Chapter 68: Abuse

Without even glancing at Nan Feng, my little uncle waved at me. “Nanxing, come over here.” I glanced at Jing Tian. Jing Tian nodded and let go of me. I walked towards my little uncle.

My little uncle put his arms around my shoulders and finally turned to Nan Feng. “Is she an illegitimate bastard? She needs to go begging on the streets? Mr. Nan, is this how you treat your niece?”

Nan Feng’s sweat stained his shirt. He kept wiping at them. “Master Si, this is a misunderstanding. Really!” He turned to Li Tian and ordered sternly, “Get over here and apologize to Nanxing!”

Li Tian and the others were so charmed by my little uncle that they stood there dazed. Nan Feng went to grab Li Tian. “Quickly apologize to Nanxing!”

Li Tian was startled. Looks like she was too charmed by my little uncle’s face to register what was happening. However, when she saw me leaning into my little uncle, her fuse was lit again.

“Uncle, how can you make me apologize to this little bitch? Do you know that she scored better than my cousin in the latest exam? Plus, look at how she is acting! She’s a slut, seducing men everywhere she goes! She’s like a bitch in heat!” Li Tian scolded me with righteous indignation.

In his exasperation, Nan Feng slapped Li Tian on her face. “What nonsense are you talking about?!” Nan Feng wanted to bury Li Tian on the spot!

Li Tian was stunned. Even Tian Ting beside her yelped in surprise. The commotion attracted the attention of many people. Li Yuan soon arrived. She pulled Li Tian into her embrace. Li Tian immediately started to cry. “Auntie, uncle just hit me!”

Li Yuan shouted at Nan Feng, “Have you lost your mind? How can you hit Tian Tian?”

Nan Feng trembled in anger. “Didn’t you hear what she called Nanxing earlier?” Li Yuan then looked at me. When she saw my little uncle, she was startled and then took a few more glances at him.

“Auntie, I only lectured Nanxing because she is acting too slutty for the young miss of the Nan Family. But uncle slapped me because of it!” Li Tian hugged Li Yuan and complained.

Nan Feng shouted, “Will you please shut up?!” Li Tian instantly curled up in Li Yuan’s arms. Li Yuan glared at Nan Feng. She scanned the guests and then said, “And I thought it was some big deal. Nan Feng, this is just some childish quarrel, they’ve been fighting like this since they were young, so why are you so angry?” Li Yuan then turned accusingly to me. “Nanxing, this is your fault really, don’t you know what you’re doing? Your cousin is right, you’re already a grown lady, why are you always acting so inappropriately around men?”

“Shut up!” Nan Feng quickly shushed his wife.

“So you’re trying to say the second miss of the Nan Family is always out there seducing men?” My little uncle raised his voice to drown out Nan Feng’s warning.

Li Yuan smiled like the proper mistress of the house and then she sighed. “Sir, you might not know this but our second daughter is pampered since she was young. It’s inevitable that she would act out of places at times. Plus, she is in her adolescence, it’s natural for her to be charmed by a handsome man like yourself. Please don’t mind her that much.”

Then she pulled a long face and turned to me. “Nanxing, you’re not young anymore. Why do you insist on making others worry for you? Your cousin only wanted to give you an advice out of the kindness of her heart, why did you make such a big deal out of it? Haven’t you brought enough shame to the Nan Family already?”

I was impressed by Li Yuan’s ability to turn the situation upside down, however, I was not angered, in fact, her words stung even less than Li Tian’s insults. I lowered my head and waited for her to take the centre stage for the imminent face-slapping.

My little uncle managed to remain calm throughout the nonsense they had lampooned at me even though normally he would fly into a rage due to the smallest thing I said. That really made me look at him in a new light.

The person who was the most anxious was definitely Nan Feng. He winked desperately at Li Yuan to make her shut up. But Li Yuan was too proud to notice this. Nan Feng wished that he could run over to cover up Li Yuan’s blabbering mouth.

When Li Yuan finally stopped talking, my little uncle turned to Nan Feng and this time he was silent. Nan Feng’s face was pale. “Master Si, I’m so sorry. This is really a misunderstanding.”

Li Yuan looked at Nan Feng in confusion. She didn’t understand what was going on.

Li Tian cried even louder. She stomped her feet as she cried. The other guests started to gather. They began to whisper among themselves. They had no idea what happened but since Li Tian was crying so hard, they naturally assumed that I had bullied her. They started to point fingers at me.

My little uncle’s face finally turned ugly. He didn’t care what others say about him but he would not allow others to gossip about me. That was his bottom line.