Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Discrimination

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Mr. Hayes rubbed his hands in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Master Quinn. I noticed that Miss Torres hasn’t had a good appetite recently. She didn’t eat much food the last few times, so I did not prepare much this time.”

“I didn’t expect Miss Torres to regain her appetite tonight.”

Quinn looked at the kitchen. When he went to find drinks this afternoon, the refrigerator was still filled with all kinds of vegetables.

He bit on his chopsticks and discussed with Mr. Hayes, “Mr. Hayes, why don’t you get the cook to prepare two more simple dishes? These dishes aren’t enough to eat.”

Mr. Hayes was old and could only eat some easily digestible food. He was not very picky about food.

He looked at Quinn and said, “Master Quinn, aren’t you a celebrity? Celebrities need to maintain their bodies. It’s okay to eat less.”

Quinn was speechless. “Mr. Hayes, you’re just afraid of trouble, aren’t you?”

Mr. Hayes chuckled like a child and continued to eat.

In the next second, Lauren looked up from the bowl that was filled to the brim with vegetables and meat.

“Mr. Hayes, can you prepare a little more food? I am not full yet.”

“Miss Lauren isn’t full yet. Then I’ll hurry and see what’s in the fridge.”

Mr. Hayes immediately put down his bowl and chopsticks. He led two or three servants to the kitchen to look for ingredients and stir-fry some vegetables.

Quinn felt as if his heart was riddled with holes. The difference in treatment between them was too obvious!

He reached out his chopsticks and quickly picked up a piece of rib from Lauren’s bowl. He stuffed it into his mouth and bit hard as if he was venting his anger.

Then, he nudged Franklin. “Bro, you haven’t answered me yet. Are you coming on Saturday?”

Franklin shook his head. “Probably not. The company’s anniversary celebration is about to begin. I’ve been very busy recently.”

“You…haven’t you been accompanying Lauren around for the past two days? Why didn’t I hear you mention you’re busy?”

Franklin looked up at him. “Well, you’re already 21 years old, and you still need me, your 23-year-old brother, to accompany you around. Is it because you’re disabled? Let me see which leg you can’t use or which brain you’ve lost.”

Lauren was eating seriously when she suddenly heard Franklin’s ridiculing comment. She laughed out loud and accidentally spat the food onto Quinn’s sleeve.

“I’m sorry, Quinn! I’ll catch a ghost free of charge for you next time!”

Lauren was the first to admit her mistake.

Quinn waved his hand and used his slender fingers to push away the rice grains. He then turned around and continued to harass Franklin.

“Just come, Franklin. It wasn’t easy for me to start a business. Don’t you want to go and take a look? Don’t you want to witness my glory?”

Franklin ate his meal slowly and swallowed the food in his mouth. Then, he said, “I don’t want to.”

In the kitchen, the servants were busy cooking. Mr. Hayes was directing them from the side.

“Don’t put so much salt in it. It’s not good to eat too much salt.”

After Quinn did not successfully persuade Franklin, he changed his tone and said, “I’m going to cry an ocean of tears, man! You’re really too heartless, and you’ve made me so sad!”

“I’m so depressed right now!”

As Quinn spoke these disgusting words, he stretched out his right hand and looked up at Franklin at a 45-degree angle. He looked very much like the sorrowful male lead in youth literature.

However, the male lead would often look up at the sky during his sorrowful soliloquy, while Quinn could only look at the ceiling.

Lauren felt that if she continued to look at Quinn, she would throw up the meat that she had just eaten.

It was obvious that Franklin had the same thought. He extended his right hand and rejected Quinn.

“Alright, don’t be so depressed. I’ll see what I can do when the time comes. If I can make it, I’ll try my best to make it.”

Quinn knew that he had half-succeeded.

He wanted Franklin to go so badly so that he could help to hold down the fort.

Franklin worked in the office and rarely came into contact with things in the entertainment industry, so he might not know about it. However, the entertainment industry was a melting pot. There were all kinds of people in it. Power and money were everything. Looks were just add-ons.

Quinn did not have any works at the moment. The fans that he had at the moment were just attracted to his good looks, and these types of fans were the easiest to lose.

Although Quinn did not want to live under the wings of others, it would be useful for him to use Franklin’s fame to intimidate the group of people in the industry first.

After all, all markets are manipulated by capital, and his brother Franklin was capital.

When the studio opened, he could not just invite people according to his own wishes.. It would be very easy to offend people.