Chapter 32

Translator: Melimeli, Editor: Pyrrhae

Lin Feiran was dizzy from being kissed. He pushed hard against Gu Kaifeng’s chest with his arm, trying to break free from his hold, but he got swept up in the kiss and quickly lost his strength. His hands and feet grew weaker, and his insides seemed to have melted into a puddle of boiling hot water from the heat of the other’s embrace. Reason and common sense were mixed, rippling and fumbling through the empty shell of skin and bone that was his body.

“Nn…” Lin Feiran unconsciously let out a sweet nasal sound. The floor felt like it was moving so he instinctively reached out to grab Gu Kaifeng’s arm. But when he sobered up, he realized he was wrong; the ground wasn’t moving – it was all him. He was being struck by wave after pounding wave of his heartbeat until he could no longer stand.

Lin Feiran did not know for how long he had been kissed. In brief, by the time he reacted, the kiss was already over. Their bodies were held tightly together, and he could feel something hard swelling and pressing shamelessly against his body. And he, too…

“Fuck!” Gu Kaifeng cursed, but his tone was one of excitement. He lowered his voice, bit Lin Feiran’s ear, and said in an enthusiastic voice, “Do you feel that?”

“No, why did this happen…” Lin Feiran was confused and his entire body stood frozen.

I must have been given an aphrodisiac!

“When are you going to admit that you like me?” Gu Kaifeng asked in a low voice as he put his hand inside Lin Feiran’s school uniform. His fingertips nimbly teased their way beneath his sweater and shirt, caressing the smooth and delicate skin of Lin Feiran’s waist. After kneading it for a moment, he impatiently bypassed his belt and continued groping downwards with difficulty.

Lin Feiran was frightened by this action. He snapped out of his stupor in an instant. Desperately pushing away Gu Kaifeng’s dishonest hand, he roared, “Stop it!”

Gu Kaifeng did not give up, but he also did not force Lin Feiran further; he just let his hand linger dangerously on Lin Feiran’s lower abdomen. Gently kissing Lin Feiran’s lips, he lowered his eyes then protruded his soft, red tongue from between two neat rows of white teeth. After a light and flirtatious poke, he quickly retracted it and coaxed Lin Feiran by saying, “How about I use this to help you?”

Continuous footsteps could be heard from outside the stall. The male students who had just left the exam room had come to the toilet. Luckily, the sounds of running water near the urinals and of students discussing exam questions helped conceal the ambiguous noises coming from their stall. Lin Feiran raised his voice and anxiously said, “No! Don’t, don’t mess around!”

“Please baby, I want to try.” Gu Kaifeng licked his lips. Seeing that Lin Feiran still shook his head like a rattle drum, he changed his strategy. He arched slightly like an oversized kitten and rubbed his head a few times against the crook of Lin Feiran’s neck. Acting like a spoiled child, he said, “I’m hungry, feed me milk…”

“You…” Lin Feiran discovered with bitterness that he surprisingly had no resistance whatsoever against this cute and childish Gu Kaifeng. The depths of his heart were tickled unbearably by that deep, magnetic voice and the hair that rubbed against his neck, causing his IQ to drop to zero in a second. In addition, a certain organ of his was being so painfully tormented by an indescribable desire that he almost nodded. However, he suddenly remembered that the other party was also a man, and from the bottom of his heart arose feelings of guilt and shame.

Lin Feiran held Gu Kaifeng’s face with both hands and forced him to look up at him. He immediately straightened the expression on his small face and said in a serious tone, “Gu Kaifeng, you wake up.”

“I’m awake.” Gu Kaifeng looked like he was trying to eat Lin Feiran with his eyes. “RanRan, do you want to drive me crazy from sexual frustration?”

“There are so many people outside. Have some shame,” Lin Feiran said with bitterness and grief.

Gu Kaifeng quickly replied, “Then, in the dorm room.”

How could his head be so full of perverted crap! Lin Feiran hit the wall with a grandiose punch and roared to conceal his guilty conscience, “I don’t want to! I don’t want to do it anywhere!”

