Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Pairs

My little uncle’s eyes lit up. “Hmm, Gao Da, job well done. The girls do need protection. Why didn’t I think about assigning a girl? Not bad. I’ll have Gao Jing find another one! That way they can watch each other’s back and when Jing Ni and Nanxing are at school, they won’t be too bored with company!” He immediately pulled out his phone to call Gao Jing. Gao Da wanted to say something but was stopped by Jing Tian.

I rolled my eyes. Naturally my little uncle wouldn’t let Jing Tian take all the spotlight. O well, they’re only concerned about us. I swallowed back my objection.

I knew I had put myself in danger by exposing myself on the darknet. There were many people who were waiting to strike. I couldn’t depend on luck every time.

After I spent some time with Su Shen, I realized I like her. She was very quiet and only spoke when necessary.

I wanted to go see Ni Ni and Lee Yang as well as Brother Hu’s unit. I wasn’t injured but Su Shen insisted that I take the wheelchair. I submitted to her will and let her push me.

To my pleasant surprise, Jing Ni and Lee Yang shared the same ward. When Ni Ni saw me, she was so excited. She opened her arms and I stood up from the wheelchair to hug her. “Ni Ni!” “Nanxing!”

I thought I would never see her again. I inspected her wounds. Jing Ni had several whiplashes and many bruises on her body. It made my heart ache just looking at them.

The ghastly whiplash on her back made my heart race. For a moment, something flashed across my mind.

Jing Ni smiled. “Nanxing, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt much after applying the medicine.”

I still felt guilty. “I’m sorry Ni Ni for not protecting you.”

Jing Ni poked my forehead. “We’re good sister, you shouldn’t blame yourself anymore.”

I nodded with tears in my eyes. “Okay.”

She smiled. “Oh, Nanxing, you were so scary. You frightened even me back then. I will feel so safe around you from now on.” I smiled back. This naive girl, all I did was to grab an iron rod to scare those men.

Lee Yang was woken up by our conversation.

“Hey, handsome! Thank you for helping us!” I greeted him with a smile.

His face blushed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t help you and only became your burden.”

“Of course you didn’t! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t dare imagine what would have happened. I already told my little uncle about what you did for us. If you have any request, just tell him. He is quite rich… I think.” I was not familiar with my little uncle’s financial situation but since he could feed the Nan Family every year, then he should be quite rich.

Lee Yang was still blushing. “It, it’s alright. I didn’t even do anything to help.”

I asked him, “How did you get captured anyway?” Lee Yang turned to glance at Jing Ni. Looks like they had discussed this among themselves already.

Jing Ni explained on his belief, “Lee Yang and his friends were outside the cafe when the strange men came out with us. Out of suspicion, they followed the men and arrived at the warehouse. Lee Yang told his friends to go and call the police while he followed them alone. When he heard what the men planned to do us, he couldn’t hold himself and barge him to stop them. That was how he was captured. If not for him, Nanxing, we…” Jing Ni bit on her lips and couldn’t continue.

I patted her hands and told Lee Yang. “Thank you, really.”

Li Yang felt embarrassed. He glanced at Jing Ni and said softly, “You shouldn’t have come to stop them when they hit me. That was too dangerous, you can’t do that again. You have to take care of yourself first before you take care of others.”

Jing Ni said timidly, “But I was so scared that they would beat you to death.”

Lee Yang chuckled sadly, “Do you think those men would have stopped because you begged them? They are totally heartless. I won’t be happy if you died because of me either.”

Jing Ni lowered her head with a blush.

My eyes wandered between the two. I chuckled. “Our Ni Ni is a bit naive at times but she’s incredibly kind. If you’re kind to you, she’ll be 10 times kinder back to you.”

Lee Yang concurred with a nod. Jing Ni’s face turned even redder.

I laughed. These two are too cute!

Lee Yang suddenly turned to me. He opened his mouth but then hesitated. I asked him directly, “Do you have a question for me?”

“Has Jing Yan really gone insane?” Lee Yang asked softly.

I stopped smiling. “Her older brother told me that himself.”

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