Cornered by the CEO

Full 447 Chapter (End)

Cornered by the CEO


Romance, Comedy


Chinese Novel



In this lifetime and every other, I promise to only be loyal to you. Even if I have to crawl back from Hell, I will do so gladly. Wow, you just broke all the cold CEO fantasies.

Like every romance novel, Yun Qian Meng faced the evil stepmother and negligent father. On top of that, she was arranged to marry a scum man who manipulated her, stole from her, and finally… killed her.

When she woke up, she found herself back at the top of the world. It was all a dream, she told herself and moved on… until the scum fiancé made an appearance.

Who was she? Yun Qian Meng. Twenty-five. Founder and CEO of a company worth billions of dollars. The world was at her feet. How dare this scum man think he was worth her?

“My fiancé wants to usurp my company? I’ll bury him alive.”

“My father wants to marry me off for his gain? I’ll find a husband he will never approve of.”

“Of course… He needs to meet my conditions first.”

Who would have known that her arch-nemesis, Mo Qingchen, would present himself in front of her as a potential suitor.

“Lunatic! I wouldn’t marry him even if he were the last man on Earth!”

Ants surrounded Mo Qingchen. He was twice as powerful as her. Twice as wealthy. And the conditions he was offering were top notch. He’d lit the fire and she swarmed to him like a moth to a flame.

“Well, a contract marriage never hurt anyone.”

She was looking for financial and social gain but she ended up on a path to finding herself and things she never knew she wanted.

The curtain rose. Shots were fired. The play began. The broken girl started her journey towards the woman she was destined to be.

All the world’s a stage. And a play is only entertaining when chaos ensues.

