Chapter 57: The Enraged Gnome Chieftain!


In the dense forest.

Within the skeleton army, Bruce led the various skeleton army members and began to march towards other places in the wilderness.

Tyrell and Barr did not know about the skeleton army.

The battlefield was filled with the corpses of the gnome warriors.

Some gnomes were burned into ashes by the black flames.

Some of the gnomes were corroded into dry bones by the poisonous fog.

The battle lasted less than ten minutes and the warriors of the gnome tribe suffered heavy losses.

There were over 300 gnome warriors. When there were only 70 to 80 of them left after four strikes, the camp of the gnome troops suddenly collapsed.

The surviving gnome warriors began to run away.

“Help!! Help!”

“These dragons are too terrifying! We gnomes can’t deal with them!”

“Run! We can only survive if we run!”

Some fled into the depths of the forest.

Some fled to the underground world.

However, most of the gnomes could not escape. Barr and Tyrell caught up and killed them one by one.

There were less than 20 gnomes that escaped.

As for the gnome commander Uruk, he had already been killed by Tyrell, who was at the peak of tier 7.

As for the other four tier 6 small gnome commanders, they were all killed by Tyrell.

This was a glorious victory.

The gnome army was almost wiped out, while Tyrell and Barr were not injured at all.

Both of their bodies were surrounded by black flames.

Ordinary gnome warriors would be burned to death by the black flames if they got close. They did not need to worry about getting injured.

In comparison, the gnomes did not have such strength.

They only used their own brute force against their enemies.

Against the flames and dragon breath, they had to rely on their own skin to resist.

With Tyrell and Barr’s strength, how could they resist?

Furthermore, even the tier 8 gnome commander, Uzha, did not have many skills.

In the process of fighting Barr, he was suppressed by the dragon’s battle techniques and dragon’s breath.

In just 20 rounds, he was killed by Barr.

From start to finish, Tyrell did not join the battle. Instead, he was standing guard at the edge of the battlefield.

He was guarding against the tier 9 gnome chieftain.

However, even after the gnome army was wiped out, the gnome chieftain did not appear.

In any case, the battle was over.

After this battle.

Barr and Tyrell were still at the tier 7 realm, but their experience bars had increased.

They were now one step closer to the tier 8 realm.

The reason why they had gained so much experience was mainly that they had killed too many gnome warriors, close to 300 of them.

Among them, there were not only a large number of elite gnomes.

There was also a tier 8 gnome commander and four tier 7 gnome commanders.

Even if they were divided, the ‘exp’ obtained by the two dragons was still very terrifying.

It was enough to complete the advancement of their levels.

“Tyrell, let’s start cleaning up the battlefield!”

“Transport the gnome equipment and energy stones back to the castle and hand them over to the Castle Lord!”

“Yes, my Lord!” Tyrell answered.

He flew.

The equipment and energy stones dropped by the gnome on the ground were all collected by Tyrell’s dragon wings.

Not a single one was left.

On the side.


Barr let out a long cry as if it was performing some kind of ritual.

It flapped its wings and flew towards the ground. It also waved its dragon wings and collected countless equipment and energy stones.

The battlefield was quickly cleaned up.

More than 200 complete sets of equipment and 80 energy stones were obtained from this battle.

As for the strange crystals, none were dropped.

This was because intelligent creatures in human form did not drop strange crystals.

Strange crystals were only produced on wild monsters or intelligent creatures in beast form, such as giant dragons.

However, even though there were no strange crystals.

Looking at their gains this time, Barr and Tyrell’s Dragon Eyes revealed a hint of joy.

‘I believe that the gains this time should be able to make the Lord a little happier, right?’ they thought to themselves.

Barr spread his dragon wings and flew straight towards the direction of the Dragon King Castle.

After transporting the equipment and energy stones back to the castle…

Barr and Tyrell once again gathered at the entrance of the gnome tribe.

Tier 7 Barr held the Holy Sword, turned to look at Tyrell slowly opened his mouth.

“Tyrell, our mission this time is to exterminate the gnome tribe!”

“Leave the tier 8 gnome chief to me. You take care of the rest of the gnomes!”

“Yeah,” Tyrell answered slowly.

There was confidence in Tyrell’s eyes.

After the victory of the first battle, they had already figured out some of the battle strategies of the gnome race. Even if they were to face a tier 9 gnome chief, they would not be as ignorant as before.

He was a tier 7 dragon.

It was not difficult to deal with the remaining tier 7 gnome commander and the other gnome warriors.

If he was fast enough, he could help Barr kill the tier 9 gnome chief after the battle.

If nothing went wrong, the two giant dragons were enough to destroy the gnome tribe.

“Let’s go!”

Barr gave the order.

“Let’s go!”

Tyrell answered loudly.

Barr spread its wings and a strong wind blew.

It flew hundreds of meters away in an instant.

Tyrell followed closely.

When they arrived in front of the tree hole in the gnome cave, they shrunk their bodies and entered.

They charged straight towards the goblin tribe that was 100 meters underground!

The underground world, in the giant stone palace of the gnome tribe.

More than a dozen gnomes were kneeling in the hall. They were covered in blood.

They lowered their heads.

They did not dare to face the furious gaze of the tribal chief.

At this moment, they could be said to be terrified.

They had lost the battle!

The elite army of 300 gnome warriors had been killed to the point of collapse by the enemy.

In the end, only they managed to escape alive.

It could be said that they were completely wiped out.

They were humiliating losers!

Moreover, this was the most humiliating moment since the gnome tribe was established.

The gnome chief was furious.

“Chieftain! This is a conspiracy!”

The only tier 5 elite goblin said indignantly, “those two dragons have been hiding their strength. They are not at the initial stage of the tier 7 realm but at the peak of the tier 8 realm!”

“It was not until the war started that they revealed their full strength.”

“Chief Uzha was very brave.”

“He fought to the death with the enemy!”

“In the end, he lost and was killed by the enemy.”

“We lost. 300 brave warriors were sacrificed on the battlefield!”

“Chief, you must avenge Uzha and his people!!”

Wails resounded throughout the hall.

The gnome chief did not say anything.

His expression was extremely gloomy.

He was trying his best to suppress the anger in his heart to prevent it from exploding.