Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 314

Chapter 314: The Roses Become a Cocoon

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Lauren quickly ran downstairs and saw that Susan was no longer on the sofa.

“Miss Torres, you’re here. I was going to ask you to have lunch, but seeing that your room door was closed, I didn’t bother you.”

“Mr. Hayes, where’s that auntie who was sitting here just now?”

“Oh, she said that she wanted to go back to accompany her daughter, so she went back first.”

Lauren nodded. Fortunately, Susan was not waiting for her here.

In any case, she was in the same kindergarten as Ruby. She would definitely have the opportunity to meet Susan again in the future.

Mr. Hayes reheated the dishes for Lauren. After Lauren finished eating, she had a rare leisure afternoon.

Franklin had gone back to work. Quinn was in his studio preparing for a cocktail party while Bryce was in class. Lauren, who had some free time, felt a little bored.

She had always wanted to play on the swings, but the swing set in the nearest park was always occupied by other children.

So, Franklin hired someone to make one for her in the yard.

After lunch, Lauren lay comfortably on a large swing chair.

Lauren fell asleep on the swing in the warm afternoon, but her nap was interrupted by dreams.

In the dream, she was standing on a patch of green grass. Everything was beautiful. Her family was beside her and everyone was laughing happily. However, many flower buds appeared suddenly from the green grass patch and bloomed one after another into bright red roses.

The roses quickly covered the green grass patch. The large patches of red were like a blood waterfall. It was a terrifying sight.

The red roses grew larger and larger and surrounded Lauren, isolating her from the others.

Lauren felt as if she was wrapped in a cocoon. She could not breathe.

She did not have her pocket dimension with her. She was at her wit’s end.

Just as she felt that she was suffocating, someone suddenly used something to split the large mass of rose branches.

Thus, Lauren was able to breathe again. She wanted to see who that person was, but the light from the outside was too bright for her to see anything clearly.

Her cozy afternoon nap was disturbed by the dream. When Lauren woke up, she sucked in large mouthfuls of fresh air, as if she wanted to breathe back all the air that had been taken away from her in the dream.

The courtyard was very quiet. Only the sound of leaves rustling against the breeze could be heard.

The Torres mansion was only slightly livelier when it was time to eat. Usually, everyone went about their own business.

Lauren had just jumped off the swing when she keenly sensed a different aura in the air once again.

This aura was very magical. Lauren could not tell if it was good or evil. Or was it a mixture of both?

Lauren wanted to close her eyes and feel the aura carefully. When her spiritual consciousness detected the aura, she felt as if she had been hit by an invisible wave and took two steps back.

This aura actually took the initiative, turned against her, and hit back at her spiritual consciousness.

However, it did not cause any harm to Lauren.

This was the first time Lauren had encountered this. However, the aura disappeared again very quickly, and Divine Nine did not come out to remind Lauren, so Lauren did not take this matter to heart.

When she returned to the Torres family, she saw a bunch of people nervously surrounding Mr. Hayes in the living room.

She used her small size to squeeze into the crowd.

“What happened to Mr. Hayes?”

Mr. Hayes was half-lying on the sofa. Someone was taking his blood pressure.

One of the gardeners said, “Mr. Hayes almost fainted just now. Fortunately, we found him in time and helped him onto the sofa.”

Lauren asked, “Fainted? Mr. Hayes, what happened to you? Should we go to the hospital?”

Lauren nervously stood next to Mr. Hayes and grabbed his arm with her small hand.

Mr. Hayes opened his eyes slightly and smiled when he heard what Lauren said.

“Miss Lauren, don’t worry. This is what happens when you get old. You get a lot of illnesses.”

“Don’t say that, Mr. Hayes. You’re not old!”

Mr. Hayes coughed twice and did not say anything else. His chest only rose and fell slightly.

The old gardener next to him spoke again. “Mr. Hayes’ condition has been getting worse in the past two months. This is not what he used to be last time. It’s just that recently, he’s been complaining about pain here and there. And now this happens. Sigh.”

These servants all respected Mr. Hayes very much. They also felt sorry for Mr.. Hayes when they saw such a thing happen to him.