Chapter 273: Internet Storm

[Let me help clear this up for everyone. Recently, the Jiang Corporation competed against Shun-Ning for the Oasis Project and had lost. Someone exposed that Shun-Ning had plagiarized the Jiang Corporation’s idea, which was why they were able to win this competition.

Jiang Corp. has been looking for a mole for some time now. Looking at the video, if what this man said is true, it was this girl who had stolen the Jiang Corporation’s secrets.

Through the process of elimination, if this girl isn’t a family member of one of the project members, she most definitely is the child of a high-ranking executive. Other netizens have already pointed out that the Jiang Corporation does not recruit interns below the third-year level. Speaking of recruiting interns, they wouldn’t let these interns come into contact with such an important project.

I will just leave my assumptions here for the time being. If I got anything wrong, please correct me.]

This comment was quickly pushed to the top of the comments section. Following that, there were many replies in the comments section.

[Thank you for helping me summarize the situation. I’ll be waiting for what happens next.]
[So, no one has looked into her background yet? Who is this girl? What background does she have? Is she really the child of an executive of the Jiang Corporation? This has to be a joke, right? Why did she sell out her parents?]
[Did anyone else notice the middle-aged man in the video? Could he be an executive of Jiang Corp.?]
[If that’s the case and the employee scolded the executive outside on a public street, that’s a little brave of him… ]
[That’s not right. If he was an executive of Jiang Corp., would they get a promotion and a raise by selling out his company? Definitely not! So, could he be from Shun-Ning instead?]
[I must be dreaming… The daughter of a high-ranking executive of the Jiang Corporation sold information to someone from a rival company, and to a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance… What is this little girl after?]
[Young lady, would you spare me a look? Here’s a middle-aged bald uncle who needs a favor as well. I would like to have a meal of soft rice with you. I’ll be good to you. I promise you’ll be satisfied.]

Jiang Yu sent An Yimin back to the An family home and had a meal with An Yimin and Xun Shaorong.

She wanted to talk to An Yimin about finding a new job but An Yimin did not tell Xun Shaorong about his dismissal all throughout dinner. He did not even have the intention to open his mouth.

Jiang Yu did not say anything either.

The new company was still being prepared after all. They still need to choose a location to register. It would be good to wait for him to calm down before inviting him.

After Jiang Yu left, Xun Shaorong’s expression relaxed.

She asked worriedly, “Did something happen when you went to the company? Why were both of you so unhappy when you got back?”

Even though An Yimin did not reveal any negative emotions ever since entering the house and always had a smile on his face, Xun Shaorong and he had been married for decades and was too familiar with his ways. Whether he was in a good mood or not, she could tell at a glance.

She did not say anything before this because Jiang Yu was there. Now that Jiang Yu had left, Xun Shaorong immediately asked about it.

An Yimin evasively said, “It’s nothing. You’re thinking too much. Nothing happened.”

“Don’t keep it from me anymore. Others can’t but I know you too well. What happened that you don’t even want to tell me?”

An Yimin sighed. “Fine, I’ll tell you. I was fired.”

“What?! Why were you fired?” Xun Shaorong was confused. “You worked so hard for the company. Can’t they see that?”

“Maybe it’s because I’m old now,” An Yimin said as he hung his head. “Let’s not talk about me. On the way back, I encountered another matter…”

Before he could finish, his cell phone suddenly rang!