Chapter 276: Could Jiang Wan Be So Capable?

Jiang Yu tried following all leads but found nothing.

This person was meticulous and had done a thorough job…

She originally had suspected Jiang Wan to be behind this but now, reassessing the facts, could Jiang Wan be so capable?

Even if she had learned from her mistakes, Jiang Yu didn’t think that Jiang Wan alone could achieve such a level of skill and resource.

She thought deeply and refreshed the webpage once again. She watched as the voices on the internet began to show signs of disagreement.

[This video that has just been released clearly shows that the girl stepped on that man for a reason! If you were walking on the road and suddenly had things thrown at you for no reason, wouldn’t you retaliate as well?]
[Also, when he had tried to hit the girl the first two times, she wasn’t really angry. It was only when he started targeting the man next to her that the girl became angry. From the looks of it, I think she is quite loyal.]
[Doesn’t this mean that the relationship between this girl and this man isn’t ordinary? Does this mean that she’s really into this old man? Is this the power of love?]
[Can you guys please get your head out of the gutter? Do you think every relationship between a little girl and a middle-aged man is the kind of relationship? Can’t it be something else? Like relatives or something?]
[If they’re related, isn’t this even more interesting? Didn’t someone just stand up and claim that this man is a Shun-Ning employee?]
[So what if the man made the first move? He didn’t do it for no reason, right? He must have had a reason. Otherwise, why would he go against them? They must have done something wrong in the first place!]
[No matter what you say, I only look at the evidence. Aren’t lessons from the past enough? Sit back and wait for the truth to be revealed.]

While everyone was discussing, another voice said:

[I have to ask… Did anyone notice how fast that girl was? Did she learn martial arts? She just casually threw a full-grown adult male to the ground? What is she? A violent Lolita?]

At Jiang Zeyu’s house.

He raised his arms and held on to his phone. He typed on the keyboard, asking Song Bi, “Do you know where to get a spammer army?”

On the other end of the phone, there was also the sound of typing on the keyboard. Song Bi replied, “Brother Yu, I’m looking but they all require money. As for the cost…”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll pay for it.”


Song Bi replied before asking, “Haven’t you used up all your savings?”

“I still have some left.” Jiang Zeyu said impatiently, “You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve said I’ll take care of it.”

“Alright, I hope you don’t empty your bank account and end up having to sleep on the streets.”

“Do you really think I’m that kind of person? I’ll go to your house and kick you out of your bed.”

Jiang Zeyu quipped, “Seriously, these people on the internet are like madmen. I’ve already opened ten accounts to tell them off. D*mn it, I’m really pissed off. Are their brains filled with sh*t? Are they that stupid? Do they just believe whatever others say?”

Song Bi: … Actually Brother Yu, aren’t you just shooting your mouth off as well and forcing them to believe that this is not the case?

He held back and agreed, “That’s right. They’re all too stupid. It’s really annoying.”

“Anyway, hurry up and get those spammers already. I’ll fight them all! I’m not going to sleep tonight, d*mn it!”