List of Chapters
List of Chapters
Chapter 1: The Advantageous Marriage of a Wealthy Heiress
Chapter 2: A Desolate and Humiliating Marriage
Chapter 3: Death of an Unloved Woman
Chapter 4: Waking up From a Long Dream
Chapter 5: Feeling Alienated at Your own
Chapter 6: A Ruse to Bring her
Chapter 7: The Fatal Mistake of Being Born a Female
Chapter 8: Infuriated by Her Refusal
Chapter 9: A Benevolent Boss who Employees Cant Hate
Chapter 10: Appearing as Enemies on Live Television
Chapter 11: Going at Each Others Throat and Playing Dirty
Chapter 12: Defending Things he Considers Trash
Chapter 13: Nepotism Runs the World
Chapter 14: Barging Into the Dressing Room as She Changes
Chapter 15: Everyone Talks About #MoYunCP
Chapter 16: Practically Living With Mo Qingchen
Chapter 17: Buying Binoculars to Spy on Your Enemy
Chapter 18: A Case of the Thief Feeling Guilty
Chapter 19: What Use is a Pretty Face When Your Personality Sucks
Chapter 20: Learn How the World Works
Chapter 21: At Least She has a Sensible Brother
Chapter 22: Shopping for Men With Her Step-Brother
Chapter 23: Even Her Brother Is a CP Fan
Chapter 24: Dragged Back Into a Horrifying Dinner
Chapter 25: Making Tea for the Devil-In-Laws
Chapter 26: A Cup of Cat Poop Coffee
Chapter 27: Bring Great Luck to her Future Family
Chapter 28: Lightning Strikes the Tallest Tree
Chapter 29: Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned
Chapter 30: The Fire in Their Pants
Chapter 31: Familiar Enough to Exchange Bodily Fluids
Chapter 32: Secure in His Masculinity
Chapter 33: Not Worthy of Being His Enemy
Chapter 34: Ungrateful Brat Who Never Keeps Her Promises
Chapter 35: Sighing Over a Romantic Scene
Chapter 36: Choke on Her Vomit and Die
Chapter 37: She Called Someone Elses Name
Chapter 38: Your Panties Are Not to My Taste
Chapter 39: Snake Hiding Under the Flower
Chapter 40: Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 41: Nothing to Gain From One Another
Chapter 42: Forgot the Reason for Her Hatred
Chapter 43: Worse Than a Bomb
Chapter 44: Everyone Likes Pretty Things
Chapter 45: Certainly Not a Coincidence
Chapter 46: Just a Good Citizen
Chapter 47: Making Money Without Lifting Your Finger
Chapter 48: Would He Refuse if She Paid Him?
Chapter 49: Plan on Making Him Cry
Chapter 50: Turning Into a Wild Child
Chapter 51: It Sounds Like Forever
Chapter 52: See Her Walk Around Naked
Chapter 53: Stare at Her All Day
Chapter 54: Are You Jealous?
Chapter 55: You are Incapable of Standing Beside Me
Chapter 56: Mo Qingchen Made Her Bolder
Chapter 57: Flower Boy Who Likes Taking Advantage
Chapter 58: Want to be a Trophy Wife
Chapter 59: Dont Have to Pay for That Vermin
Chapter 60: Offer to Stay With Him
Chapter 61: Goddess of Tits
Chapter 62: It Feels Good to be a Woman
Chapter 63: The Door is Quite Intelligent
Chapter 64: Not Capable of Compromise
Chapter 65: Give Her Everything She Desires
Chapter 66: Mo Qingchen the Boob Man
Chapter 67: Save You With My Boobs
Chapter 68: Stuck Her Breast in His Mouth
Chapter 69: The Eligible CEO is Drugged
Chapter 70: Never Trust Her Again + Giveaway Announcement
Chapter 71: Roam the Halls in Her Towel
Chapter 72: Shirtless and Dripping
Chapter 73: Round-House Kick Her Into Afterlife
Chapter 74: Almost Naked Woman Prancing Around
Chapter 75: Cant Help You Evade Taxes
Chapter 76: Money Can Compensate for Everything
Chapter 77: Incur His Wrath
Chapter 78: Living Off His Father at Thirty-One
Chapter 79: Ate Crayons as a Child
Chapter 80: Thats Called Foreplay
Chapter 81: Dishonorable Manwhore
Chapter 82: Do You Want It?
Chapter 83: Adamant on Winning Her Over
