Chapter 316: The Real Ruby

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“Good morning, Auntie Susan!”

“Hello, Lauren. I’ve just dropped Ruby off at school. She’s already inside.”

Lauren blinked her eyes. “Oh, that’s good. Is Ruby’s health okay?”

“She’s fine. She’s been eating a lot these past two days.”

“Lauren, thank you so much for this. I don’t know how you did it, though.”

Lauren smiled. “It’s good that you can solve the problem! I’m very happy that I can help you and Ruby! As for how I did it…it’s also a secret!”

Lauren winked mischievously at Susan.

When she arrived at the class, Ruby was already there, greeting the rest of the children while distributing candy to them.

“Hello, my name is Ruby. I seem to have lost my memory for more than a month, so thank you for taking care of me!”

Ruby was very excited when she saw Lauren coming over. She ran over to put a large handful of various flavors of candy into the palm of Lauren’s hand.

“Hello! You’re Lauren, right? I heard about you from my mom. My mom said you’re my best friend. These candies are for you. By the way, I seem to have amnesia, so I don’t remember a lot of things. You might have to remind me!”

Lauren looked at the candy in her hands and thought to herself, ‘The real Ruby is very lively.’

Lauren felt that she herself was talkative generally, and she did not expect Ruby to be even more talkative than herself. She was unable to interrupt Ruby while she was talking, and she also found that Ruby was quite cute as she went around saying that she had amnesia.

Lauren put the candy in her pocket and ate a strawberry-flavored one.

‘Mmm, it’s sweet!’ Lauren thought.

It seemed that Susan had not told Ruby what had happened during this period of time. Ruby had told everyone that she had accidentally bumped her head, so she had forgotten about what had happened in the past month.

Their classmates did not say anything but felt that it was magical that amnesia actually existed.

Everyone thought that it only appeared in television dramas.

Other than caring for Ruby, the children were also very happy. After all, the current Ruby was much easier to get along with compared to Ruby in the past.

However, Ruby’s enthusiasm could not be maintained at all times, especially during class.

Although they were in the math class of the talent program, they still had to attend the normal math class.

In the past, both Lauren and Ruby would raise their hands to answer questions in every math class. However, in today’s math class, Ruby was like a person who had never seen numbers.

The Math teacher asked Ruby the usual questions, but when it came to a double-digit addition and subtraction, the former Ruby could always tell the answer at a glance, but the current Ruby wished she could use both her toes and hair to help her to count.

The other children looked at Ruby in astonishment.

So after losing her memory, she had forgotten all this knowledge as well! Ruby was so pitiful!

Lauren had previously heard from Susan that Ruby was not good at Math in the first place. It was likely that she was now at her true level, and it had nothing to do with losing her memory.

Lauren snickered at the side. Then, she tugged on Ruby’s sleeve and secretly told her the answer.

The math class was finally over without any mishaps.

Ruby was very grateful to Lauren because Lauren sat next to her and was the closest to her. Moreover, she had just helped her out of a difficult situation.

However, no matter how much Lauren helped Ruby, Ruby still had a hard day studying.

For example, there were a lot of words in the storybook that she did not recognize, but the other children did.

It was the same in math class, and it was the same in English class.

“I was initially in an elementary class, now I should be in the intermediate class. How did I end up in an advanced class?!”

Ruby knocked on her head.

“Where did my confidence come from back then? I actually enrolled in an advanced class.”

Lauren shook her head in her heart. She could not bear to tell Ruby that it was actually a decision made by the highly educated Greta for her.

Greta probably didn’t even want to go to the advanced class at that time. She wanted to go straight to the third year of high school.

Ruby was finally defeated in the math class of the talent program.

She looked at the notebook and saw that it was full of math symbols that she didn’t understand.

“What’s this slanted thing?”

Lauren reminded her, “This is a division symbol.”

“What about this thing with two circles up and down, and then another slanted thing?”

Lauren was speechless. Ruby’s description…was quite accurate.. She should be good at storytelling.