Chapter 277: Xiao Yu, Can We Talk?

The office of the communication team was brightly lit.

The four of them were typing furiously.

“One, they actually dare to scold our Sugar Daddy! This is too much!”

“Four, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t I tell you to pick up the boss? You were there, how could you let this happen?”

Zhong Junai said meekly, “Weren’t you the ones who asked me to go buy the parts? I was only gone for a little while. I didn’t expect that while I was gone, someone would dare to be so disrespectful towards Sugar Daddy…”

“And when I got back, everything was over. She didn’t say anything, so I didn’t know about anything. When I came back and went online, only did I find out…”


Zhong Junai pouted. “I know I was wrong. Don’t scold me anymore. I’ll be careful next time. I won’t leave Sugar Daddy’s side ever again. Even if you ask me to leave, I won’t leave. Is that okay? I won’t listen to you. You’re not allowed to scold me when I come back!”

“Do you still think there will be a next time? Let me tell you, there won’t! We’ve are depriving you of the opportunity to interact with Sugar Daddy any further!”

“Alright, stop bickering.” Ding Jiaxu knocked on the table. “The most important thing now is to quickly take down the posts. Don’t let unfavorable news about the boss appear on the internet. Now, we need to take up our old mantle. Is that okay?”

“No problem!”

The other three made an “OK” gesture.

They had been quiet for a long time and hadn’t done any hacking work since they announced that they would be focusing on their business. They have not done this for a long time.

However, just because they hadn’t done it for a long time didn’t mean that they had forgotten how. They still had their technology, they just had to pick it up again. Did they really think that their Sugar Daddy was easy to bully?

The few of them rolled up their sleeves and prepared to go to war but then they realized…

All the bad comments have disappeared? Even a few marketing accounts had issued apology statements?

The four of them: ???

The same scene happened at Jiang Zeyu’s house.

As he was scolding the people on the internet, he realized that the person he was scolding had disappeared. When he tapped into the other party’s homepage, he realized that the other party did not even have an account anymore. It had been deleted.

Jiang Zeyu went back to look at the few accounts that had been shouting at him for no reason. To his surprise, they were all gone as well.

With a dumbfounded look on his face, he called Song Bi and asked, “Song Bi, how freaking awesome are you?! The spammer army that you hired is so freaking awesome that they managed to scold the other party into deactivating their account? How awesome is that?!”

Song Bi was even more confused. “Brother Yu, what are you talking about? I’m still negotiating with the spammers about the price. It hasn’t been settled yet. Could it be that they started their work before they even get the money? That’s impossible, right?”

“You have not secured them?”


“Then why are they all gone?”

Song Bi: “?”

He quickly switched to the app and searched again, only to find… They really were all gone.

Song Bi: “!!!”

His eyes widened. He was stunned. “Brother Yu, did you find someone else to help? Even I had hired that spammer army, they couldn’t possibly be so capable. Have you ever seen anyone who could force so many people to retreat from the internet with just their words?”

“They would definitely need to be of a tremendously high-level to be able to chase all these people off the internet, right? Who could be so powerful?!”

“Oh right, hang on. Since the enemy has already retreated, there’s no need to invite the spammer army. I’m going to tell them to cancel the operation. Be right back.”

During the short period of time that Song Bi was away, Jiang Zeyu thought hard about who would do such a thing and who was capable of doing it.

This person was definitely on his little sister’s side.

For someone who was on his little sister’s side, he sure had some tricks up their sleeve…

Jiang Zeyu had a guess.

When Song Bi entered the call again, he casually asked, “Brother Yu, do you know who did it?”

Jiang Zeyu replied, “Maybe someone saw injustice and decided to lend a helping hand. It’s not important. Since the matter is over, I’ll wash up and head to bed. Goodbye.”

“Du du du…”

Song Bi: ???

Brother Yu, you’re so good at burning bridges once you’ve crossed them? Won’t don’t you share the gossip with me?

Feng family home.

Feng Linbai asked calmly, “Have they all been taken down?”

Ke Yanbin replied, “Everything has been taken care of. We have people watching. If there’s any more unfavorable news about Miss Jiang, we will warn them. I believe they won’t dare to mess around anymore.”


Feng Linbai supported his head with one hand. “Still haven’t found the person behind it?”

Ke Yanbin shook his head and bowed. “This servant has failed you. The other party has cast too big of a web. Everyone who was forwarded the video doesn’t even know the true identity of their source. There’s a large number of people to go through and it’s chaotic.”

“I thought I had found the first person but I then find out that it isn’t him. The information chain is broken. I have not managed to find out who’s behind it yet.”

“Continue to investigate.”

Feng Linbai’s eyes turned cold. “As long as this person exists, there will be some sort of trace. Dig deep and find this person! I want to see who has the guts to touch my people!”

Jiang family hoe.

Jiang Yu was still pondering whether she should crash the web page or should she send out a virus to these people’s computers so that when they post unfavorable comments about her, their computer would automatically be wiped clean by the virus?

Which would these people prefer?

However, before she could think any further, all the negative comments on the internet suddenly disappeared.

They disappeared completely as if they had never happened.

Jiang Yu knew that someone had made a move but being honest, this was only a temporary solution. To those who knew about this matter, there were still many people who were suspicious of her.

Even if she silenced them, she couldn’t stop them from suspecting and targeting her. Ultimately, she still had to prove her innocence.

In that case, perhaps she still had to make a trip to the Jiang Corporation.

Jiang Yu laid on the bed. As she thought about it, she felt a little sleepy. Her eyes were about to close when she suddenly heard a sound coming from outside the door. Someone asked, “Is Xiao Yu home?”

The servant replied, “Miss is already back. She’s resting in her room.”

Following that, the sound of footsteps approached and stopped at the door of her room.

The person knocked on the door and asked, “Xiao Yu, are you asleep?”

Jiang Yu sat up. “No.”

“Will you open the door? Can we talk for a while?”

Jiang Yu got out of bed and walked over to the door. Outside, Jiang Chenglang looked tired. His under eyes looked dark as if he had not been getting enough rest.

Jiang Yu asked, “Where do you want to talk?”

“We can talk in the study or your room. Just a few words, it’ll be quick.”

Even Jiang Chenglang said that the conversation will be short, Jiang Yu did not like other people stepping into her private territory

“Then let’s go to the study.”


The two of them went toward the study. After closing the door, Jiang Chenglang got straight to the point, “Xiao Yu, I know you hate talking nonsense so I won’t beat around the bush with you. I’m sure you already know about the recent plagiarism of Jiang Corporation’s project proposal, right?”