Chapter 309: Dreamcatcher

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Even if there were some relatively famous directors and actors in the entertainment industry that he couldn’t stand, he had to invite them. It would be their decision whether they decide to come or not. However, as a junior in the entertainment industry, he had to be well-mannered, so that he wouldn’t be criticized by others.

If someone really came to cause trouble at the cocktail party, his big brother Franklin would stand by his side. They definitely wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

Quinn had his plan well thought out. During the meal, he served Franklin with great hospitality. Franklin looked at Quinn suspiciously and suspected that Quinn had poisoned the food he picked for him.

Lauren had a full stomach after dinner, and she felt a little sleepy.

However, Franklin said that she had eaten too much meat in the evening and needed to go out for a walk to digest her food. So, Lauren strolled around the neighborhood with Mr. Hayes instead.

She watched some TV programs in the living room after she returned. However, she was still unable to get her spirits up, so she decided to go upstairs to rest.

After taking a shower and lying on the bed, Lauren used her spiritual consciousness to look at the reward she had received from today’s hidden mission.

It was a dreamcatcher.

Lauren held the dreamcatcher in her hand. It was a dreamy purple color but otherwise looked very ordinary. If it was a little bigger, it would probably be no different from a fishing net.

Lauren pulled the purple net a few times, then turned it over to look at it a few times. She tried to see if there was any mechanism, but she could not see anything.

So, Lauren had no choice but to ask for help from Divine Nine.

Divine Nine was still in the form of a white fox. Perhaps it was because he had completed a hidden mission, Lauren felt that Divine Nine seemed to have become a little bigger. Now, Lauren could no longer wrap her arms around its neck.

Lauren thought that if outsiders saw Divine Nine, they might think that it was some kind of nationally protected animal.

“System Divine Nine, what’s the use of this dreamcatcher? Is it just for decoration in the room? The rewards you guys are giving are getting more and more unusual.”

Divine Nine shook its body. Its white fur fluttered in the air and a few strands flew out.

Lauren picked up the fur and placed it in a small box.

“System Divine Nine, this fur of yours looks very valuable. I might be able to sell it for a lot of money. Don’t shake your body anymore. If you do, you’ll have to pick the fur up yourself and put it in this box.”

Although Divine Nine looked like a fox now, Lauren could clearly feel that Divine Nine was glaring at her.

Lauren placed the box next to the sofa where Divine Nine often lay. She even patted the box and nodded at Divine Nine as if to remind it not to forget about this matter.

Divine Nine carried the dreamcatcher that Lauren had placed on the carpet with its mouth and went onto the sofa as well.

[System Divine Nine: This dreamcatcher is a toy that we used when we were young. In fact, its usage is very simple. Just like its name, it is used to capture dreams. If you want to know what a person is dreaming about, you can use this dreamcatcher.]

Lauren wrinkled her nose and picked up the dreamcatcher again. She nodded.

“I see.”

[System Divine Nine continued: This dreamcatcher is very sturdy now, but it also has a limit. When you notice that the mesh of the dreamcatcher is getting thinner and thinner, it means that its effectiveness is diminishing bit by bit. The time you can see dreams is getting shorter and shorter. When the dreamcatcher completely breaks, it has lost its effect.]

So magical?

“Was this one of your old toys?”

The little fox nodded.

[System Divine Nine: Yeah, we played this before we grew up. The dream world shown through the dreamcatcher is very real. You can even walk around in this dream world. Of course, you are from another dimension, so the people inside naturally can’t see you. You can only watch, and you can’t touch anything inside the dreamscape.]

Lauren said, “Alright, I got it. However, I don’t have any use for this thing yet. It’s just dreams. Who would be interested in knowing what other people dream? I always dream that I live in a chocolate castle.”

Lauren leaned on Divine Nine’s soft fox fur and chatted with it for a while. Soon, she felt very sleepy.

“System Divine Nine, I’m going to sleep. I’m so sleepy.”

Lauren stuffed the dreamcatcher into the pocket dimension and went to sleep.

Franklin applied for two days of leave for her.. This morning, Susan took a car to the Torres family by herself.