of memory?!”

Lauren burst out laughing.

The real Ruby was really cute.

Although she was a little stupid, her development was at a normal stage for someone of her age!

However, when she saw that Ruby, who used to be in high spirits during math class, had suddenly turned into a cowardly turtle and did not even dare to make eye contact with John, Lauren could not help but find it funny.

At the same time, she also felt that things had changed.

With the help of Lauren, Ruby managed to make it through this class.

After class, she turned to Lauren and said, “Lauren, I might have to change classes.”

“Change classes? Why?”

“I can’t even keep up with the lessons in this advanced class! Although my teachers and classmates are very nice, I feel that I’m really stupid in there. It’s better to go to the intermediate class.”

Lauren nodded. “Hmm…indeed, we should choose according to our own standards.”

“Yes. Although it’s possible to learn more in the advanced class, I want to learn according to my own pace. My mother also told me to be down-to-earth and not always think of climbing to the top in one step.”

As Ruby spoke, she walked down the stairs. Ruby was carrying her school bag on her back, and her ponytail was swinging up and down with her steps. She looked very lively.

Lauren and Ruby walked down the stairs slowly. The setting sun happened to shine on the stairs.

She felt that what Ruby said made a lot of sense. Ruby’s words also reminded her that it was time for her to walk her own life according to her own steps. Lauren really should be interacting and learning with children of the same age.

However, she felt very bored in class now. She already knew most of the things that the teachers taught. Other than music lessons and origami lessons where she could still learn some new things, she just had to sit obediently in class and listen to some things that she had already understood. She could not help but feel that it was a waste of time.

Looking at Ruby jumping around happily, Lauren thought that she should also live a little more elegantly.

When she got home for dinner, Lauren told Franklin what she thought and said she didn’t want to go to kindergarten anymore.

Franklin chewed the cucumber expressionlessly, his eyes flashing with the word “why”.

Lauren picked up the rice with her chopsticks and said, “I don’t think I can learn anything in kindergarten. I just want to learn more and not waste my time.”

Franklin was a bit dissatisfied. He thought Lauren did not want to go to kindergarten as it would prevent her from completing her missions.

In his opinion, growing up well was more important than anything else.

In other aspects, he was already very accommodating to Lauren. However, in such matters, he could not allow Lauren to do whatever she wanted.

He knew how much one could learn in school. Moreover, these things could never come back once they were missed.

He never liked Lauren completing her missions. It was always so dangerous. He was very unwilling to allow Lauren to delay her studies in order to complete her missions.

Therefore, he shook his head and rejected Lauren’s request for the first time.


Lauren initially thought that her big brother would be easy to talk to. However, as her brother had lived by the book since he was young, he also thought that Lauren should do the same.

There might be many different paths in the world, but studying well was definitely the best path to take.

Franklin had already encountered some obstacles at work today, and he was not in a good mood. Yet Lauren made such a request again tonight. He felt that his patience had been exhausted, so he put down his chopsticks.

“This matter is not negotiable. When I say no, I mean it.”

Then, Franklin got up and left the dining table.. Without looking back, he went up to the second floor.