Dating my scumbag exs uncle – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Second Infiltration

Translator: Lonelytree 

According to the Nan Family, my parents died in a car accident. But now that I thought about it, things didn’t add up. If it was a car accident, how could I survive when both of my parents died?

I was only 6 back then, I would be sitting with my mother. It didn’t make sense that my mother died while I survived unharmed.

Combine that with the trigger that brought back my memory, I was now confident that my parents died in a gunfight. That would explain why my eldest uncle was able to take over my father’s asset so easily because there was something illegal surrounding my father’s death. Furthermore, the Nan Family told me that my mother, Tong Huan was supposedly a good-for-nothing gangster. If that was the case, why would they get embroiled in a gunfight? So I suspected my mother was more than a lowly gangster, her hierarchy in the underworld might have been greater than Nan Family made it out to be.

Furthermore, the attitude the Nan Family had towards my mother even after her death was suspicious. They never mentioned her and avoided topics around her like the plague.

So many things happened that day so it was difficult for me to concentrate. I decided to skip the homework for one day and went to bed early. Things didn’t really clear up in my dream either. If anything, I could barely have a good rest because the information kept bouncing around in my head.

Suddenly I heard the alarm. I bounced up in bed. Again? Who is it this time?

I shrugged a coat over my pajamas and turned to my CCTV monitor. Outside the front door, the 4 men knocked on the front door and then looked nervously around.

My heart moved. I knew the four would be back but I didn’t expect them to come back at a time like this. I pressed the button to unlock the door and spoke into the speaker, “Come in.”

The four sneaked in and carefully locked the door behind them. They even tried the lock multiple times for me. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Yesterday night, these 4 sneaked in through the front door but tonight, they politely knocked on the door to announce themselves.


They could have gone the stealthy route but they didn’t. I wonder if that meant they had learned their lesson.

I went downstairs to the living room and sat on the sofa to wait for them to arrive.

When they saw me, they became quite uneasy. As usual, it was Brother Hu who spoke first. He cleared his throat, “Miss Nan, thank you for helping us get the money and saving us from Han Cheng’s exploitation.”

I smiled and waited for him to continue.

“Now that Han Cheng is behind bar, his gang has dissolved as you said. However, a part of the gang remained and they wished to band up with the four of us to form a club. This way we could still look out for each other.” Brother Hu sounded like he was reading from a script.

I nodded. “That’s not a bad idea.”

Brother Hu licked his dry lips. He didn’t know how to continue.

Tan Si was so anxious and finally cut in. “Miss Nan, what Brother Hu means is that we want you to be our boss. The rest of the club has approved of this proposal!”

Brother Hu grimaced, seemingly dissatisfied with Tan Si who spoke out of his turn. But Tan Si had indeed helped him express what was on his mind in the most direct way. That was a good thing.

“You want me to be your boss?” Now I was not expecting that. My original intention was to show them some of my tricks so that it would be easier for me to get their cooperation in the future when I needed them.

After their original boss, Han Cheng was captured, they would need me, and I needed manpower. It would be a symbiotic relationship.

However, to be their boss, it was so out of my imagination that I never even considered that possibility.

Brother Hu noted my astonishment and he said, “I personally am impressed by Miss Nan’s guts. You’re also calm and collected. You look like a weak little girl but when you faced the 4 of us, you never hold back and you strike quick and ruthlessly. Just that alone is enough to win us over. On top of that, your computer skill is amazing. If you can be our club leader, then we won’t be afraid of anything else anymore.”

I found this hilarious. “I can be your consultant if you want.”

“No, you are our boss and we will follow your lead.” Brother Hu could be quite stubborn. The other 3 nodded. Looks like they had already decided this before they came.


“But I’m just a student who is going to take her university entrance exam soon,” I admitted.

Brother Hu shook his head. “That doesn’t matter. Normally we won’t come disturb miss. Our club is not that big but we need someone with your intelligence to help bring us off the ground.”

I was slowly bought over by Brother Hu.

Suddenly the sound of glass shatter came from outside. I was shocked and so were the four of them.

I grabbed my monitor and on the screen, I saw four masked men in black.. To my consternation, they were all armed with guns.