Chapter 62: Sinister

Nanfeng’s smile was extremely servile.

Shi Feng smiled indifferently. “They were right, your daughter is indeed extremely beautiful.”

They? Who have been talking about me? I was on high alert but my face didn’t show it.

“May I trouble the Second Miss Nan to show me around the house?” He looked at me with amusement.

I lowered my head. “Please.”

After we had walked away, I heard Shi Feng chuckle. “Okay, we’re out of everyone’s sight. You don’t be to tire yourself out pretending anymore.” I rolled my eyes while keeping my head lowered. In any case, I pretended to not have heard him.

Shi Feng grabbed me by arm. “Nanxing!”

I instinctively raised my hand and pushed him away. I said formally, “Young Master Shi, my father wants me to bring you on a tour around the house so let’s focus on that.”

Shi Feng chuckled. “This place is only so big. What tour? Your father made that up so that the two of us would be alone.” I looked at him silently. He stared back at me and sighed, “You really do look like your mother.”

I couldn’t help it, my heart trembled. “You know my mother?”

Seeing that I had taken his bait, Shi Feng chuckled joyfully.

“How do you know her?” I stop acting dumb and pressed for details.

“Now this is much better. Why would you act dumb? It’s so boring!” Shi Feng reached his hand to smooth out my hair. I instantly took a step back and glared at him.

He sighed but his eyes were dancing with amusement. “Actually, our history goes way back. Your mother almost became my stepmother and we almost became step siblings.”

I was shocked.

Shi Feng continued, “But she met your father and she became a permanent regret in my father’s heart. If my father met you, he’ll be so excited.”

What kind of dogblood drama is this?

Shi Feng smiled at me. “But perhaps our generation can rectify their unfulfilled dreams. Nanxing, I’m sure you can see that this is fate.”

I was confused. “Young Master Shi, what fate are you talking about?”

“The fate that allows me to run into you, to fall in love with you at first sight. It was your mother who pushed us together.” Shi Feng’s words were filled with deep affection.

“Please don’t say that, you’re going to make my mother roll in her grave,” I said sincerely.

Shi Feng laughed out loud. “I finally understand why I couldn’t find you for so many years. You’re quite good at hiding yourself. You’re very smart, I like that.”

Oh, jesus.

“Since Young Master Shi has been so direct to me then I shall respond in kind. I’m sorry but I already have someone I love, and it is not you, Young Master Shi. Honestly, I also don’t believe in fate.” I said plainly.

The smile hung on his face and Shi Feng continued, “Is that person Jing Ning? I see that he is quite concerned about you.”

I shook my head. “Jing Ning loves my big sister, not me.”

“Oh? Then who is this mysterious man?” Shi Feng clearly didn’t believe me. I decided not to waste time with this man then.

“I know that you don’t have that many good friends at school. Is that person from your school? Is it a crush? One-sided crush?” Shi Feng analyzed.

I felt like punching him.

“Nanxing, I am determined to make you mine but I will give you time to get to know me. Test me if you like but I will not surrender you to another man like my father did! I hope you understand that.” He used his fingers to pinch my chin.

I slapped his hand away. “Young Master Shi, please mind your manners!”

Shi Feng smiled. “I’m sorry. I was too impatient. I couldn’t help myself whenever I’m around you. I need to leave my mark on you so the other men wouldn’t come any closer. But I forgot that you have character just like your mother. That is also what I like about you.”

Is he the upgraded version of Jing Ning? I have never seen such level of shamelessness in my life.

Shi Feng sighed, “Nanxing, you really are your mother’s daughter. When she was angry, she would bite on her lips too!” That compliment made me shiver involuntarily. I wondered if this Shi Feng really saw me for me or for my mother.

I had no idea where Nan Feng found this pervert but I finally understood why Nanyang and the girls were so plainly dressed today. The Nan Family had found a new buyer for me!

I sneered internally.