Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 275

Chapter 275: The Number Could Not Be Reached

She has to admit, she didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with the video clip.

It just highlighted her fierce side.

In reality, she was fierce by nature. She did step on someone, and the person in the video is her. So it shouldn’t matter if the video exposes her.

However, it was a little unbearable that they had deliberately created such a commotion on the internet.

Jiang Yu found the person who had originally posted the video. It was a secondary account. The content he posted was, “I recorded this scene that I saw while walking on the street. Does anyone know what happened? I’m waiting for an answer.”

After that, the video was forwarded to the Weibo account’s100,000 plus followers. At the same time, comments started coming in. “Forwarded. Someone seeking for answers.”

Soon after, more and more people re-posted the video. In the end, it was shared by a few Weibo accounts that had millions of followers. Only then did the video become popular.

The person behind it must be really smart to be able to hype up the video step by step in such a methodical way.

After Jiang Yu had found the source, she deleted the video clip.

Then, she downloaded a video of the incident taken by the surveillance cameras nearby, including the first half of the incident where she and An Yimin had been pelted by books and folders. Then, she stole that person’s account and used that person’s account to post the complete video.

Since the original video had been deleted, all the forwarded Weibo posts showed that the content did not exist.

Everyone was still discussing fervently when they realized, the video was gone.

A group of people sighed with emotion at the power of the influential. They said that this girl must be the daughter of a senior executive of Jiang Corporation. The Jiang Corporation must have used the might of their wealth to delete the video.

Not long after they had commented, another video appeared.

It looked like it had the same content?

When they clicked on it though, they found that it was not the same.

This video was much longer than the previous one. Although all parts of the previous video were in there, the order of the contents had changed.

What did this mean?

It meant that one of the two videos must have been edited, and the answer to which was obvious.

It would impossible that the longer video posted had been made up of parts from the shorter video and stuffed with some other contents, right? The characters were all clearly the same!

The Weibo account owner found out that his account had been hacked and panicked. He was unable to log in to his account.

He input his password but when he tried to log in, it showed that the password was wrong.

He was completely flustered. He knew that he had met an expert. In order to clarify that this matter had nothing to do with him, he registered another account and forwarded a link to his original Weibo account. He said that he was the owner of this account and it had been stolen. The follow-up content of this Weibo had nothing to do with him.

However, who would believe him?

The man had already taken the money. Afraid that someone would come back to interrogate him, he quickly made a call.

Jiang Yu had been monitoring the man’s phone after finding out his personal information.

Finally, when the man anxiously called for help, she traced the call and found that the number was no longer reachable.

Plus, there was no information linked to that number.

It was interesting that there was no registration information.

It meant that he had expected the man to be found. After deploying these methods, he cleaned up his tracks so that no one would find him.