Chapter 35: Another Uncle

Translator: Lonelytree 

I lowered my head and saw that Brother Hu’s arm was bleeding. He must be the one who pounced at me to block the bullet for me.

“Brother Hu, are you alright?” I asked with concern.

Brother Hu gritted his teeth and stood up. He spat and said, “I’m fine. It is just a graze.” Tan Si and the others also stood up to block before me.

The second group of intruders had already detained the first group of intruders. The second group of intruders looked quite messy after falling for my water trap. However, after everyone had calmed down, I realized they didn’t seem to appear hostile towards me.

Someone clapped outside the door. Then, a man in his thirties walked in. He had a tall and straight figure and was dressed in a white suit. He definitely did not fit into this tattered scene. He looked ethereal or comical, depending on how you looked at it.

He had a face that was the envy of many women. My first thought was, a reborn Diao Chan! Why does a grown man have beauty that would cause the downfall of many countries?


The man had shoulder-length curly hair and he tied them in a ponytail. He dressed quite similar to Jing Tian but while Jing Tian looked regal and noble in such get up, this man appeared provocative and nefarious. This was not helped by his overly plucked brows and painted eyes.

“Master Si!” The second group of intruders all bowed and moved to the sides. Clearly this man was their boss. The man glanced at his drenched people and he laughed. He turned to me and his eyes danced with mirth. “You set up all these traps yourself?”

I didn’t answer.

“Not bad, reminds me of Home Alone.” Then when he saw Brother Hu’s group, he frowned, “What are these things? How could you lower yourself to hang out with these trash?”

I said coldly, “You might be dressed in white, but you are more of a trash than they are.”

The man’s expression turned cold. “How could you talk to me like that? Such rudeness!”

Why should I be polite to you? Who are you?

Someone behind the man stepped forward and whispered in his ear. The man turned around and looked at the 4 masked men who were captured. I couldn’t see his expression because he was turned away from me. But I felt his presence shift and the atmosphere froze with tension.

One of the masked men said, “Master Tong Si, we are only here on a mission. I believe this is a misunderstanding. Master Si, you should check this with the boss.”

Tong Si said indifferently, “What is there to check? You’ll have to pay since you’ve come after my people!” He was about to raise his hands but then he thought about it and put it down. Then he told his men, “Bring them outside to deal with them. Don’t scare Nan Xing.”


When he mentioned my name, his voice softened.

I was shocked. Brother Hu beside me suddenly shivered. He said nervously, “Big, Big Sister Xing, we’re in big trouble this time.”

“Why?” I kept my eyes on Tong Si while I turned my body towards Brother Hu.

Brother Hu’s voice was shaking, “I believe we are in the presence of the Jade-faced Rakshasa, Master Tong Si. He is feared by both the police and mafia.”


I frowned. “Rakshasa? Isn’t that some kind of monster?”

“What monster? I’m your uncle1, your mother’s brother!” This Tong Si sure had good hearing.


“If you’re my uncle, then I’m your aunt!” I retorted without thinking. Brother Hu shivered, his face full of fear. “You showed no fear taking that bullet for me, so why are you afraid of him now?” I huffed at Brother Hu.

“Wait, he took a bullet for you?” Tong Si asked with interest.

“Do you have to butt into every single one of our conversation? What does that got to do with you?!” I countered.

Tong Si’s face darkened, probably no one had dared to treat him so badly before.

The sound of car engine came from the front door. More people? Just how many people are coming tonight? I’ve already exhausted all of my traps, what to do now? I guess I can only hope that they’ll murder each other.

Before I could figure out what to do, a trembling voice called out, “Nan Xing? Nan Xing?”

Jing Tian? I was taken aback. I immediately removed the infrared web and dashed out from the room. I forgot that I was barefooted. I slipped on the sticky goo that was formed from the white dust and water, and fell to the ground.

Before I could react, someone already picked me up. “Nan Xing, are you alright?” It was Jing Tian’s concerned voice.

I turned to him and the pressure from the day unlocked the waterworks in me.

“Are you injured?” Jing Tian was most concerned about that.

I didn’t care about how haphazard I looked. I hugged Jing Ting tightly, “Why did you only come now? I almost died!”


Jing Tian swayed because I suddenly grabbed him into a hug. The next second, I heard him demand coldly, “Who did this to you?”

I pointed right at Tong Si without hesitation, “He did!”

Tong Si rubbed his nose. “I did no such thing, I’m her uncle!”

“No, you’re not. He’s my uncle!” I pointed at Jing Tian proudly.

Tong Si started coughing violently like he was choking on his own saliva. He probably didn’t expect things to develop like this.