Chapter 84: Exterminate the Cockroach
Chapter 85: Cant Handle These Old People
Chapter 86: Helping a Damsel in Distress
Chapter 87: An Emotional Gigolo
Chapter 88: To Independence and Emotional Solitude
Chapter 89: Afraid of the Knee to the Groin
Chapter 90: Have Enough Money to Buy You
Chapter 91: You Are My Perfect Match
Chapter 92: Someone Hurt You
Chapter 93: Mark Her as His
Chapter 94: Stand Around Like Senseless Prey
Chapter 95: I Want to Marry You
Chapter 96: Ill be Your Shield
Chapter 97: Snatch the Man I Like
Chapter 98: Kill Bai Ye Qing If You Want
Chapter 99: Dont be Stupid While Taking Revenge
Chapter 100: Destroy Them for Messing With Her
Chapter 101: Dont Waste Your Breath on Him
Chapter 102: He Had Created a Monster
Chapter 103: A Branded Woman
Chapter 104: Crawl Up From the Gutters
Chapter 105: Giving Women a Bad Name
Chapter 106: She Could Trust Him
Chapter 107: She Would Regret It
Chapter 108: Come Back From Hell to You
Chapter 109: Make or Break A Relationship
Chapter 110: Rolling in the Sheets With Her
Chapter 111: Thinking of Running Away
Chapter 112: Hubby, Its Me!
Chapter 113: Mo Qingchen is Missing
Chapter 114: Tending to Her Mortal Enemy
Chapter 115: Thrill of a Secret Romance
Chapter 116: Not the Answer They Wanted
Chapter 117: Doubting Their Sanity
Chapter 118: Watch Him Drown
Chapter 119: Frying His Brain from the Fever
Chapter 120: Spanking Into Perfection
Chapter 121: Get Back Into Bed
Chapter 122: The Sexual Tension is Thick
Chapter 123: The First Time They Met
Chapter 124: Dont Want to Fall Asleep
Chapter 125: A Matter of Principle
Chapter 126: Show Off Her Power
Chapter 127: Apologize to Bai Ye Qing
Chapter 128: Covering Their Losses
Chapter 129: A Relationship Meant to Be
Chapter 130: They Created A Monster
Chapter 131: Want You As My Daughter
Chapter 132: Hold Hands and Sing
Chapter 133: Your Secret to Protect
Chapter 134: This Fine Man is Hers
Chapter 135: Waste of Good Promotion
Chapter 136: Hopelessly in Love
Chapter 137: Beautifully Played
Chapter 138: Sold Out
Chapter 139: Qian Mengs Qingchen
Chapter 140: Want To Play Dirty
Chapter 141: Your Lover Doesnt Like to Share
Chapter 142: A Stupid Vow
Chapter 143: The Big, Bad Dragon
Chapter 144: An Offense to Their Beauty
Chapter 145: The Vicious Woman Who Ruined Him
Chapter 146: Show Her What Hell Felt Like
Chapter 147: Destroy Her Pure Reputation
Chapter 148: Dont Pay the Miserable Beggar Attention
Chapter 149: You Wont Get Any Sleep Tonight
Chapter 150: Snoring and Drooling in His Arms
Chapter 151: Becoming the Third Wheel
Chapter 152: No One Else Can Touch Her
Chapter 153: Qian Mengs Delusions are Getting Worse
Chapter 154: Marry My Grandfather Instead
Chapter 155: Ask Her to Leave Mo Qingchen
Chapter 156: Emotionally Constipated Man
Chapter 157: Trap a Woman Like Her
Chapter 158: Spouses With Benefits
Chapter 159: Use the Scandal to Raise Your Sales
Chapter 160: He Can See Her Plotting
Chapter 161: No One Flirts With Mo Qingchens Woman
Chapter 162: First Time Seeing a Cold CEO
Chapter 163: Feel Sorry for This Old Man
Chapter 164: Suddenly Became an Obedient Woman
Chapter 165: He Set Her Body on Fire
Chapter 166: Grinding Against Her Enemy
Chapter 167: Insulting the Half-Naked Woman on His Bed *
Chapter 168: Until She Begs Him to Stop
Chapter 169: Taking the Towel Off *
Chapter 170: Destroy His Self-Control
Chapter 171: How Rich Is Mo Qingchen?
Chapter 172: Prepare to be Choked
Chapter 173: Stop Undressing Him With Her Eyes
Chapter 174: Strip Him in the Hallway
Chapter 175: A Morning Greeting *
Chapter 176: Running After Using Him
Chapter 177: Mr. Mo Really Knows How to Pamper His Wife
