Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Family

Jing Tian righted Tong Le’s head and pushed him to the side. Jing Tian turned to me and said, “You’ll come back to the house with me. Other than going to school, you’re not allowed to leave my sight!”

“No way! She is coming with me, I’m her uncle!” Tong Le immediately contested. Ignoring him, Jing Tian grabbed my hand and challenged, “Where will you bring her? In the end, you’ll come seek refuge at my place, won’t you?”

My little uncle was annoyed because Jing Tian was right. And so that was how I was led back to Jing Tian’s villa.

On the way back, my hands weren’t idle either. I started to plan my way to bring down Jing Yan. First I sent her the chat records I had of her and Han Cheng. I demanded 1 million RMB, not one cent too less. If she refused to fork out the money, I would send the same evidence to the Nan Family.

At first, Jing Yan didn’t even respond to me. After all, she had no reason to be afraid of the Nan Family. Unfortunately for her, I had predicted this. I sent her the picture of ‘me’ being sold onto the ship headed to South East Asia. I told her if she still refused to cooperate, I would report her to the police. Only then she caved.

When I climbed into the familiar bed in Jing Tian’s villa, my phone buzzed with notification. My bank account had received a deposit of 1 million RMB!

I jumped off the bed happily and ran to find Jing Tian. Jing Tian was having tea with little uncle in the study. I knocked on the door and poked my head in. Both of them waved for me to come in.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is there a problem?” They asked in unison. I shook my phone at them. “The 1 million RMB has arrived. Teacher, do you mind bring me to the Jing Family Home tonight?”

Jing Tian frowned at me. I explained, “I just want Jing Yan to understand that there will be consequences to her action. I want her to explain to me in person why she has decided to sell me for 1 million RMB!”

The two looked at me.

I was rather irked by their lack of reaction. “Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t agree with me? Jing Yan planned to have me sold to South East Asia, why can’t I be a little angry at her? Don’t I deserve an explanation?”

In my previous life, Nanxing took everything silently and without complaint. No matter what people did to me, I believed that I deserved it. I tried my best to please everyone and in the end, they all betrayed me and forced me to my death. Therefore, in this life, I decided to live for myself. If someone treated me bad, I was not going to take it lying down anymore, I would give them payback!

However, I would except the two men in the room to be on my side. One was my family, the other my lover. When they showed that they weren’t, honestly, I was devastated. Even in this life, no one is willing to side with me?

Jing Tian stood up and strode towards me. He placed his hand on my head, “If you need money, you can come to me anytime.”

I evaded, causing him to miss. I don’t need money, doesn’t you understand that?!

Before I could speak through my choking throat, Jing Tian sighed, “I just don’t want you to get hurt. You might not get the answer you want.”

Hmm? I looked at Jing Tian. Jing Tian explained softly, “I have no issue with you wishing to resolve this your way. But you have to promise me you won’t get yourself harmed or injured, okay?”

Instantly, the oppressive feeling within me washed away.

My little uncle came forward to smack Jing Tian’s hand away. He pulled me into a hug and whispered, “Nanxing, are you sure you’re okay with just an explanation? Why not let her taste her own medicine? Even though I’m not in the human-trafficking business, I do know people. Say the word and I’ll have everything arranged!”

A warmth flowed through me. I was wrong for misjudging them too soon. They were my family, people who really cared for me.

I hugged my uncle back. “Uncle, thank you but I will do this my way.”

My little uncle was moved by my show of independence. Through his choking words, he said, “Of course! You really remind me a lot of Tong Huan, your mother.”

He then turned to look at Jing Tian who had a complicated expression on his face. “This Jing Yan is from your family, isn’t she? You’re not planning to cover up for her, do you? No one can come after my niece and then get away safely!”

Jing Tian didn’t answer me. I jumped to Jing Tian’s rescue, “Little uncle, Teacher won’t do something like that.”

Tong Le was displeased that I defended Jing Tian so quickly, “What kind of spell he has cast on you for you to defend him so arduously? I’m your real uncle!”

I smiled at my little uncle. “But little uncle, he’s my teacher! We still need his help to get me into M University!”

Hearing that, my little uncle finally sighed. “Fine, your education is indeed very important! But I can find a much better teacher for you!

“Tsk… But since you already took him as your teacher then fine! However, he’ll have to put in the real work. I want to see you get into M University with his tutelage! You’re to study under him and not do anything else!”

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