Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 66

Chapter 66: The Return of The Dynamic Duo

Translator: Lonelytree

Shi Feng was stunned for a moment. Instead of getting angry, he laughed. “Wonderful, this is how the real Nanxing should be.”

You don’t even know the real Nanxing. I stood up and prepared to leave. If I stayed with him any longer, I might vomit.

“Nanxing!” Shi Feng shouted behind me. I walked away.

“Young miss!” Suddenly 2 people came into the greenhouse and I cheered internally. “Su Shen, Su Qian!” Since they’re here, then Jing Tian and little uncle must be here too!

Su Shen and Su Qian’s expressionless faces changed slightly when they saw Shi Feng. I didn’t pay much attention to that and asked, “Where are they?”

Su Shen replied, “We came with Miss Jing Ni.” Hmm, sounds like little uncle won’t be coming, o well.

When I arrived at the front hall, I saw Jing Ni being surrounded by layers of men and women.

“Ni Ni!” I walked over quickly. Jing Ni walked out from the crowd and grabbed my hand. “Thank God, you’re finally here.”

“What’s wrong?” I turned around to look at those people.

Jing Ni shook her head. “I’m not sure either. My big brother suddenly introduced me to these people. It felt like they were assessing my ability to be their daughter-in-law.”

My heart skipped a beat, and I turned around to look at those people again. I recognized some but not the others. However, if Jing Ning was involved, I had to be careful.

“What questions did they have for you? You’re only a high school student, why would they ask you to be someone’s daughter-in-law?”

“You’re right, it’s ridiculous. This is all big brother’s fault. I didn’t even want to get to know these people in the first place.” Then Jing Ni puffed her cheeks at me. “It’s your fault too, Nanxing. This is your family home and you didn’t even come to rescue me!”

I held her hands and pleaded. “Please forgive me~ This is all my fault~” Su Shen and Su Qian followed a safe distance behind us. Since they came with Jing Ni, everyone would assume they were her bodyguards and not ours.

We bumped into Nanyang. Her dress was so plain that it made her look uncomfortable. Plus, it really didn’t her exquisite hairdo.

“Nanxing? Why are you here? Where’s Young Master Shi?” Nanyang gasped.

“He’s at the greenhouse.” I replied calmly.

Nanyang furrowed her brows. “Then why are you here? You have to go accompany him. Remember, you have to make him happy! Do you hear me?”

I raised my brow. “But why?”

Nanyang was stupefied. “Because he’s our most respected guest and father’s most important business partner.”

I smiled. “Then shouldn’t father go talk business with him? Why me? I don’t know anything about business.”

Nanyang was unhappy. “Who needs you to talk business with him? Just go and accompany him. Keep him happy and entertained.”

I said softly, “Big sister, I apologize then. I believe I’ve already offended Young Master Shi. Big Sister, you only told me to come back home to celebrate father’s birthday, you didn’t tell me I need to entertain such an important guest! If you have told me sooner, I would have been more prepared. So what should we do now? When I left, he was so angry!”

Nanyang was terrified. She hissed viciously at me, “What good are you for when you can’t even do something as simple as this?” She shoved me aside and stomped angrily away. I wondered if she went to apologize to Shi Feng or to complain to Li Yuan.

Jing Ni was flabbergasted. “Your big sister… Is that even Nanyang?”

I turned to Jing Ni. “Surprised?”

Jing Ni stuttered, “Isn’t she a very demure and elegant lady? Everyone praises her for it. I have never seen her like this before.”

I patted her shoulder. “Ni Ni, the longer you live, the more you learn.”

Jing Ni was still in shock. I believed that Nanyang didn’t intend to shed her disguise before Jing Ni, she was just too shocked by the bomb that I dropped.

I led Jing Ni to a corner of the living and sat down. Before we could chat, Li Tian and Tian Ting walked over. These two had been quite unlucky lately. First they were slapped around by hooligans they hired and then they were taken revenge on by Jing Yan. Even Li Yuan didn’t dare to speak up for them.

Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t seen them at school for a while already. However, they were like cockroaches, the reason for their purpose was to annoy others.

In their mind, the only person lower on the hierarchy, or the only person they could bully, was me.

“Well, isn’t this a rare guest? Here sits the best student of our school, Nanxing! You’re finally back home? I thought you would never return to this house again!”

“Well, where else can she go other than to come home? Only my aunt has the kindness to take in a wastrel like her!”

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