Chapter 178: Voting Against Family Members
Chapter 179: Keep Bai Ye Qing On Board
Chapter 180: She Was There to Sow Discord
Chapter 181: Qian Meng Puts on a Show
Chapter 182: A Liar and a Disgrace
Chapter 183: The Decision Has Been Made
Chapter 184: Cleaning Up the Swamp
Chapter 185: Someone Has to Protect Her
Chapter 186: Return the Favor
Chapter 187: Using Dirty Methods to Come to Light
Chapter 188: Impossible for Him to Get Another Job
Chapter 189: Bring a Child Into the World to Suffer
Chapter 190: Disaster Followed Wherever She Went
Chapter 191: Changing the Will
Chapter 192: Regretting Those Words Deeply
Chapter 193: Want to Go Skinny Dipping
Chapter 194: Come in and Teach Me a Lesson
Chapter 195: Block Him From Getting Action
Chapter 196: Shield His Woman Well
Chapter 197: Came to Meet the Family
Chapter 198: Found a Clogged Sewer
Chapter 199: Ask the Neighborhood Dog for Permission
Chapter 200: Ready to Pull Out a Weapon
Chapter 201: A Defiled Woman
Chapter 202: Memories of a Murder Part 1
Chapter 203: Memories of A Murder Part 2
Chapter 204: Away From Prying Eyes
Chapter 205: Cooperation and a Tainted Reputation
Chapter 206: Another Person to Talk to
Chapter 207: Rise and Shine, Hubby! *
Chapter 208: The Mess in His Pants *
Chapter 209: Responsible for Executing His Will
Chapter 210: Happy at Being Called Brother-in-Law
Chapter 211: Just Need to Hug Their Thighs
Chapter 212: Shed Their Old Anger
Chapter 213: Help Escape a Compromising Situation
Chapter 214: Administer a Peaceful Death
Chapter 215: Bai Ye Qing Could Do No Wrong
Chapter 216: Dont Want to Disappoint Myself
Chapter 217: Built Like a Stud
Chapter 218: Attraction to a Weak and Pathetic Woman
Chapter 219: Enjoy Your Vengeance
Chapter 220: Ethically Deranged to Represent Him
Chapter 221: What Was Your Plan?
Chapter 222: All For a Woman
Chapter 223: Punish Her for Crimes She Hasnt Committed Yet
Chapter 224: Stupidity Should Be Punishable by the Law
Chapter 225: Blessings of an Elder
Chapter 226: Thrown Out of the Bedroom
Chapter 227: Have Fun and Dupe My Employees
Chapter 228: Thrilled to be Working Undercover
Chapter 229: Think About Her Every Time He Works
Chapter 230: Creative Way to Diss on the Boss
Chapter 231: Did the Boss Spank You?
Chapter 232: Marriage Was Making Her Dumber
Chapter 233: Afraid to Leave the Bathroom
Chapter 234: She Didnt Want Him to Regret His Decision
Chapter 235: Claim Her on the Wedding Night
Chapter 236: Have You Begging Me *
Chapter 237: Good at Talking Dirty *
Chapter 238: The Qian Meng I Know and Want *
Chapter 239: Off With Your Boxers! *
Chapter 240: Wont Deny Her Anything *
Chapter 241: Nothing Less Than Mind-Blowing *
Chapter 242: Bottled Up and Confrontational
Chapter 243: Married Friends Can Kiss
Chapter 244: Waiting for Him to Wake Up *
Chapter 245: Carry Her Over the Threshold
Chapter 246: His Wife Was Being Stolen
Chapter 247: Take Notes, Mr. Mo
Chapter 248: She Was Rubbing Off on Him
Chapter 249: Announcing the Marriage to the World
Chapter 250: He Likes Her Loud and Obnoxious Breathing
Chapter 251: Dont Think About Faking a Rebellion
Chapter 252: The Autopsy Results Are Out
Chapter 253: The Lady Boss Bribes the Employees
Chapter 254: Embarrassed Just Reading It
Chapter 255: Was This Justice Justified?
Chapter 256: Protect Her From The Gunfire
Chapter 257: The Only Family You Have Left
Chapter 258: Shallow and Inhumane
Chapter 259: Cant Make Rash Remarks
Chapter 260: The Spread of the Crisis
Chapter 261: Shabbily Dressed Celebrity is Thrown Out
Chapter 262: Her Instincts Have Improved
Chapter 263: The Vixen Only Tries to Look Pitiful
