Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Indeed, There Was Trouble

On the way, Jiang Yu gave Jiang Zeyu a phone call and told him that she had to cancel their appointment today. She had other important matters to attend to and that she would arrange to meet another time.

Of course, Jiang Zeyu didn’t have any objections. Besides, he knew what Jiang Yu had been through recently. For her to have other plans, it would be perfectly reasonable!

He said generously, “Little Sister, it’s alright. If there’s anything you need, just go ahead. Call me when you’re free! Anyway, I’m on standby 24 hours a day. Call me whenever you want. I’m always available!”

When Jiang Yu arrived at the residential area where An Yimin and Xun Shaorong lived, her eyebrows twitched violently!

She saw many people outside the residential area. Smaller digital cameras and huge cannon-like videocameras flashed non-stop. There were even people recording the news on site:

“As of this morning, An Yimin still hasn’t appeared…”

“Shun-Ning Corp. has issued a statement today, saying that An Yimin’s actions were purely personal and had nothing to do with the company. Shun-Ning had no idea about it.”

‘As An Yimin’s actions had fostered a bad competitive atmosphere within the industry, they had fired An Yimin and said they may pursue legal action against An Yimin.”

“Is there a bigger plot behind this? Who’s the mysterious internal employee of the Jiang Corp.?”

“Please wait for further reports from this station.”

Jiang Yu curled her lips. Her eyes were as cold as ice.

An Yimin’s personal information had been leaked.

She was a member of the Jiang family. Even if some people had recognized her, they probably didn’t dare to openly reveal who she was.

Moreover, the Jiang family lived in a high-end residential area. The people living there were either rich or noble. Of course, they did not dare to camp outside that area in case they ran into someone who would bring them unnecessary trouble.

However, An Yimin was different. He was just an ordinary middle-class citizen. He had been fired by Shun-Ning. He had no power and no influence. Furthermore, it was clear that someone had deliberately spread the news about him to this group of hungry wolves. That person had lured these wolves here to feast in An Yimin’s blood. Who would be so foolish as to let such a fat piece of meat, such a good scoop, slip past their fingers?

Put it simply, who wouldn’t pick on the underdog?

Jiang Yu’s face was gloomy. As she was entered the neighborhood and appeared in front of everyone, not many people recognized her. A few people felt that she looked familiar. They stared at her for a long while before they suddenly remembered, she was the girl from the video!

They exclaimed, “It’s her! The female lead is here!”

When they heard that, a group of people looked over and rushed over! They surrounded her!

The flashlights kept going off. Everyone wanted to get closer and countless microphones were handed over:

“May I ask if you are the girl in the video? What do you think about the theft of Jiang Corporation’s project design? Did you do it?”

“Are you willing to admit it now? Did you conspire with Mr. An? Was there anyone else involved?”

“You look very young. You can’t be an adult, right? Why would you do such a thing? Did Mr. An promise you any benefits? Do you know that would you did is illegal?”

“Why are you here now? Is the Jiang Corporation willing to take in Mr. An after he was fired by Shun-Ning? Would the Jiang Corporation want someone who betrayed their company’s secrets?”


Jiang Yu stopped in her tracks.

She glanced around and narrowed her eyes uncomfortably. She raised her hand to block the blinding lights.

Jiang Yu said coldly, “You have a rich imagination, but… why the hell should I answer any of your questions?”

What do you think?