Chapter 58: Harvest, Dragon Nest Upgrade, Level 4!

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Two battles.

One attack, one head-on slaughter.

The gnome tribe was completely defeated!

The five tier 6 commanders under his command had all died.

Of the two tier 7 commanders, only one was still alive.

The 300 brave gnome warriors had perished.

The tribe’s strength had been greatly reduced!

It was so angry that it wanted to kill!

At this moment, if he had not already advanced to tier 8, he would definitely have to worry about the other gnome tribes shunning him.


Damn it!

That group of enemies from another world had caused him to lose a large number of soldiers who were loyal to him and the tribe.

They must be avenged!

At this moment, a gnome sentinel ran into the hall in panic and screamed, “Chief, something bad has happened! Those creatures from another world have charged in!!”

“It’s you again??”

The gnome chief recognized this sentinel.

Previously, he was the one who had lied about the enemy’s intelligence, claiming that the enemy’s strongest was only at tier 6. In the end, he had caused the tribe to suffer heavy losses.

Thinking of this…

“Damn you, you’re the one who lied about the military intelligence?”

The gnome chief could not contain his anger and slapped him across the air.


A sharp slap came, stirring the wind in the hall.


The slap sent the gnome flying and smashing into the stone wall.


Its entire body was deeply embedded into the stone wall. It died instantly.

This gnome had died in front of all the gnome warriors just like that.

All the gnomes were so scared that they knelt on the ground, not daring to make a sound.

They were afraid that if they accidentally opened their mouths and angered the chief, they would be the next to die.

Luckily, the gnome chief did not kill anymore.

He stood up angrily.

He looked down at the gnomes trembling in the hall.

“Gather all tribal warriors and defend the tribe!”

Dragon King Castle.

Mike’s face was full of smiles.

In front of him were the spoils of war that the dragons had brought back.

There were over 200 sets of gnome equipment.

Most of them were low-level equipment.

Although these low-level equipment were not very useful to him, don’t forget…

There was still a shop in the city.

As long as he placed these low-level equipment on the shelves, even if it was low-level equipment, there would still be Castle Lords fighting to buy them.

In this way, he could also exchange for a lot of ingredients and wood. It was not a loss.

Apart from the low-level equipment, there were also a few equipment that had reached the intermediate rank.

Their owners were elite-level gnomes and a few commander-level gnomes.

The value of intermediate-level equipment was at least ten times that of low-level equipment.

Similarly, if he sold these equipment in the market, they would also be able to earn ten times the profit.

However, there was one point that needed to be mentioned.

As these intermediate-level equipment were too high-level, many Castle Lords could not afford it.

Therefore, they were harder to sell than low-tier equipment.

However, it did not matter.

The audience of these equipment was not the poor Castle Lords.

The target was those Castle Lords with assets and money.

After all… There was a good saying.

‘The money of the rich was easier to earn than the money of the poor.’

After sorting out all this, Mike revealed a satisfied expression.

Overall, he had earned a lot in this war!

Moreover, after the dragon battle team took down the gnome tribe in the underground world, he could still earn a large sum of money.

“It’s a pity that after killing so many elite level goblins and commander level gnomes, they didn’t drop even a single strange crystal or blueprint!”

Shaking his head, Mike felt a little regretful.

The strange crystal could not be dropped from a human-shaped intelligent creature.

As for the blueprint…

That was purely because the drop rate was too low!

It seemed that his luck was still far inferior compared to that little loli.

However, Mike did not think too much about it.

A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

After all… if he wanted to survive in this world, luck alone was not enough.

The most important factor was still his own strength.

If his own strength was enough to crush all existences, then what did it have to do with luck?

His own Dragon King Castle was already very powerful.

Thinking of this, Mike did not care about the uncertain factor of luck.

He looked at the energy stones.

“This battle, I obtained 85 energy stones!”

“Including the 448 energy stones stored in the castle, that’s a total of 533!”

“The dragon’s nest can finally level up!”

To upgrade to level 4, the dragon nest required 500 energy stones and 5 strange crystals.


A smile appeared on Mike’s face.

Just the mention of leveling up made him happy.

That’s right.

He had asked Tyrell and Barr to attack other people’s castles.

He had also attacked the gnome tribe to earn enough materials to level up the dragon’s nest.

Now, finally, everything was ready!

Mike had an idea.

A strange crystal and four goblin magic staffs appeared in front of him.

Without hesitation, he took the strange crystal embedded in the magic staffs.

Four goblin magic staffs.

Four strange crystals.

Together with the strange crystal that dropped from the tier 8 earth dragon commander, there were a total of five strange crystals.


The upgrade materials for the dragon nest.

They were all gathered!

[Do you want to upgrade the military structure — Dragon nest?]

Mike immediately chose [Yes].

In an instant, a huge dragon statue emitted a rich golden light.

The light wrapped around him and the reincarnation pool.

The golden light was so dazzling that it was impossible to see what was inside.

After about ten seconds, the golden light gradually dissipated.

Finally, the upgraded dragon nest appeared in Mike’s field of vision.

[Dragon nest: Unique military structure]
[Current level: Level 5]


[Contains 99 dragon eggs]
[Inferno Dragon, Frost Dragon, Sapphire Blue Dragon, Undead Bone Dragon…]
[Inferno Dragon: Its entire body is red, with scales as hard as metal, eyes like lava, wings on its back, four legs, head like a horse but with horns.]
[Sapphire Blue Dragon: its entire body is blue…]
[Requirement to level up and hatch: 50,000 energy stones, 500 strange crystals]

Dragon nest had leveled up to level 3, but the dragon statue still had not changed much.


However, its face seemed to have become even more ferocious.

Mike did not know if it was an illusion, but he felt that the aura in the dragon nest had also faintly changed.

Waves of invisible dragon’s might were released. Just sensing it was abnormally terrifying.

Mike knew clearly that this was all thanks to him being the lord of the Dragon King Castle.

If someone else came here… Just by sensing the dragon’s might from the dragon nest, he would probably be so scared that he would not even be able to stand up.

This was the biggest change.

Moreover, the dragon eggs in the dragon nest were becoming more and more terrifying and powerful, as if they were about to break out of their shells.

“Level 4 dragon nest… I can breed dragons again!” Mike was excited and muttered.