Chapter 264: Its a Trend to be Entitled
Chapter 265: Monkeys Watching a Show
Chapter 266: Enjoy Her Husbands Free Service
Chapter 267: When Are You Coming ?
Chapter 268: Hit The Nail On The Head
Chapter 269: Do Something Underhanded to Your Enemy
Chapter 270: A Lawsuit Has Been Filed
Chapter 271: Publicly Condemn Shi Yuhan
Chapter 272: Miss Shi, Please Check Your Email
Chapter 273: Where Did You Shower?
Chapter 274: Kept Him Waiting Too Long
Chapter 275: I Won’t Stop You From Dancing
Chapter 276: I Like Every Part of You *
Chapter 277: Enjoying the Show *
Chapter 278: Dont Fall Asleep Just Yet
Chapter 279: A Tool to Punish Her
Chapter 280: A Distinct Threat to Qian Meng
Chapter 281: Shield Her From Bullets
Chapter 282: His Definition of Timely
Chapter 283: His Favorite Place in the World
Chapter 284: Not Another Word About This
Chapter 285: Put Their Lives on the Line
Chapter 286: The Suspicious Man in the Crowd
Chapter 287: She Would Die a Painful Death
Chapter 288: Youre Breaking My Heart
Chapter 289: Not Going to Live in Fear
Chapter 290: Barefoot and Disheveled
Chapter 291: Bundling Up For Hibernation
Chapter 292: Help You Look Good
Chapter 293: Frustrated By The Traps She Laid
Chapter 294: Find the Mole
Chapter 295: I Want to Come Back
Chapter 296: Being Too Sensitive
Chapter 297: Why Was He Scared?
Chapter 298: You Make Me A Good Person
Chapter 299: What Have You Done To Me? *
Chapter 300: Avoiding Him *
Chapter 301: Why Did You Cling To Me?
Chapter 302: Chase Her If She Runs Away
Chapter 303: I Am Broken
Chapter 304: A Long and Painful Dream
Chapter 305: Mo Qingchen: Resident Therapist
Chapter 306: Nothing Made Him Feel So Alive
Chapter 307: Momentary Lapse of Intelligence
Chapter 308: The Gun In His Drawer
Chapter 309: Spouting Lines From A Script
Chapter 310: Stay Loyal to Her in Every Lifetime *
Chapter 311: Ive Been Coming Undone For You *
Chapter 312: The Awkward Morning After
Chapter 313: Ignoring Me On Purpose
Chapter 314: Dont Treat Me Like A Villain
Chapter 315: Exhausting and Scary
Chapter 316: Kill Him With My Bare Hands
Chapter 317: I Dont Even Remember His Name
Chapter 318: Im Not Dying Tomorrow
Chapter 319: Bad Things Will Happen
Chapter 320: I Am Not Sorry
Chapter 321: My Uptight Husband
Chapter 322: I Think About You All the Time
Chapter 323: The Jokes on Me
Chapter 324: Youre My Man
Chapter 325: Pleasure to Keep You Satisfied
Chapter 326: Lavish Her With Attention
Chapter 327: Wont Get Paid in Dirty Money
Chapter 328: Destroying Someone for Harming You
Chapter 329: Mourn Over Her Singleness
Chapter 330: Qian Meng Was In Love
Chapter 331: The Old Man is Tired Already
Chapter 332: Dreaming About Bai Ye Qing
Chapter 333: Beyond All Reason and Practicality
Chapter 334: Seduce Him Into Healthy Sleeping Habits
Chapter 335: My Wife is Rich
Chapter 336: My Greatest Risk, My Greatest Reward
Chapter 337: Pick Such an Odd Name
Chapter 338: Hid Her Husband in the Luggage
Chapter 339: Feed My Husband a Birthday Meal
Chapter 340: Bit Her Like a Sandwich
Chapter 341: Dressed Up As a Cute Wife
Chapter 342: Enticing Him With Her Feminine Wiles
Chapter 343: Close Your Eyes and Toughen Up
Chapter 344: I Was Distracted by You
Chapter 345: Ran Out of Underwear
Chapter 346: The Feeling of Being Proposed To
Chapter 347: Qian Meng Had Officially Marked Him
Chapter 348: The Everyday Goddess
Chapter 349: Is My Sleeping Beauty Awake?
Chapter 350: Desperate and Craving
Chapter 351: Watching You Through the Window
Chapter 352: I Live For My Goddess Now
Chapter 353: Do Anything to Get a Glimpse of You
Chapter 354: Wanting Instant Gratification
