Era of castles starting with 99 dragon eggs – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Undead Dragon, Caesar!

As Mike muttered, he noticed the dragon eggs in front of him.

At this moment, out of the 99 dragon eggs, four had already broken.

The remaining 95 were also shaking left and right, as if they were about to hatch at any time.

At this moment, the system’s voice rang out.

[Ding! Dragon nest has been upgraded to level 4. You can choose to hatch three tier 5 dragons, or one tier 6 dragon.]
[May I know which type of dragon will the host choose to hatch?]

Mike’s expression changed slightly.

Three tier 5 dragons or one tier 6 dragon?

That’s right… He had to hatch more dragon eggs. This was the main purpose of upgrading the military structure!

The number of military structures directly affected the future of the castle forces.

The higher the level of the military structures, the more military units could be nurtured every day.

The scale of the dragon army would also become larger and larger!

“Apart from the increase in dragon might in the dragon nest, there’s another bonus increase in the dragon nest.”

“It seems that the probability of me breeding a high-level dragon has also increased.”

“When I upgraded the dragon nest previously, it did not tell me that I could choose to hatch a dragon of my choice.”

He still remembered what happened when he upgraded the dragon nest last time.

Although the two dragons that he gave birth to were not weak, they were clearly inferior compared to the two dragons, Tyrell and Barr.

And if he had chosen at that time…

He still needed to wait another year before he could give birth to a tier 9 dragon.

The time taken was indeed too long.

He could not afford to wait.

As for the dragon nest, it had not given him any surprises since it gave birth to Barr.

He hoped that the upgraded dragon nest would bring him good luck.

“I can start hatching dragons!”

Mike’s gaze landed on the dragon statue.

[Ding, do you choose to hatch three tier 5 dragons or one tier 6 dragon? ]
[Host, what is your choice?]
[If you don’t choose, the dragon nest will randomly choose one to breed.]

Looking at the notification that popped up in the system, Mike did not dawdle anymore.

“Breed a tier 6 dragon!”

Mike directly chose to breed a tier 6 dragon.

If he chose to breed three tier 5 dragons, to be honest, it would actually be very disadvantageous.

Three tier 5 dragons. This increased the number of dragons in his dragon nest, and it also brought him closer to his goal dragon army.

However, in reality…

The dragon army that he wanted was based on the essence, not the quantity.

Let’s take an example.

Three tier 5 dragons. Although there were many of them, if they combined, would they be able to defeat a tier 7 dragon?

The answer was definitely no.

However, if it was a tier 6 dragon, it would be different.

A single tier 6 dragon was enough to take on most of the tier 7 creatures.

With this comparison…

There was no need to say which was more important.

“Currently, nurturing three tier 5 dragons is too weak!”

“In such a situation, I’ll have to wait until my dragon army grows to a certain size before I can use it.”

In the future, when Mike’s dragon army was able to defend the Dragon King Castle, or when he built a second dragon nest, he would choose to directly nurture a large batch of low-tier dragons that had decent strength.

As for now, he would still choose to breed high-tier dragons!

Soon, the dragon nest was covered in a dazzling white light.

A moment later, a dragon egg suddenly cracked.


The sound of cracking could be heard.

Then, the dragon egg broke, and a new dragon appeared in Mike’s sight.

In just an instant, Mike’s eyes lit up.

“Although I didn’t get laid today, I can still consider today as my lucky day!”

A newborn dragon stood in the air.

Facing Mike, its expressions was fanatical, and its eyes were filled with unwavering faith.

In the heart of the dragon, Mike’s identity was not the lord of the castle, but the almighty Lord!

He was a great existence that created the world, created the dragons, and created all things.

Mike was the supreme god that the dragon believed in!

Believe in the Lord and obtain eternal life.

It was not a simple slogan.

It represented the most determined belief in the heart of the dragon!

“My Lord!”

The newly born little dragon bowed respectfully to Mike.

Mike nodded slightly and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The Undead Dragon. It was the name of this newly born tier six dragon.

Just by looking at its appearance, one could notice that the Undead Dragon’s body was emitting a cold aura of death.

Its white scales made it look extremely unique.

[Undead Dragon]
[Strength level: Tier 6]
[Loyalty: 100(die hard).]
[Complete form — Lower level true Undead Dragon]

Just like Tyrell and Barr.

This newly born dragon was also a male dragon.

In fact, there were three types of dragons in the dragon army.

One was a ruler-level dragon.

The other was a mage.

The third was a warrior.

Among the lower-level dragons, the tier 6 dragon was the leader, the tier 4 dragon was the mage, and the tier 2 dragon was the warrior.

“Today is my lucky day!”

Mike was very happy.

He was very lucky to have a Tier 6 dragon.

It was not a loss!

Then, Mike named the five new dragon holy spirits.

The tier 6 dragon was named Caesar.

“Praise to you, almighty Lord!”

The tier 6 dragon Caesar held the scepter in his hand with a respectful expression.

Mike said, “Caesar, lead the earth dragon army to the underground world and help Tyrell and Barr destroy the gnome tribe.”

“Bring the spoils of war back to the Dragon King Castle!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The Undead Dragon, Caesar, waved the scepter in his hand.

“The place where the Lord points is the place where the giant dragon descends!”

Immediately, Caesar let out a roar towards the sky and released the white light of the undead that enveloped his entire dragon body.

When the white light dissipated.

Caesar’s figure had already disappeared.

Mike was momentarily stunned.

“Cross-distance teleportation?”

This was definitely a very powerful skill!

Although it did not have any physical attack power, it was of great significance.

After all, this was a teleportation skill!

“And…” Mike muttered, “I just don’t know if it can be used for group teleportation.”

As a Castle Lord, he could see everything that was happening within his castle grounds.

At the place where the earth dragon team was resting.

The Undead Dragon Caesar had descended.

“All of you, obey the Lord’s orders and follow me to support the other two dragons,” Caesar said.

The earth dragons lowered their heads one by one.

As a pale light descended, the earth dragons and Caesar disappeared together.


Mike’s expression lit up when he saw this scene.

Ceasar really had the ability to teleport in groups.

In this way…

The Undead Dragon that he hatched this time, Caesar, had really made him a huge profit.

When Caesar grew up, he might be able to teleport an entire army of dragons in the future.

This is even more dangerous than offensive divine spells.

This is highly significant in war!