Chapter 67: Insults

Tian Ting pursed her lips. “Haven’t you heard? People are now on the rise, men are fighting over her as we speak.”

Li Tian at me, “Hmph, all because of her vixen-like face? I really don’t get these men’s tastes, they must be blind! Then again, they might be playing with her. After all, she is no wife material. If they’re looking for someone to marry, definitely they’ll pick someone like my cousin!”

Jing Ni was angry and was about to retort when I pulled her back. Why waste time on these people? I led Jing Ni away but the two girls were not yet done. They moved to stop our way.

Tian Ting hissed angrily, “Nanxing, how dare you walk away from us? Yes, you’ve become one of the top 100 students at school but that is nothing to be proud of!”

I answered evenly, “I agree with you and I’m not proud of it either. It wasn’t my goal to be one of the top 100 students anyway.” My goal was to get into the top 10. I knew telling them that would only make them mock me more so I saved my breath.

Somehow the girls misconstrued my silent confidence as guilt and fear.

Li Tian pointed her finger until it almost touched my nose. “Nanxing, who are you to get into top 100 at school when my cousin hasn’t made that distinction? Next time, you better think twice before scoring better than my cousin!” Li Tian’s expression was vicious. She gnashed her teeth.

Jing Ni huffed angrily, “You girls are such bullies!” I gently pulled on Jing Ni. I didn’t want her to stand up for me.

Tian Ting said with a fake smile, “Ni Ni, you have to screen the type of friends you make.” Tian Ting turned to me and said, “This kind of person doesn’t deserve to be your friend. Even if you are not favored by the Jing Family, you are still a Young Miss of the Jing Family, you shouldn’t hang out around this illegitimate bastard!”

I suddenly raised my head to glare at Tian Ting, “Who did you call an illegitimate bastard? Say that again!”

Tian Ting was shocked. As an outsider, she had no right to comment on the Nan Family business. She quickly hid behind Li Tian, who was.

Li Tian scoffed and pointed at me, “Was she wrong? You are a bastard! You are born an illegitimate bastard. If not for the kindness for my uncle and aunt, you’d be begging for food on the street! You depend on the Nan Family for everything! So as a member of the Nan Family, I naturally have the right to critique you. Remember, you are just a leech of the Nan Family! Do you really think you are the second miss of the Nan Family? Wake up please! At this family, you are even worse than the family dog! So stop acting all high and mighty around us, you illegitimate bastard!”

My brain buzzed and my hands went to slap Li Tian’s face. Blood pounded in my ears. Before my hands met their target, a pair of hands grabbed my wrists. “Nanxing, it’s me.” Jing Tian’s voice rang beside my ears.

There were only 2 sounds in the world which could register in my brain at any time. The first was a gunshot. Gunshot was the key that unlocked the door to my childhood memory.

The second was naturally Jing Tian’s voice. No matter how turbulent my emotions were, Jing Tian’s voice and warmth could always offer me peaceful solace.

Behind Jing Tian, a smiling voice that carried no warmth began, “Nan Feng, can you remind me the details of our contract again? Nanxing is my only niece. I left her with the Nan Family and provided for everything that she needed monetarily. On top of that, I even gave your family funds to use, a sign of appreciation for taking care of Nanxing. Over the years, the funds would have reached over several hundred million RMB already, right? So can you tell me why my niece is treated less than a family dog at the Nan Family? Why is she called a bastard to her face?

“Or is it because Nan Zheng was not a member of the Nan Family? Tong Huan was Nan Zheng’s lawfully wedded wife, so how could their daughter be a bastard, an illegitimate child? Is it because they’re dead so their daughter can be trampled on freely?”

I looked at the speaker dumbly, it was my little uncle. I had never seen him so serious before. His presence was chilling. His curly hair was unruly. When he spoke, he possessed the demonic charm that couldn’t be ignored.

Jesus, this is the dumb little uncle who always banters with me? My God, he is so cool!

Nan Feng who stood beside my little uncle was sweating profusely. He glanced at Tong Le and explained, “Of course not! That is not true. Master Si, please don’t misunderstand! They are just children, you shouldn’t take their words too seriously!”