Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 281

Chapter 281: False Rumors Depend Entirely on Lies

The man was speechless.

Jiang Yu looked around and said, “And all of you, just based on a few words, you’ve convicted me. Did you see me steal the plans with your own eyes and hand them over to Shun-Ning? Or did you possess Mr. An’s body and received the information with your own two hands?”

She sneered.

“False rumors depend entirely on lies. As reporters, do you still have a clear conscience?”

The young lady’s gaze was sharp. The words she said were like a gust of wind that blew across the ground, bringing with it the biting cold of winter, causing one’s face to hurt.

The entire place was silent.

Jiang Yu stood entirely alone like a strong bamboo. She stood straight and tall, allowing the wind to just blow past her from all directions.

Her gaze was indifferent, but there were slights hints of anger, especially when she had posed the question, “As reporters, do you still have a clear conscience?”

She had not said many words but it was as if she had questioned the deepest part of their hearts.

Jiang Yu looked at the work badge of the man whose camera she had smashed. “I’ll remember Tomato News. I’ll compensate for the camera.”

After saying this, Jiang Yu strode away. No one dared chase after her.

Everyone looked at each other, feeling a little embarrassed.

Why did this girl have such a strong aura?

After entering the estate, Jiang Yu discovered that there were more people waiting in the garden and even in the corridors.

She frowned and quickly made a call.

“Jingyi Estate, I need you to do something right now. Come over immediately.”

After hanging up, Jiang Yu went upstairs and was quickly discovered by the people waiting in the corridor.

“Isn’t… isn’t this the girl from the video? She actually appeared. This is big news!”

A few people were eyeing her covetously as they tried to surround her but Jiang Yu swept her cold eyes over them.

“Before you try to stop me, I advise you to think about the consequences first. Or, you can ask your colleagues at the entrance of the residential area. You should be able to learn something from them.”

Some people looked confused as they opened their mouths but before they could say anything, Jiang Yu’s thin lips had already spat out, “You didn’t mishear me. This is a threat.”

The few of them: … She admitted it so directly?

After Jiang Yu took a step forward, they subconsciously took a step back. Some had even forgotten to open their camera lens. As for Jiang Yu, she quickly stepped forward and knocked on the door.

As she knocked on the door, Jiang Yu’s voice immediately became gentle and filled with a sense of uneasiness that went unnoticed by her own self.

“Are you at home? I’m…”

She paused for a moment and said, “Yu Yu.”

The few of them were wondering… Who’s Yu Yu?

At this moment, the door was answered.

A crack appeared on the door. Jiang Yu pushed it open and entered in a flash. She then quickly closed the door.

With a bang, she shut the door behind her.

After entering the house, Jiang Yu looked at the tightly closed curtains in the living room and frowned.

“Yu Yu, why are you here?” An Yimin asked worriedly. “Did those people outside give you any trouble?!”

Xun Shaorong also looked worried. “Yu Yu, you shouldn’t have come here.”

“I managed to get in here, which means I can leave as well. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Jiang Yu looked at the obvious tiredness in An Yimin and Xun Shaorong’s eyes and knew that they probably didn’t rest well last night.

She glanced around and saw their cell phones on the sofa. “I tried to call but your phones were switched off. If it wasn’t because of a bad feeling I had, I wouldn’t have come here. Would you have kept this a secret from me otherwise?”

After asking this question, Jiang Yu noticed that An Yimin and Xun Shaorong’s expressions suddenly changed!

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