“k2026;k2026;” Gu Kaifeng pursed his lips and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Lin Feiran kept his head held high as he watched him nervously like a cat with its fur on end.

Gu Kaifeng sighed and took Lin Feiran into his arms. He gave Lin Feiran a vigorous rub before he let him go and whispered, “I was in too much of a hurry again, don’t be angry.”

Lin Feiran felt wronged beyond justification. You’re in such a hurry you’re jumping straight up!

Gu Kaifeng paused, gritted his teeth, then whispered, “But since you don’t want to go this fast with me, can you flirt a little less? I can only endure so much when you keep on touching me with your arms and legs. But if by a rare chance I’m overcome with lust and push you onto the bed, who are you going to cry to?”

Lin Feiran wiped his face. His lips moved but nothing came out. Ultimately, he was only able to squeeze out a single sullen sentence. “… I understand.”

“I’m going out first. Wait a little before you go out.” Gu Kaifeng pinched Lin Feiran’s smooth cheek and opened the door to let himself out.

After a few minutes, Lin Feiran opened the door as if nothing had happened. He walked right out with his gaze fixed straight ahead and was not taken note of by anyone. Lin Feiran went to the sink and turned on the tap to wash his hands, then sprinkled water on his heated face to cool it down. After washing his face, Lin Feiran exited to find Gu Kaifeng standing with his arms crossed in front of the opposite window. The hair on his forehead was slightly damp; it seemed that he had also washed his face to calm down. However, Lin Feiran still felt that his eyes were very frightening.

“Where are you going?” asked Gu Kaifeng.

“Anywhere is fine.” Lin Feiran was a little scared of him. “Back to the dorm room?”

Gu Kaifeng canted his head. “Let’s go.”

Lin Feiran walked ahead, Gu Kaifeng following a step or two behind. He did not know if it was because Gu Kaifeng was angry or what, but he thought Gu Kaifeng’s breathing seemed especially heavy, as though he was in a hurry yet restraining himself. Lin Feiran suddenly felt like a wolf was behind him, one with rabies, ready to pounce at him anytime and bite him from head to toe!

As the two walked towards the dormitory, they encountered a group of students, the first of which was Wang Zhuo. He had already changed into his gym clothes and was spinning a basketball in his hands. When he saw them, he casually waved and greeted, “Yo, Brother Kai! Sister-in-law!”

Lin Feiran: “……”

Gu Kaifeng quickly nodded, “Going to play basketball?”

“Come, let’s play together.” Wang Zhuo looked at his watch, “We can play for an hour, eat dinner, then go to night self-study class. There’s just enough time.”

“What do you think?” Gu Kaifeng asked Lin Feiran.

Wang Zhuo sighed and said, “You’ve changed. You’re whipped now.”

“Hell no!” Gu Kaifeng whacked Wang Zhuo lightly on the shoulder and said, “I was just asking if Feiran was going. Feiran plays very well, I completely lose to him.”

Wang Zhuo hurriedly cupped his hands to Lin Feiran and said, “Sorry, sorry! Why is it I never can seem to see you play?”

Lin Feiran could not even open his mouth before Gu Kaifeng cut in and said, “You guys’ levels are too low, my RanRan finds it boring to crush you.”

It could be said that he was a crazy Ran fan!

“It’s not like that.” Lin Feiran, who was suddenly flattered by Gu Kaifeng, felt a little arrogant. He was not in a bad frame of mind, but he was really uninterested in playing ball. He waved his hand and said, “I haven’t played seriously in a long time. I’m not up for it today. You guys go have fun.”

“Then watch me play for a while.” Gu Kaifeng gently tugged on Lin Feiran’s little finger in front of the boys and said with a smile, “I can’t shoot as accurately as you, but I’m amazing with rebounds.”

Anybody could see at a glance that he was really trying to show off in front of his crush!

Wang Zhuo gave out a strangled cry in surprise. The other boys thought that Gu Kaifeng was joking and jeered rowdily to play along.

Lin Feiran blushed from their ruckus. He quickly put his hand in his pocket and nodded uncomfortably, “Ok.”

