Chapter 304: Dressed in Red

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Lauren did not want to go to this extent. The talisman with the birth date and chart on it was even more effective. It would extract Greta from Ruby’s body. However, due to the talisman’s extremely powerful effect, after the talisman extracted Greta from Ruby’s body, Greta’s soul could only survive for 24 hours after it came out. After that, it would turn into ashes.

The other ghosts might still have a chance to reincarnate, but Greta would not have such an opportunity.

Greta’s soul would disappear from the mortal world and be sent to hell. She would not be able to reincarnate, and she would continue to be tortured.

However, Lauren did not have any other choice. She knew that if the two souls continued to pull at each other in this manner, Ruby’s soul and body would suffer great damage. Moreover, this kind of damage was irreversible.

Ruby was still too young. She definitely would not be able to use her own strength to resist Greta.

Therefore, Lauren had no choice but to give up on Greta.

She threw the second talisman with the birth date and chart into the air. At the same time, she quickly used her sword to make a cut on her finger.

The sword with Lauren’s blood on the tip was even sharper. It cut through the air, and the talisman was instantly sliced in two.

Ruby suddenly leaned back on the chair, as if her limbs were trapped by something.

From Lauren’s angle, she could see that there was something gray coming out of Ruby’s body. However, the gray thing did not seem to want to leave Ruby.

Ruby’s body was being pulled by the gray thing. Lauren walked over with the sword in her hand. With a wave of her hand, the sword slashed at the gray thing and it released itself from the body.

Ruby returned to normal and sat down in a chair, in a half-conscious state with her head drooping

And that gray thing had now completely detached.

Something was now missing from Greta’s ghost because of Lauren’s attack just now.

Fortunately, Lauren only cut off half of her hair.

At present, half of Greta’s hair was long, and the other half was only as short as her ears. She looked rather comical and awkward.

Lauren noticed that Greta was dressed in red, making her look strange.

Lauren knew how Greta committed suicide. She jumped down from the building where the fire had broken out. When she died, the blood that flowed from her body made her red dress appear even more vibrant.

However, she knew clearly that Greta was not dressed in red for beauty’s sake. It was because red was a very taboo color in the underworld.

If one wore red, the person she hated would be cursed by her and would never have peace for the rest of their lives.

When Greta wore this red dress to commit suicide at that time, she must have hated Susan from the bottom of her heart. Perhaps she also hated the person she had slept with for so many years.

In the end, Greta got what she wanted. After her death, she became a malicious spirit and had tortured Susan for more than a month.

Fortunately, with Lauren’s timely intervention, this tragic incident did not become worse.

Greta was currently floating in a corner. The gray gas surrounding her gradually dissipated, revealing her bright red dress.

Before she died, she had specially put on the most vibrant lipstick, in stark contrast to her pale skin.

However, Lauren did not have the time to deal with Greta yet. Taking advantage of the fact that the ghost was still weak, she quickly took out the soul storage box and locked Greta in it. Then, she informed the police to come in and take care of Ruby.

When the police officer entered the room, he asked, “This… What happened to Ruby? She was fine just now. Why is she like this now?”

One of the policemen carried Ruby to the lounge for her to rest. As he walked, he said, “But this Ruby looks different.”

Lauren had used two energy-consuming talismans, and had not slept well last night either. She was feeling rather tired now, so she stood next to Franklin, leaning on his arm.

‘Of course she looks different,’ she thought to herself. The saying that one’s face betrayed their personality was not without truth.

But the real Ruby was clearly just a happy little child. When her own soul returned to her original body, of course, her face showed the original innocent and simple appearance of Ruby Cromwell.

Fortunately, Lauren did it in time, so the real Ruby did not suffer much harm. After resting in the lounge for half an hour, she was completely awake.. The moment she woke up, she cried and cried for her mother.