Chapter 49: Jing Ning’s Visit to School

Sometimes, there was no need to go look for trouble because they would come to you. Case in point, Jing Ning came to school to find me. That was simply baffling.

The teacher called me to the meeting room. When I arrived, she was serving Jing Ning so obsequiously. It made my eyes twitch.

Jing Ning said calmly, “Miss, I wish to have a private chat with Nanxing.”

The teacher hurriedly said, “Of course, of course!” Then she turned to me, “Nanxing, you have to do everything Director Jing wants, do you understand?” I nodded obediently. I feel like a street-walker forced by her pimp to serve the VIP customer. I sighed internally. My impression of that teacher instantly dropped to subzero.

After the teacher left, Jing Ning looked at me and I looked at me. Jing Ning looked rather haggard, he had deep dark circles under his eyes. He must have lost a lot of sleep because of Jing Yan.

“Nanxing, you’ve changed.” He said with a slightly hoarse voice.

I was slightly surprised, not by his words but his whole condition. Jing Ning wiped his face with his hands and said, “Nanxing, Jing Yan has been sent into a mental hospital.”

This time, I was truly surprised. “But why?” I did scare Jing Yan that day but it shouldn’t be so traumatic that she’d be sent into a mental hospital. Furthermore, she appeared perfectly sound of mind after she was released from detention. She still had the mind to go after Li Tian and Tian Ting for retribution. That didn’t sound like the working of an insane person.

Things have really changed in this life.

In my previous life, Jing Yan remained the high and mighty princess of the Jing Family until my rebirth. Those who followed her would prosper and those who went against her would perish. I was her constant target and she always bullied me when I was Jing Ning’s wife.

But in this life, she became a mental patient?

Jing Ning didn’t answer my question. Instead he sighed, “Nanxing, since I was 6, I’ve decided to marry you regardless of your background. I don’t care about your family condition and so on. All I want is for you to stay at home to accompany my mother, take care of our children after we get married, can you do that? I am a man, I need someone to take care of the house for me, do you understand that? Therefore, it doesn’t matter how great you score in your exams. In fact, you shouldn’t place so much focus on your studies. If you have time, you should go to my house and spend more time with my mother to endear yourself to her. In the future, when we marry, this will be good for you too. Nanxing, you are my wife, you should learn how to share my burden.”

I looked at Jing Ning and mourned my past life.

I actually sacrificed my whole life for this man. I almost died for him.

I waited for Jing Ning to finish his long speech before I uttered, “Jing Ning, you said you already decided to marry me when you were 6, but have you asked for my opinion?”

Jing Ning was startled.

I pointed at my heart. “The question I have is simple, have I agreed to marry you? I’m not some kind of object to be claimed, have I agreed to marry you?”

Jing Ning appeared to shake his head but then he nodded. “Everyone agreed, including yourself.”

I sighed and nodded myself. “Fine, Jing Ning, forget all about that then. I was only 6 and I didn’t know anything. Jing Ning, listen to me carefully because I will not repeat it again. Young Master Ning, I will not marry you! Not in this life and not in the next!”

Jing Ning looked at me in surprise and blurted out, “But why, Nanxing?”

I looked at him, but I couldn’t tell him the real reason.

I will not marry a man who have an ambiguous relationship with my sister before and after our marriage.

I will not marry a man who cheated on me during my pregnancy.

I will not marry a man who used me for his own benefit.

I will not marry a man who forced me into divorce after I was no longer useful to him so that he could officially marry his mistress.

I will not marry a man who kicked his own flesh and blood out of the door.

I took a deep breath and tried to suppress my rage.

That day, when I stood by the seaside, my heart turned into ash inch by inch.

Jing Ning, I will not make the same mistake again! I will make everyone who has harmed me pay and that includes you!

Seeing how silent I was, Jing Ning pushed, “Nanxing, why? I feel like I am talking with a different person. You used to be so excited about our marriage. What happened?”

I looked at him and smiled, “Jing Ning, the reason is simple. It’s because I finally understood myself. My heart tells me that I don’t like you and I won’t marry someone I don’t like.”

Jing Ning frowned, “Nanxing, why are you throwing a tantrum? Is it because I was too close to Nanyang, Li Tian and Tian Ting? You are jealous of them?”

I was highly amused. So Jing Ning did know that it was inappropriate for him to mingle around with so many females when he was ‘engaged’. I was jealous in my past life but not now anymore.

“Nanxing, Nanyang is your big sister, you should know her well. She is a very, very good girl, she has many good qualities that you should learn from!” Jing Ning said earnestly.