“I’ll go back to the dorm room to change my clothes. See you on the court.” Gu Kaifeng waved happily to Wang Zhuo and quickened his pace so he and Lin Feiran could go to the dormitory together.

After reaching their room, Lin Feiran first removed Gu Kaifeng’s uniform jacket and put on his own while Gu Kaifeng changed into his gym clothes. Lin Feiran then took two bottles of water from underneath the desk.

When they were ready, they went to the court and met up with Wang Zhuo. Gu Kaifeng got on the court and started playing ball. Lin Feiran found a place to sit on the sidelines, occasionally watching the game and occasionally bowing his head to play on his phone.

About half an hour later, Lin Feiran, who was presently absorbed with his phone, suddenly found that the Yin energy in his body had started to act up. The cold feeling spreading throughout his body caught him by surprise. Lin Feiran frowned slightly and raised his head, thinking that something was off — he remembered that the last time he was kissed by Gu Kaifeng, his Yin-Yang eyes were suppressed for at least an hour while this time, it was only around forty minutes…..

However, this did not mean anything. After all, Lin Feiran had only been kissed twice. The data sample was too small to form a meaningful analysis.

Lin Feiran looked around quickly and found that there were not many ghosts around the court, and that the sun had yet to set. Most of the ghosts were listless and several were even sleeping. For that reason, Lin Feiran did not feel the need to go onto the court to touch Gu Kaifeng. He remained in place instead, glancing from side to side.

At this time, one of the boys accidentally threw the basketball out of bounds, and the ball bounced until it was about three or four meters away from Lin Feiran,. Lin Feiran was about to throw it back to them when he saw a familiar figure beside the basketball — the ghost of the girl he had seen holding Ms. Zheng’s leg in the teacher’s office. She looked to be about six or seven years old, and wore a short skirt. Seeing the basketball bounce over, the ghost of the girl ran,reaching out her hands to try to catch it. Tears of blood flowed from her eyes that were full of yearning. However, as soon as she touched it, Gu Kaifeng had ran over and picked up the ball. Gu Kaifeng’s entire body was still enveloped in a strong layer of Yang energy, causing the little girl’s ghost to take two steps back in fear. She stared at the ball as Gu Kaifeng took it away, her big eyes voicing her grievances.

“Does your husband look good playing basketball?” Gu Kaifeng did not leave after retrieving the ball; he stood three meters from Lin Feiran and looked at him with a handsome and mischievous smile.

“……” Lin Feiran rolled his eyes and did not reply.

“For when you accede.” Gu Kaifeng pouted his lips, blew a kiss to Lin Feiran, and ran back to the court with the basketball in his arms.

Lin Feiran looked at Gu Kaifeng’s back and felt like something was not right. He thought about it a bit, but the answer was not coming to him. He looked at Wang Zhuo and the other boys for a moment, then back at Gu Kaifeng, and suddenly realized what the problem was.

Gu Kaifeng’s Yang energy had always been much stronger than that of the people around him. So, with his Yin-Yang eyes active, even when Lin Feiran could not make out Gu Kaifeng’s face or body, he could still pick out Gu Kaifeng from a crowd. However, the light of Gu Kaifeng’s Yang energy was now not much brighter when compared to everyone else. His was still the brightest of course, but it was a shade weaker than usual.

Lin Feiran rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was seeing it wrong. But, when he opened his eyes again, Gu Kaifeng’s Yang energy still appeared to be weakened.

Shit, maybe because I sucked it up? The Yang-sucking little demon was silent in his embarrassment.

No… Maybe it’s because he had a high fever several days ago and his body is still weak?

Lin Feiran was lost in thought when not far from him came a soft sigh. He looked towards the source of the sound and saw the ghost of the girl sitting close-by, hugging her knees. She was looking enviously at the big brothers who were dribbling the ball down the court, seeming as though she might have wanted to join them.

The ghost of the girl, who had no toys, sniffled and wiped the blood coming out of her eyes. Lowering her head, she quietly drew on the ground with her pale, delicate, blood-dipped fingers. A moment later, she finished drawing a smiling face in her blood.