Chapter 39: Expose

Translator: Lonelytree 

Nan Feng was furious that he was being falsely accused of being involved with a mafia gang, even if those criminals might have saved his daughter. Therefore, he sent people to investigate Tong Huan. Even though Tong Huan had done her best to clean up her family’s act, generations of history couldn’t be wiped off just like that.

What Nan Feng did, turned the two siblings against each other.

Not long after that, Tong Hui’s forces were suddenly pressed in from many other gangs at the same time. Tong Hui was heavily injured and presumed dead. The Tong Family’s underworld influence was heavily impacted. One year after that, Tong Zhan was assassinated and the Tong Family lost another leg to stand on. At the same time, Nan Zheng and Tong Huan supposedly died in a ‘car accident’.

A mess was dropped in the lap of the youngest Tong siblings, Tong Le. Even though Tong Le hadn’t graduated from university then, he had no choice but to take over lest the family collapsed.

His nephew was only 6 and Tong Le really couldn’t keep this girl around him. So he sought help from the girl’s father’s relatives.


With many people targeting his life, Tong Le took the risk to sneak back to China and reached an agreement with Nan Feng. He sat up an account and he would deposit in a large amount of money every month. The funds would be used to raise Nan Xing. For his trouble, Nan Feng could also use the funds for his company investment, and all the profits would go towards Nan Feng. This agreement would last until Nan Xing got married.

Tong Le told a very long story, it was not interesting at all. I looked at him dumbly.

He pointed at my nose and said, “Little girl, I was the one responsible for all your expenses since you were 6 and you didn’t even have the heart to acknowledge me as your uncle? How heartless can you be?”

“Have you spent a lot to raise me?” I asked him.

“Of course! You can check the accounts yourself with my accountant!” Tong Le huffed indignantly which made me believe him.

I sighed. “Since the second year of junior high, I earned my own pocket money by helping the other students train their characters’ levels in games. I bought my first phone with the money I earned myself. Because of this part time job, my results kept slipping. I couldn’t tell you how happy Nan Yang was. She even gave me her old laptop so I could get more addicted to gaming. However, her old laptop was even outdated than the phone I bought for myself!”

I looked at the stunned Tong Le and continued, “Look at this new phone. Nan Yang only gave it to me so that I could play more games. When my results improved, she was so worried. Li Yuan gave me this new laptop so that my results would slip again. In fact, they had helped me apply for 15 days of leave from school so that I could have 15 days of free time to get lost in games and addiction! My dear uncle, your investment is quite wasteful! But at least now I understand why they haven’t killed me even though they hate me so much. Because without me around, my silly uncle wouldn’t give them money anymore!”

Tong Le was so angry he looked like he was about to explode. “Nan Feng, wonderful job! I can’t believe you have the guts to have tricked me so! I’m going to kill you!”


He turned to shout at his men outside the door. Soon, someone pushed the door open and came in. “Yes, Master Si?”

“Go to the Nan Family home now and bring Nan Feng here for me! There’s no need to be gentle. Just make sure that he’s still alive when he’s here.” Tong Le ordered.

“Yes, Master Si!” His man immediately moved to pursue his order.

“Wait, wait, wait, stop!” I immediately shouted to stop them. But they ignored me.

“Come back!” Tong Le said and they did. I should know that they would only listen to their master.

I asked Tong Le, “If you send your people to grab him, how is that different from kidnapping?”

Tong Le scoffed, “Who cares, so what if it’s a kidnapping? I need him to cough out the money he has stolen from me. You might not want the money but I won’t allow anyone to scam me!”


I frowned. How did this uncle of mine manage to run a big mafia family?

I leaned towards Jing Tian while I kept my eyes on Tong Le. “Is my uncle being serious? Is his IQ normal?”

Jiang Tian who had been silent answered, “He’s not like this usually or else he wouldn’t have survived until now. He’s just nervous and anxious since he finally sees you in person.” Jing Tian waved Tong Si’s men away. “You people can leave for now. Your Master Si was rambling because he is drunk.”

Turns out I was wrong, the men also listened to Jing Tian’s order.

Tong Le pointed at the two of us. “What is the meaning of this?”

Jing Tian smacked Tong Le’s finger away. “You need to calm down first. Sit down and we’ll talk this over!”

Tong Le stared at us for a while before sitting down with a dissatisfied grunt.. Then I noticed something.