Chapter 306: Who Do You Get Help From?

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Greta looked out of the window. It was April, the season when peach blossoms were in full bloom. The flowers outside the window were very bright, and there were birds singing on the branches.

It was clearly the season when all life began, but some life had already died long ago.

The grief in Greta’s eyes could not be hidden.

“Auntie Greta, do you regret it? Do you regret having come this far?”

Greta shifted her gaze from the window to Lauren. When she heard Lauren’s question, her gaze wavered. For the past year, she had been a wandering ghost, wandering around the city.

During that year, the places she visited the most were the graves of her son and daughter, as well as the residential area of Susan and Ruby.

She wandered around until she got help to possess Ruby’s body.

In fact, she had her own regrets. However, every time she regretted it, she would remind herself that her son and daughter were killed by Susan.

Every time she thought of this, she would become more determined.

From the look in Greta’s eyes and her hesitation, Lauren already knew the answer to this question.

“Auntie Greta, we all wish for the world to become a better place. Do you want to fix everything you’ve done? Or do you want to make up for it a little?”

“Make up for it? How can I make up for it? I’m already like this.”

She raised her hands to take a look.

She had jumped down from the roof. At that time, blood splattered everywhere, and her body was also stained with a lot of blood.

After becoming a ghost, the blood did not disappear. Instead, it remained on her clothes, her face, and her hands.

“Auntie Greta, how did you become like this? Based on my experience, you’ve only been dead for less than a year. Logically speaking, even if you didn’t successfully reincarnate, you’d just be a little ghost floating around. It’s absolutely impossible for you to become like this. Your body has a very strong evil aura, but when you were inside Ruby’s body, I only felt a very weak aura. How did you do it?”

This was Lauren’s biggest question.

Greta inexplicably took two steps back when she heard the question.

She shook her head and did not seem like she was going to say anything. “I just received some help from some people.”

“Help? Who do you get help from?”

Greta continued to shake her head. “I can’t answer this question.”

Lauren pressed on, “Why? You clearly know that these things are only bad for humans.”

“I don’t care about humans! I only care about my son and daughter. The person who helped me said that if I reveal this, my son and daughter would never be reincarnated.”

Greta turned her body towards the window with her back facing Lauren.

She had a slim back.

After receiving the news of her son and daughter’s death, she did not eat or drink for several days.

By the day she committed suicide, she had lost 20 pounds.

“When I was alive, I was unable to protect my son and daughter. At least after they died, as a mother, I could do some things for them.”

Lauren shook her head. “That’s impossible. Think about it carefully. What could he possibly stand to gain from helping you? Since he was able to help you do these bad things, do you think he would be so kind as to let your son and daughter off? Perhaps their ghosts have already been used by this person.”

Greta turned around abruptly when she heard that.

Every time her son and daughter were mentioned, Greta could not maintain her composure.

“That’s impossible. He clearly promised me. He would never do that!”

Lauren sighed in her heart. It was really difficult to pull someone out of the corner.

She decided to take another approach. She really could not fully understand Greta’s pain. Seeing that using direct means did not work on Greta, Lauren decided to use an indirect approach.

“Since you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t make things difficult for you. I just hope that you can seriously think about what benefit this person could gain from this matter. Why would he help you for no reason? He definitely has an evil ulterior motive, and you guys are just a pawn in it.”

“Right now, all I want to do is to prevent more bad things from happening. If you still have a bit of conscience, maybe you would like to share with me what you know.”

Greta did not speak for a long time.

Lauren saw that her skin was a little more transparent than before. This was a sign that she was going to disappear.

She only had about ten hours left before she disappeared.