Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Provocation

The class teacher gave me an applause and the students followed. When I took my seat, the class teacher commented with pride, “Nanxing, well said. Many of you are unable to focus on your goal and study. Students, time is of the essence. Like what Nanxing said, you have to learn to focus.”

I could feel the helplessness in the teacher’s voice but unfortunately she couldn’t feel mine. It was exhausting dealing with rumors even at school.

Regardless, my action had left an indelible impression on my classmates, because none of them dared to whisper behind my back anymore. However, there were many students from the other classes who came to ‘visit’ me.

Some example included Li Tian and Tian Ting. Li Tian joined a group of girls from my class and said, “I can’t believe she still has the face to show up at school! I honestly I pity you to have to share a class with her. You poor thing, I don’t even know how you can concentrate in class with that creature polluting even the air in the class!”

The girl from my class glanced at me carefully. When she met my gaze, she shook off Li Tian and escaped to the toilet. Li Tian clearly was not satisfied. Because of me, she was slapped by Nan Feng in public. Even though no one at school knew about it, she couldn’t stomach the humiliation. Therefore, she had to make things even.

Whenever she tried to approach the female students in my class, they would slip away without answering her. Li Tian was annoyed and in the end, she strode directly towards me.

I finished my paper and then put down my pen before slowly lifting my head. Li Tian looked down at me with disdain. “I can’t believe you dare to show your face around school. You’re so shameless. The Nan Family has lost its face because of you. If I were you, I would have found a rope to hang myself.”

I hugged my chest and looked at her. “I’m sorry but I still have goals in life to live for.”

Li Tian didn’t expect me to talk back to her, much less in a tone that was not submissive. She added sternly, “You’re born a jinx! Because of you, your parents died and now you’re cursing your aunt’s family! You’re a walking bad luck charm, you little illegitimate bastard!”

I sprung up from my seat. Li Tian was startled and staggered. She stepped on Tian Ting who was behind her. Tian Ting shouted, “Help, help! Nanxing is trying to hit us!”

I was startled by her sudden screams and then I chuckled. Just how shameless can these people be?

Li Tian was annoyed by my chuckle so she shoved me. “What did you want to do? You little bastard! You’re a little bastard who only knows how to shake her pussy around to attract men!”

My ears pounded with the sound of blood. My mind was blank. My fist connected with Li Tian’s face. She stumbled backwards with a yelp, screaming like a pig being slaughtered. I grabbed her by her collar and dragged her out of the classroom. There was only one thought in my mind, I need to throw this woman out the building!

There were exclamations everywhere. People came to stop me but I shook them all off. There was only one way to solve a problem, which was to eliminate them forever. I will not allow someone who calls me a bastard to be in my life.

“Nanxing!” Jing Tian’s voice echoed in my mind. No, he can’t be at school! I must have imagined it!

I yanked Li Tian up from the ground. Her face was bloody and her makeup was blurred from blood and tears. Half of her false eyelashes had fallen off, and her eyeliner had melted. She is so ugly! So disgustingly ugly! I tightened the grip around her collar. I’m going to throw her out the window!

This was also a lesson I had to show the others. If they want to provoke me with those false rumors again, this is the consequence they will face.

Someone grabbed my hand. In my fury, my other hand smacked at the arm that grabbed me.

“Nanxing, it’s me, Jing Tian!” The familiar voice echoed in my ears, slipping into my soul. The sound of rushing blood slowly receded. My vision cleared and I saw Jing Tian. He held my hands and looked at me with concern.

“Nanxing, listen to me and let go…” Jing Tian requested me in a gentle voice. I obliged. Li Tian fell backwards and landed on the ground.

I suddenly felt so dizzy.

“Nanxing? Are you alright?” Jing Tian asked anxiously.