Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Second Brother’s Official Debut

She tilted her head. “Like what you saw?”

The man adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses. “It’s alright.”

Jiang Yu stretched out her hand. “Then pay me the ticket fees.”

The man shrugged. “I don’t have any money.”

“You don’t look like you don’t have any money.”

“Sorry, I meant that I don’t have any money to give you.”

The man looked at Jiang Yu’s face and wanted to see her reaction.

Jiang Yu gave up quickly. “Forget it then.”

She held An Yimin and said, “Let’s go home.”

An Yimin was still worried. “Yu Yu, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing.”

The two of them left and the people around them gradually left as well.

The cell phone in the pocket of his windbreaker vibrated. The man took out the cell phone. He swiped his fingers across the screen and answered the call.


“Hello, Mr. Alex! May I know where you are? Did something happen? Do you need us to send someone to pick you up?”

“No need.”

Jiang Jingnian refused, “I’ll be there soon.”

After hanging up the phone, another call came in immediately.

David asked from the other end, “Alex, I heard that you stood up the other party’s research institute? They called me to ask where you are!”

Jiang Jingnian replied, “I just finish watching a show and got delayed. I’ll head there now.”

“You still have the mood to watch a show?” David said in surprise, “You’re usually such a picky person, how good was this show?”

Jiang Jingnian raised his lips. “It was very interesting.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” David clicked his tongue. “Which poor girl are you targeting now? Please control yourself, okay? I don’t want to hear the sound of another girl’s heart breaking when you come back!”

“I can’t promise you that.” Jiang Jingnian stopped the taxi and got into the car. “Okay, talk to you later. I’m still a little jet-lagged and a little sleepy. I want to take a nap in the car.”

“Then you rest first.”

David hung up the phone. Jiang Jingnian was about to close his eyes when he glanced out of the car window and saw Jiang Yu’s hand holding the car door and letting An Yimin get into the car first.

Jiang Yu seemed to sense something and looked over at his taxi.

What a vigilant little sister.

Jiang Jingnian smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.

The taxi left and drove in the opposite direction Jiang Yu’s car was headed.

Jiang Jingnian closed his eyes.

He didn’t expect to run into his little sister who had been lost for many years the moment he returned. He even found out that something had happened to the Jiang Corporation.


So what if it was the Jiang Corporation?

So what if it was Jiang Yu?

What did any of that have to do with him?

That afternoon, a video began to spread through the internet like wildfire.

In the video, the first person seen was a man shouting at a young girl, “You traitor! You betrayed the Jiang Corporation and gave our project information to our competitors! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!”

Then, he shouted at the middle-aged man next to the young girl, “So, did you get a promotion and a raise?! You stepped on our hard work to get to the top. Do you feel at ease taking that kind of money?”

At the end of the video, the young girl stomped hard on the man’s face.

The popularity of the video kept rising.

[This girl is so arrogant. Where did she come from?]
[Didn’t you hear the man mention the Jiang family? It must mean that the girl is related to the Jiangs!]
[If I remember correctly, Jiang Corp. usually recruits university students who are in their third year. This girl… A uni student? She sure doesn’t look like it. She looks so young.]