Chapter 355: I Love You
Chapter 356: I Only Want You
Chapter 357: Made His Heart Flutter
Chapter 358: I Will Prove it To You *
Chapter 359: Craving For Your Other Half *
Chapter 360: Explode in the Next Ten Seconds
Chapter 361: My Goddess
Chapter 362: I Want to Look at You *
Chapter 363: Shred the Agreement
Chapter 364: I Want to Marry You
Chapter 365: Protect and Cherish Your Heart
Chapter 366: Bigger Problems Then She Anticipated
Chapter 367: Using His Children For a Quick Buck
Chapter 368: Warming You Up With My Body
Chapter 369: Waiting For The Green Light
Chapter 370: No Toxic People Allowed
Chapter 371: The Wedding Invitation
Chapter 372: My Reputation Wont Suffer
Chapter 373: Getting Rid of Him
Chapter 374: Lets Go Skinny Dipping
Chapter 375: Dont Get Drunk and Drown
Chapter 376: Not Getting Time to Play Together
Chapter 377: Move My Hips Better Than Shakira
Chapter 378: A Secret Affair
Chapter 379: Mo Qingchen Wanted to Cry
Chapter 380: Gravitating To You
Chapter 381: Watching Every Sunset Together
Chapter 382: The Unplanned First Dance
Chapter 383: Destroy His Father-in-Law
Chapter 384: Dont Force My Hand
Chapter 385: Put Out A Bait
Chapter 386: Block Mr. Yuns Number
Chapter 387: A Glass of Wine and Baby Pictures
Chapter 388: Dont Want To Be A Parent
Chapter 389: Make Beautiful Babies Together
Chapter 390: Starting the Rumors Fashionably
Chapter 391: Let Public Opinion Hang Him
Chapter 392: Nipping the Rebellion in the Bud
Chapter 393: Qian Mengs Trusted General
Chapter 394: Cant Handle This Level of Worship
Chapter 395: Dragging the Little Brother Into The Mess
Chapter 396: Capturing the Enemys Hunting Dog
Chapter 397: Inherited His Parasitic Genes
Chapter 398: Mr. Yun, Trapped Inside His Office
Chapter 399: The Bosss Wife Was Obidient
Chapter 400: Waited Until the Last Minute
Chapter 401: Never Break Her Duty
Chapter 402: Hiding Who He Really Is
Chapter 403: Treat People Like Humans
Chapter 404: Qian Mengs Fear Came True
Chapter 405: Yun Sui Bo Is At The Hospital
Chapter 406: Dont Follow Us Anymore
Chapter 407: Dont Want To Be Infected
Chapter 408: Be Careful of the Truth
Chapter 409: Know Thy Enemy
Chapter 410: Yun Sui Bo Begged
Chapter 411: The Secret Owner of Yun Corporation
Chapter 412: Over The Moon
Chapter 413: A Piece of Them Together
Chapter 414: Stopping To Kiss The Husband
Chapter 415: Confidence In His Love For Her
Chapter 416: I Want To Have A Baby
Chapter 417: It Was Never Enough
Chapter 418: Let Me Take These Off
Chapter 419: The Woman She Has Become
Chapter 420: Taking Her Side
Chapter 421: What She Really Needed
Chapter 422: Proud Like His Father
Chapter 423: Being A Parent Is Scary
Chapter 424: Universes Helping Hand or Super Sperm
Chapter 425: He Wont Hurt Me
Chapter 426: Fight Until Her Last Breath
Chapter 427: Everything Was Grey
Chapter 428: A Good Thing That He Was Crying
Chapter 429: I Would Rather Be Shot
Chapter 430: Love Me Like You Do
Chapter 431: I Can Dress Myself
Chapter 432: Recklessly Kiss Her
Chapter 433: Complete And Fearless Devotion *
Chapter 434: This Is Your Mess, Mr. Mo *
Chapter 435: Ripping His Shorts Off
Chapter 436: The Waiting Game
Chapter 437: Gave Birth to Alien Potatoes
Chapter 438: Naming Babies Is Really Hard
Chapter 439: Frisky When the Children Are Not *
Chapter 440: Are You Saying Something? *
Chapter 441: I Dont Want To Hurt You *
Chapter 442: Little Monster Between Your Legs
Chapter 443: I Promise To Be A Good Girl
Chapter 444: Epilogue: Where It All Started (I)
Chapter 445: Epilogue: Where It All Started (II)
Chapter 446: Epilogue: Where It All Started (IIl)
Chapter 447: Futuretake: A Family Meal