Chapter 59: Violent Lolita

I knew I was fine but I couldn’t withstand Jing Tian’s gentle request. Even after I was pushed out from the scanning machine, I was still submerged in his gentleness.

I was discharged earlier from the hospital than Jing Ni and Lee Yang because my injury was lighter. When I last saw them, Lee Yang was teaching Jing Ni math. Their beds had to be moved closer so Lee Yang wouldn’t need to shout at her.

Regarding this development, Jing Tian didn’t say anything, and I was happy for Jing Ni. Lee Yang was a standup person, and this way I didn’t need to worry about Jing Ni being sold as a present by Jing Ning anymore.

I also got to spend more time with Jing Tian at home because exam was getting closer. I was very happy. While I studied under him, I tried my best to ‘seduce’ Jing Tian. Unfortunately, Jing Tian was incredibly good at self-control. Even when I tried my best, I could only get a chaste kiss from him. Jing Tian would then sigh and hug me. “Nanxing, you’re still too young.”

I was both disappointed and proud. Jing Tian was too gentleman of a person to do anything to me. He was really the perfect man.

Naturally, my long absence from school had attracted Nanyang’s attention. She accosted me the first day I went back to school. “Where have you been all these days?” She sized me up. The derision in her eyes was plain.

I lowered my head and said timidly, “I was playing with Jing Ni when we accidentally fell into the pool. We caught the cold. In fact, Jing Ni was still recovering at home.” Nanyang scoffed with condescension. “You’ll be coming home this weekend,” she ordered.

I lifted my head to look at her in shock. What are they up to this time?

Nanyang hugged her chest and said pointedly, “I knew you’d be heartless enough to forget father’s birthday. You truly are an ingrate! What’s the point of the family having you around?”

I lowered my head in shame. To be fair, there didn’t seem to be a fixed date for Nan Feng’s birthday. It would be moved around at whim. Then again, it might be because I never tried to remember his birthday to begin with.

Nanyang continued to drone on with her insults. I tuned her out. However, at that moment, a student was walking over. Instantly, she switched back to her gracious young lady mode. “Nanxing, the family misses you. You have to come back home this weekend.”

I rubbed my arms to try to rub away the goosebumps. I played along and said shyly, “Okay, big sister.”

She only let me go when the bell rang. I had to go back home that weekend because it was my dear father’s birthday. Every cell in my body resisted when I thought about it.

When I returned to class, the English teacher was reading out our results.

“Nanxing!” I stood up immediately. “130 points. Well done.” She smiled encouragingly. “Students, you need to learn from Nanxing. She didn’t come to class because of a cold but she didn’t fall behind in her studies. Nanxing’s results have improved tremendously in this semester. Students, the countdown for the university entrance exam has begun so now is not the time to slack off!”

The teacher said a lot and the students turned to look at me. I looked at the paper before me and joy poured out from my heart. This is the fruit of the effort between me and Jing Tian. My results have improved from a big fat 0 to what it is now. Thankfully I’ve not disappointed Jing Tian.

I smiled to myself. With Jing Tian by my side, there’s nothing I cannot do.

I spent the rest of the class to fold the test result into a heart. I would give it to Jing Tian that night as a present.

When I got home, I ran upstairs quietly. I saw a gap on the study door. I heard my little uncle and Jing Tian inside the study.

“How do you explain her sudden transformation into a Violent Lolita?” My little uncle asked.

Who is this Violent Lolita? My little uncle must have watched too much anime to come up with a name like that. But it’s quite an amusing name.

“At least there’s no problem with her brain scans so we don’t need to worry about that.” Jing Tian replied in an even tone.

“But how can we tell when she’ll transform next time?” My little uncle said with deep worry.

“I… don’t know.” Jing Tian’s voice was dipped in helplessness.

“Miss Nanxing!” Gao Da’s voice erupted from behind me.

My soul almost jumped out from my body.