Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Value

Translator: Lonelytree

I silently sorted out everything that had happened recently.

First, my rejection of Jing Ning. He moved from disbelief to rage and finally acceptance. He also seemed to have moved on to be with Nanyang. However, suddenly he has returned to ask me to marry him.

There has to be a reason behind that. I refuse to believe he’s suddenly charmed by my beauty. He won’t be marrying me because of the Nan Family either.

Therefore, I must carry this ‘reason’ on my person. I am ‘valuable’. The value I possess must be huge or else Jing Ning wouldn’t covet it. In other words, all they want is the value I represent and not really Nanxing. This also explains the divorce in my previous life. My value had been exhausted so naturally they kicked me away. I was such a fool…

However, in this life, many things have changed because of my own efforts. One thing though remains unchanged and that is my ‘value’.

It has to be bigger than my little uncle’s ‘investment’ in me. Then it means that my little uncle hasn’t told me the whole truth.

I realized I was not mad at him. I know him well. The only reason he hasn’t told me everything is to protect me. He doesn’t want me to get hurt. He is protecting me even at the risk to his own life.

And now this Shi Feng. I wonder how him and the Shi Family fits into the picture. Like my little uncle, Shi Feng wasn’t featured in my previous life.

Back in the present, Shi Feng regarded me with loving gaze. It had no effect on me. I looked at him and said, “You sure found out many things about me.”

Shi Feng smiled warmly. “That’s because I want to know everything about you. Nanxing, I’m serious about this. Back then, my father missed his chance and he regretted it for life. I promised him that I would bring you home and marry you.”

I laughed, “Young Master Shi, so you’re marrying me for the sake of your father?” That was just disgusting on all levels.

“No, Nanxing, I’m marrying you because I love you! From the day we met at Zhi Yuan, I’ve fallen in love with you.” Shi Feng said seriously.

I didn’t think he was serious.

“It’s true. I knew who you were from the moment I saw you. I wanted to profess my love back then but you knew what happened. When I came back, you were already gone.” His attitude was sincere.

My heart moved. “The sound I heard that day was gunshots, wasn’t it?” He hesitated before nodding.

“Was the police chasing after Young Master Shi?” I asked.

Shi Feng chuckled. “You’re so naive. Only the police can have guns?”

“Who else?” I countered.

Shi Feng’s smile deepened. “Nanxing, your mother was the princess of the underworld. Your birth was anticipated by both the police and the mafia. It’s a pity that the Nan Family was unable to raise you right. You are not even familiar with how the real world works.”

“But what does that have to do with the gunshots?” I asked.

Shi Feng’s eyes flashed with doubt. “Nanxing, you really don’t remember anything about your mother?”

I shrugged. “I don’t have any memories of my childhood. The reason I went to Zhi Yuan was to visit my parents to see if I can trigger any memory. That didn’t work but I did get caught in a terrifying gunfight.”

Shi Feng’s gaze filled with disappointment. If Jing Ning is after my wealth, then this Shi Feng is probably after my background. Even now my little uncle would scold me about revealing my trace on the dark net. Does this mean there is more to the heiress of the underworld princess than just a title?

Who would have thought that I only would realize my own value in my second life? It is quite exciting not knowing what that ‘value’ is. It’s like playing a gacha game.

“Nanxing, you are Tong Huan’s daughter. I refuse to believe that you are willing to spend your life in mediocrity.” I had to admit this Shi Feng was quite an inspired talker.

I smiled. “Young Master Shi, that’s where you’re wrong. I just want to be a common citizen.”

Shi Feng looked at me. “No, you’re lying. If you don’t do something of value with your life, your mother will roll in her grave!”

My face darkened. “Shi Feng, please do not use my mother’s name to lord over me.. If you can resurrect my mother, then I will marry you right this moment. If not, do not taint my mother’s name like that again!”

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