Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Changes

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When Susan arrived, Lauren had just finished her breakfast, and stood up and greeted Susan. She was not surprised that she did not bring Ruby along with her.

It was Susan’s first time visiting the Torres family, so she was very reserved. She sat on the sofa and did not move.

After Lauren hurriedly finished her breakfast, she brought Susan to her room.

“Lauren, why did you bring me here? Didn’t you say that you wanted me to meet someone? Who is it?”

Lauren did not beat around the bush. “Auntie Susan, do you want to meet Auntie Greta?”

“Greta? Didn’t you say that…she committed suicide that day?”

“Yes, Auntie Greta committed suicide and passed away, but her ghost is still in this world. If you want to meet her, I can help you.”

At first, Susan looked at Lauren in horror, as if what she had just said was just a fantasy.

Lauren could understand why she did not reply immediately. After all, not everyone was willing to see a ghost, but Susan did not think for long.

A short while later, Susan nodded and did not ask any more questions. Lauren sighed in relief.

“Yes, I’d like to see her.”

So Lauren opened the heavenly eye for Susan.

“Auntie Susan, don’t be afraid when you see her later. She won’t do any harm to you, and she can’t touch you.”

Susan was obviously a little nervous, but she looked at Lauren and nodded.

Susan did not know why, but she inexplicably believed in Lauren. Perhaps it was because Lauren had cleared her name despite asking a bunch of things that she did not think were important.

“Alright, Lauren, I’m ready.”

Lauren nodded and opened the soul storage box. Greta’s ghost came out of the box.

The moment she came out, Susan instantly got a fright. She took a few steps back and only stopped when she bumped into the cabinets behind her.

Although she had already mentally prepared herself, she was still very afraid when she saw a ghost. Moreover, she had let this ghost down before, as she had broken up Greta’s family.

Lauren lowered her head.

She knew that Greta was getting weaker and weaker. She only had two to three hours left before she disappeared forever.

At the moment, Greta could not even protect herself, let alone hurt Susan. Therefore, Lauren was very willing to leave the two of them alone.

Lauren did not care about the grudges between them. She only hoped that she could complete the mission as best as possible and not leave so many people with regrets.

After leaving them alone in the living room for more than an hour, Susan finally came out with her face covered in tears. She could not stop herself from crying.

Lauren asked her to sit on the sofa in the living room on the first floor and let her rest there.

Mr. Hayes did not know what had happened and ordered someone to pour hot tea for her.

After that, Lauren returned to her room. Greta did not go back into the soul storage box by herself. Instead, she looked out of the window.

The scenery outside the window was still as beautiful as ever. It was full of vitality and green.

For some reason, Lauren felt that Greta seemed to have changed again after talking to Susan.

She had become as elegant and beautiful as before.

The red dress she was wearing was no longer strange. Instead, it looked bright now.

She stood by the window and looked out. It was as if she was a girl waiting for her beloved to come and pick her up.

Lauren did not disturb her, but Greta sensed her presence, so she took the initiative to speak. “I married Maxton when I just graduated from university. I had never regretted it for so many years. We had a very outstanding son and a very cute daughter together. We had always been very happy together, so I don’t understand why he would want to stop halfway and hold someone else’s hand.”

Greta turned around, and Lauren saw the tears in her eyes.

However, these tears were not tears of resentment. Instead, they were tears of relief.

She smiled at Lauren, and Lauren realized that Greta was actually a very beautiful woman.

“I don’t want to know why he did it now. When he made that mistake, he stopped being worth my time and effort.”

Lauren didn’t know much about love and relationships, but she knew that once she married someone, she would be bound by an oath. This oath should be protected for the rest of her life. Otherwise, it would hurt someone else.

There were many better ways to deal with these relationships, but Maxton chose the worst one, which was to hide it.

When the truth came to light, the consequences were even worse.