Era of castles starting with 99 dragon eggs – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Tyrell versus the Gnome Chieftain!


“As expected of the Undead Dragon!”

“Even though Caesar is still at tier 6, the abilities he displayed are extremely powerful!”

Mike was excited.

The appearance of the Undead Dragon Caesar meant that the strength of the dragon battle team was getting stronger and stronger.

He believed that it would not be long before the Dragon King Castle would be able to ignore the threat of the king-tier fire dragon.

They could even kill it and skin it to make king-tier equipment!

Mike stored all the gnome equipment in the warehouse.

He planned to wait until the gnome tribe was wiped out and obtain more equipment before selling them all.

“Dragon nest upgraded to level 4.”

“Next, we need to consider upgrading the castle level and building high-grade buildings.”

In a short period of time, it would be hard to upgrade the dragon nest.

Unless there was a large-scale war.

To upgrade the dragon nest to Level 4, it required 50 thousand energy stones and 500 strange crystals.

Compared to when it was upgraded to level 3, the requirement was ten times higher.

It would be hard to gather such an amount of energy stones and strange crystals in a short period of time.

However, Mike was not in a hurry.

At the current stage, there were only a few Castle Lords who had upgraded their military structures to level 3.

As for him, he had already upgraded his military structures to level 4.

He was in front of billions of Castle Lords.

He was far ahead of them!

The ones who should be in a hurry were those Castle Lords who had high-grade or even top-grade military structures.

Those people wanted to surpass him at all times.

However, it was obviously not easy!

“If nothing goes wrong, we can upgrade the beginner-level dragon town to an intermediate-level dragon town today!”

“If the equipment auction tonight is a little better, we can talk about more benefits!”

Mike was looking forward to tonight’s auction.

At the same time, he was also looking forward to the tier 8 gnome chieftain dropping something good.

A tier 8 lord-tier boss. It would definitely drop something big!

After all, this was still a tier 8 boss. The rewards would definitely be far from what the monsters from before could compare to.

Who knows, it might even drop a blueprint!

Underground world, gnome tribe.

There were about 3,000 gnomes living here.

Among them, 800 were gnome warriors.

Excluding those who were killed by the dragon battle team, there were about 500 gnome warriors left.

Under the command of the gnome chief, the gnome warriors climbed up the four-meter-high city wall and looked at the third passage cautiously.

The gnome warriors were all equipped with weapons, leather armor. Some elite gnomes even wore rough iron armor and held sharp longswords, full of killing intent.

The news of the destruction of the gnome troops had already reached the tribe.

However, the gnomes were not afraid.

This was because their chieftain was a tier 8 lord.

A powerful tier 8 lord was enough to lead their tribe to victory.

Hence, everyone was filled with confidence.

They waited for the chieftain to kill the two dragons.

At this moment. The gnome chieftain appeared on the city wall.

He held a huge metal sword and wore exquisite armor. He was strong and majestic.

Seeing him, the gnome warriors roared.

“Long live the Chief!”

“Long live the gnome tribe!!”

“Very good!”

The gnome chief nodded in satisfaction.

The gnome tribe had met with a great calamity and hundreds of brave gnome warriors had fallen. There was even a tier 7 commander and five tier 6 commanders who had died on the surface.

However, the morale of the gnome tribe was not low.

As long as there was hope, victory would not be far away from them.

“The ones who invaded our tribe this time aren’t the dark creatures of the underground world.”

“Nor is it that insatiable black dragon.”

“It’s a creature from another world!”

“They call themselves dragons, serving the so-called omnipotent lord, spreading the lord’s faith! They’re bewitching us, wanting us to abandon our souls and the dignity of the tribe, and to give up the pursuit of truth!”

“Are you willing?”

“Are you willing to once again believe in the shameful evil god?”


The gnome warriors roared in anger.

All the intelligent creatures in the endless continent knew that in ancient times, the God of Faith was at war with the Demon God from another dimension.

The warriors of all the races fought with blood.

They killed countless demons.

But later, the God of Faith was defeated.

The God of Faith that survived chose to abandon all races.

As a result, all races were massacred by the dimensional Demon God, and countless creatures died.

The earth and sky were dyed red by the blood of all races.

Among them was the gnome race.

It was the truth that ‘saved’ them!

On the path of pursuing the truth, all races worked together in despair and finally banished the dimensional Demon God from the Endless Continent, restoring world peace.

From then on, the God of Faith was spurned by all races.

Many weaker races did not know what ‘truth’ was, and this prevented them from rejecting their faith.

All races firmly believed that the God of Faith was the cancer of the Endless Continent. The purpose of his existence was not to protect them, but to poison their souls and bodies.

The endless continent did not need the God of Faith!

The things that had passed away should not return!

If they returned, they would be enemies!

The gnome chief spoke again. “We are gnomes, born weak and at the bottom of the Endless Continent.”

“We can offer gifts to the creatures of darkness in the underground world and beg for peace.”

“We can send food to that greedy black dragon and only hope that it does not destroy our tribe

“But… We will never lower our heads to the creatures of the other world!”

“The enemies outside are not dimensional demons, but they are even more evil than dimensional demons!”

“We will use war and hot blood to tell that group of invaders from the other world…”

“Gnomes can also be brave and fearless!!”

“Brave tribal warriors, pick up the weapons in your hands and protect our gnome tribe! Even if we die in battle, the great gnome king will definitely avenge us!”

The gnome chief raised his greatsword high.

He was extremely brave!




On the city wall, the gnome warriors also raised their weapons high.

Their morale instantly soared to the peak.

Even within the tribe, there were many ordinary goblins roaring angrily.

In the distance, in the third passage.

A group of giant dragons that emitted dragon might hovered in the air.

Tyrell and Barr were in the lead.

The Dark Demon Dragon Barr said, “these are a group of low-level intelligent creatures. Their beliefs are very firm! Even if their strength is extremely weak, they are still worthy of respect!”

“What a pity.”

“This is the battle of redemption! If they dare to offend our Lord, then they will definitely face the battlefield of death.”

The Nightmare Green Dragon Tyrell said with a cold expression, “truth can not save the Endless Continent a second time!”

“The only one who can save the Endless Continent is the almighty Lord!”

“My Lord, who is the god of the dragon race!”

“Only when the influence of the Dragon King Castle completely covers the entire Endless Continent.”

“Only then will the power of evil and darkness forever be far away!”

“Sacrifice is redemption!”

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