Chapter 315: Digging up Old Scores
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Lauren felt the same way, so she called Franklin anxiously, who immediately invited the family doctor over.

Of course, the family doctor couldn’t find out what caused this. He only prescribed some medicine for Mr. Hayes and left.

Lauren looked at Mr. Hayes, who was lying on the bed, and muttered, “Is this doctor reliable? Why can’t he find anything?”

She pouted and sat beside Mr. Hayes’ bed.

“Mr. Hayes, let me take a look at you! I have learned a little in the church!”

She was just about to put her hand on the pulse of his arm when Mr. Hayes pulled his hand away.

“Miss Lauren, don’t worry about me. I’m very sick here and it’s not suitable for you to stay here. You should go out quickly. I’ll be fine after a short rest.”

After saying that, Mr. Hayes closed his eyes and looked as if he did not want to talk anymore.

Lauren went out quietly. She thought that Mr. Hayes must be feeling unwell and that was why he was acting this way.

That night, after Franklin returned home, Mr. Hayes forced himself to get up again.

He looked a little better and his attitude toward Lauren was back to normal.

“Mr. Hayes, if there’s something wrong with your body, don’t force yourself. Just rest. Otherwise, I can only force you to retire.”

Franklin sat beside Mr. Hayes and said.

“You should have retired a long time ago, but you never wanted to.”

“Master Franklin, I’m not tired at all.” Mr. Hayes shook his head and sighed. “People die faster when they’re old and have nothing to do. I can’t tell how happy I am to see the four of you every day.”

Franklin and Lauren talked to Mr. Hayes for a long time before Mr. Hayes agreed to go and rest.

“Mr. Hayes, you don’t have to work hard these two days. If I see you running around and keeping busy, I’ll send you directly to the house Lauren gave you and get you to retire.” Franklin pretended to threaten him.

Mr. Hayes smiled and nodded, accepting their offer.

“I am actually a servant here. What have I done to deserve to be treated so well by all of you?”

Lauren said, “Mr. Hayes, what are you talking about? You treated me the best when I first came here.”

After saying that, Lauren stared at Franklin as she remembered that no one liked her when she first came here. Mr. Hayes was the only one who treated her well in the first few days.

Franklin rubbed his nose to hide his guilt. “Alright, stop staring at me. I’m trying to make it up to you, aren’t I?”

When this little brat Lauren dug up old grudges, she was no different from a grown woman. She even turned her head to the side and looked really angry.

Mr. Hayes did not come out for dinner today. The servant brought it in for him to eat. Quinn did not come home either. He had been so busy for the past two days that his feet hardly touched the ground. He slept on the floor in the studio just to prepare for the party on Saturday.

Therefore, there was only Lauren and Franklin at the dinner table.

“Franklin, we’re going to that temple next weekend, right?”

Although Lauren had a good memory, she could not remember anything that she was not interested in.

Franklin nodded. “That’s right. This is a rather important event, so we have to be careful not to make any mistakes. It’ll be troublesome if Grandma gets something on us.”

Lauren listened attentively.

“Although you have some abilities that none of us have, it’s not a bad thing to restrain yourself when the time comes. As far as I know, there are quite a lot of experts in that temple. “If you suffer any grievances, don’t get into a conflict with them so easily. Come and tell me first, okay?”

“Okay, I got it, Franklin. I won’t cause you any trouble!”

Franklin put down his chopsticks and patted Lauren’s head with his hand.

“I’m not afraid that you’ll cause me trouble. I’m just afraid that you’ll get hurt.”

A warm feeling welled up in Lauren’s heart.

“I got it, Franklin! I know that you’re worried about me. I’ll do my best.”

After lunch, Lauren went back to her room, picked up her bag, and went to the study room to accompany Franklin. Franklin had been working overtime recently and did not have time to play with Lauren. Therefore, Lauren could only work hard with Franklin by studying hard.

Even though she was holding a comic book.

Franklin sent Lauren to the kindergarten the next day.

As soon as Lauren got out of the car, she saw Susan waiting at the gate of the kindergarten. When Franklin walked her to the gate, Susan came up to her. It was obvious that she had something to say to Lauren..

Chapter 315 – Digging up Old Scores