Chapter 54: The Whip

Clearly surprised, they asked, “Why?”

I smiled and tapped the iron rod in my hand, “Because her uncle is Master Qi!” Honestly I had no idea how well Jing Tian was known in the underworld but I had no other choices. Since my little uncle was not a local, these men had a higher chance of knowing Jing Tian than my little uncle.

The four were startled. I was relieved.

“Boss, do you think she’s telling the truth?”

“How should I know?”

“What if it’s true?”

“But that’s impossible. There would be drivers fetching the young miss of the Jing Family!”

“That’s right. They are just normal students, the girl is trying to scare me!” The four’s whispering was quite loud. Looks like Jing Tian’s name was quite useful, however how to prove our relationship to Jing Tian was a problem.

Lee Yang who was strung up offered, “Why don’t you have Jing Ni call her 7th uncle?” I shot a look of approval at the bloody Lee Yang.

The 4 idiots actually went along with it. One of them took out his phone and shouted at Jing Ni. “Girlie, tell us the phone number!” Jing Ni was dumbfounded, she didn’t memorize Jing Tian’s phone number. Instead, I rattled out the string of number for her.

The four laughed wildly. “Clearly they’re lying. How can Master Tian’s niece not know his phone number?”

“When the call is connected, you’ll see.”

“Boss, what if the number belongs to the police? The girl is clearly very cunning. We should be careful.”

“Shush, the call is going through.”

The call only rang once before it was picked up. “Hello?”

“Jing Tian!” “7th uncle!” Jing Ni and I shouted at the same time. The man who held the phone was so scared he dropped the phone. The phone shattered.

I was frustrated.

The four men composed themselves. “That didn’t prove anything! That was probably just a random man! They are trying to trick us!”

“Yes, you’re right!”

“This girl is so cunning!”

I looked at them and said coldly, “What if this is not a trick, what if that was really Master Qi? Have you thought about what would happen?” I kicked at the unconscious man near me. “This will happen to you.”

The leading man grinned sadistically as he approached me. “Girlie, if you think a threat like that would work, you’ve underestimated us. Like you said, if what you said is true, it’s over for us anyway. At this point, the only thing we can do is to kill all of you and silence the witnesses. If we were captured, we would say we didn’t know that other girl is related to Master Qi. The ignorant shall not be punished, even Master Qi has to abide by the rules of the underworld, right?”

I took two steps back and shielded Jing Ni behind me. “That is quite a brilliant plan. I admire your bravado.”

He smiled but his eyes chilled. The man behind him chuckled, “Boss, this girl is really not bad. Can we have a little fun with her before we kill her?”

I gritted my teeth, I would have to fight my way out of this!

Suddenly a loud sound came from the roof.

The men raised their heads to look. This was my only chance. I raised the iron rod and smashed it against the head of the man in the lead. I couldn’t care less about what was happening above me. I only knew that I had to solve the imminent danger before me.

Jing Ni screamed. The leading man turned and quickly took a step back. My rod missed his head and only clubbed against his arm.

“Ouch!” The man screamed in pain. He lashed his whip in retaliation.

It was too close for me to avoid the whip. I gritted my teeth to brace for the pain. A figure jumped at me. I heard the wet sound of the whip lashing against flesh. However, i felt no pain.

It was Jing Ni! She jumped to shield me at the last minute. She took the whipping for me and knocked me to the ground.

“Sister Xing!” When I heard the cries, my heart settled somewhat. It was Brother Hu’s unit.

I quickly pulled Jing Ni up. There were tears in her eyes. Her clothes were torn from the whipping. I saw bloody marks all over her body. A burning rage coursed through me. I laid her to the side. “Ni Ni, stay there and don’t move!”

I grabbed my iron rod and stood up. From the corner of my eye, I saw Tan Si and the rest were untying Lee Yang. My eyes focused on the man who had whipped Jing Ni.

My presence swallowed him. He shivered and the whip went limp in his hand.

I raised the iron rod and swung it fiercely at him.

At that moment, I heard the voices of many different people.

“Sister Xing!”