Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Drinks

Jing Ni told me excitedly, “Nanxing, I scored well in my exam today!”

I smiled and said, “Then you have to treat me to milk tea!”

“No problem,” Jing Ni said happily. Only then she saw the 3 boys standing there. Jing Ni was startled. “Lee Yang?”

Lee Yang was equally stunned. “You… know me?” Jing Ni smiled at him but said nothing. Then she turned to me. I chuckled. “Lee Yang and I were just chatting while we waited for you. Come on, let’s go home.” Jing Ni nodded easily.

Recently, we didn’t have the drivers to come pick us up because Jing Tian and my little uncle were so busy. We didn’t want to infringe on them. Jing Ni and I traveled to and from school like normal students. We walked, took the bus, taxi or subway. Honestly, it was quite refreshing not to be monitored by the drivers all the time.

Jing Ni didn’t often get such freedom, therefore she enjoyed it greatly. I didn’t mind it either way. I had already the best and the worst in my previous life. Given a second chance, I had learned to appreciate what I had, good or bad.

As we traveled home, Lee Yang and boys trailed behind me. Jing Ni leaned in to ask me what was going on. I pulled on her hand and didn’t answer.

I didn’t have the heart to turn around to chase the boys away. They were just young boys. Plus, I was sure Jing Ni found their company charming. Hopefully, Lee Yang would soon realized he had misplaced his interest.

Jing Ni lowered her voice to whisper, “Actually, he’s quite unlucky. Because Sister Yan has taken a fancy to him, he has been constantly harassed. However, he didn’t given in to her and that’s quite impressive.”

I was shocked. “How come I didn’t know anything about this?”

Jing Ni chuckled, “Because you’re not as big of a gossip as I am!”

I laughed. Jing Ni laughed along and added, “Okay, it’s because Jing Yan is my big sister and there are other girls in my class who like Lee Yang. That’s why I know more about him.”

We arrived at a cafe and walked in. There were not that many customers inside. Only a few tables were taken. We found a corner seat and sat down. We ordered two drinks and took out our revision papers.

I asked Jing Ni, “What do you think of Lee Yang, do you like him?”

Jing Ni was stunned. Then she blushed and hit me jokingly, “Nanxing, what are you talking about!”

I dodged her with a laugh. “Honestly, I think the two of you are quite a good match.”

Jing Ni blushed harder. “How would you know that? Nanxing, you’re playing with me again!”

I chuckled seeing her like this, “Ni Ni, it’s because I have special powers. I can sense it when there’s a suitable match in my sight!”

Jing Ni rolled her eyes jokingly. “Nanxing, then what about yourself? Did you sense a suitable match for yourself?”

I nodded proudly, “Of course, I did!”

“Who is it?” Jing Ni pressed. The drinks were served and both of us took a big gulp.

I huffed and said, “It’s a secret.”

Jing Ni giggled, “You’re a liar!”

I turned to look at Jing Ni and then asked in a serious tone, “Ni Ni, will you marry someone you do not love for the sake of your mother or the Jing Family?”

Jing Ni was caught off guard by this sudden turn. Her smile immediately disappeared and she stopped talking.

I reached out to grab her hands. “Ni Ni, you have to promise me that in this life, you will protect your own happiness. You will not sacrifice your own bliss for anyone else.”

Jing Ni looked at me curiously.

I looked into her eyes and continued in a serious tone, “Ni Ni, you have to promise me! Do not use your own marriage and happiness as a bargaining chip! There is a solution for every problem but the solution is never to sell yourself out. If you do that, you’ll only live the rest of your life in regret and pain!”

Jing Ni nodded blurrily. “Okay, if there’s something that I can’t solve, I’ll come to you and 7th uncle.”

I nodded heavily, “That’s right, you mustn’t hide anything from us!”

Jing Ni smiled, “Nanxing, you’re sounding so much like my elder but I’m very touched! I’m so touched that I think my world is spinning.” Then Jing Ni rolled backwards and slumped against the chair.

I was stunned. I reached out to shake her. “Ni Ni?”

Then a wave of dizziness hit me. Everything before my eyes swirled, then everything shut down.

I was woken up by Jing Ni’s cries and pleas.

I opened my eyes with difficulty. My entire body was stiff, and my head was a little dizzy.

I could hear Jing Ni crying close to me. “Stop hitting him, please stop hitting him!”

Hitting him? Who is him? What is happening?

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