Chapter 274: I’ll Definitely Be On Your Side!

Jiang Yu had arrived back at the Jiang family home but Jiang Chenglang was not home yet.

Her phone had been out of battery. After plugging in her charger and turning it on, she realized that there were a lot of missed calls.

Jiang Yu took a look. She had 16 missed calls in total. Seven were from Jiang Zeyu, five were from the communications team, three were from Old Master Guan, and one was from Jiang Chenglang.

Jiang Yu was about to respond to the numerous missed calls, but before she could press the call button, a call came in. Jiang Yu picked up the call.

It was Feng Linbai.

From the other end of the phone, Feng Linbai’s magnetic and pleasant voice sounded, “Yu’er, are you home?”

“Yes, I just arrived.”

“Old Master Guan suddenly had an urgent matter and left. He didn’t have the time to tell you and he couldn’t contact you. He told me and asked me to pass on the message on his behalf.”

“Got it. I saw the message he had left for me.”

“He said that he would contact you when he was free and told you not to forget him. There, I’ve passed on the message.”

“Got it. Is there anything else?”

Feng Linbai paused for a moment before saying, “No, have a good rest and sweet dreams.”

Jiang Yu did not think much of it and hung up the phone. Jiang Zeyu’s call came in next.

As soon as the call connected, the voice blasted into her eardrum, forcing Jiang Yu to put the phone away from her ear.

“Little Sister! Little Sister! Are you alright? Are you okay? I’ll tell you, don’t mind them! It’s not good to get angry! Whatever it is, I’ll definitely be on your side!”

Jiang Yu frowned. “Mind what?”

“Don’t mind what they say on the internet! Those people are just spouting nonsense out of their mouths and have nothing better to do. That’s why they have to talk sh*it on the internet all day. Don’t lower yourself to their level!”

“On the internet?”

“Yeah, those on the internet…”

Jiang Zeyu only reacted halfway through his sentence. “Little Sister, you don’t know?”

Jiang Yu didn’t answer him.

Her silence implied that she didn’t know at all.

Jiang Zeyu realized that he had said the wrong thing. He quivered and wished that he could slap himself in the face.

I should have kept my mouth shut!

Originally, his little sister didn’t know anything and had been carefree. Now, if she reads all those negative comments online, wouldn’t it affect her mood?

Jiang Zeyu said embarrassedly, “Little Sister, I didn’t say anything. You didn’t hear anything. I was thinking of someone else and dialed the wrong number. It has nothing to do with you.”

Jiang Yu said, “Does that mean that you call someone else ‘little sister’?”

Jiang Zeyu said, “Of course not!”

Jiang Yu said, “Then why did you say ‘little sister’ when you thought you had called someone else?”

Jiang Zeyu: “…”

How could his little sister be so smart…

“Alright, I understand.” Jiang Yu’s tone did not change. “Thank you for your concern, Fourth Brother. Don’t worry, I’ll go online now and see what’s going on.”

Jiang Zeyu: “…”

He weakly added, “Little Sister, nothing much is happening, really… You should rest and get some sleep…”

These words immediately made Jiang Yu realize that Feng Linbai knew about it too.

“I’m hanging up.”

Jiang Yu mercilessly ended the call and logged onto the internet.

Halfway through her search, the communication team called. Jiang Yu rejected the call and went upstairs to her room. She switched to her computer and found the edited video and the comments online.