Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 312

Chapter 312: A System Who Became a Human

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She was not in the mood to look at the reward. She fell back on the bed.

After completing this task, Lauren felt a little empty.

Her mind was filled with thoughts of what Greta had shown her before she disappeared.

She was not holding anything in her hand. On the contrary, there was something carved on her palm.

It was something that Lauren had seen more than once: a rose.

It was the same rose that had appeared on Pauline’s pendant at that time. The same rose that had appeared when they went to the haunted house. When she was video-chatting with the other hosts, the oldest host, David, had this same rose on the painting hanging on the wall of the room.

That same rose was on Greta’s palm just now.

It was delicate and beautiful. The blood on Greta’s hand seemed to nourish it.

Lauren seemed to be able to see the rose blooming and growing in those few seconds.

It was a beautiful scene, but for some reason, Lauren felt extremely cold.

She did not think that it was a coincidence for these roses to appear in front of her.

She got up with a grunt, dived into her spiritual consciousness to look for Divine Nine, and asked to speak to David.

[System Divine Nine: Speak to David? But it’s midnight on David’s end.]

“But I have something very important to verify!”

Divine Nine knew that Lauren always did things in a sensible manner, so her request was definitely not without reason.

It must be an urgent matter.

Therefore, Divine Nine immediately contacted his big brother, Divine One.

Lauren waited anxiously in the room. Fortunately, Divine Nine did not make her wait for too long. Two minutes later, he told Lauren that David could talk to her.

Fortunately, David was a night owl. He usually went to bed at one or two o’clock in the morning, so he happened to be awake at the moment.

The two of them had a video chat.

David was still as handsome as the last time Lauren saw him. Then, she realized that he was not the only person in the room. There was another man in the room with him.

After Lauren greeted David, she looked at the other man sitting next to him and carefully said to David, “For the matter that I’m going to talk about, are you sure you want someone else to be present?”

At this moment, David and the man started laughing at the same time. Even Divine Nine was giggling beside her.

Lauren was a little confused. “What are you guys laughing at?”

Was there something on her face?

Divine Nine had a good laugh before he told Lauren the truth. [Host, this man is no other than my eldest brother, System Divine One.]

Lauren stared at the man with wide eyes and said, “Divine One?”

Divine Nine nodded. “That’s right. My eldest brother is already over 500 years old. He can transform into a human.”

“Oh, I see.”

Lauren knew that the systems could transform into a human when they reached a certain age, but that was only in theory. It was the first time she had seen it happen in real life. She found it very interesting, so she sized up the man that Divine One had turned into.

This man had a high nose like David, and he also had a deep facial profile. He looked like he was from the same country as his host, and he did not look 500 years old at all. He looked about the same age as David and was even a little more handsome.

Lauren watched as David stretched out his hand and waved it in front of her eyes.

“Divine Nine, it seems that your host has been charmed by the beauty of my system.”


Lauren snapped out of her daze and did not deny it. She nodded and said, “Divine One, you are indeed very handsome!”

David smiled and snapped his fingers to bring them back to business.

“Why are you looking for me? It’s so late, it must be urgent, right? Did you run into some difficulties again?”

Lauren shook her head. “It’s not really a problem. David, I’m looking for you tonight because I want to confirm something.”

“Okay, go ahead. I’ll try my best to help as much as I can.”

“It’s like this. During the first video call, I saw a painting hanging on the wall of your room. Can I take a look at that painting again?”

At that time, David was sitting in front of his desk. It was obvious that he was sitting on the sofa by the bed now. As a result, Lauren could no longer see the painting from last time.

David was also enthusiastic and helpful. He did not think that Lauren was talking nonsense just because she was young.

After hearing Lauren’s request, David stood up and walked to the wall.

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