Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Jiang Yu Betrayed the Jiang Corporation

Jiang Yu let go of her foot. So this person was here for that matter. He had acted rather quickly.

She asked, “Which department are you from?”

“Why? Do you want to know my name and get me fired? I already know about your little tricks!”

The man shouted, “Since I’ve dared to come here today, there’s nothing to be afraid of! My name is Yuan Xinrong and I’m a member of the Oasis Project! If you have the guts, go ahead and report me!”

Jiang Yu crossed her arms and looked at him coldly. “Who said that I betrayed the Jiang Corporation?”

“It doesn’t matter who said it! All you have to do is admit that you did it!”

Yuan Xinrong supported himself and stood up.

He was taller than Jiang Yu but he was skinny and weak. Standing in front of Jiang Yu, he did not seem much taller than her.

However, Yuan Xinrong did not back down. He clenched his fists and placed them by his side as he said angrily, “I hate girls your age the most. They are immature and think that the whole world revolves around them. Once they get angry, they can even sell the secrets of their own company!”

“The Jiang Corporation clothes you and feeds you. You are able to live such a comfortable life because of them but you betrayed the Jiang Corporation because of some b*tchy princess-illness and wasted all our efforts!”

“Today, you must give us an explanation!”

An Yimin was confused as he listened to this.

He was shocked when he saw Jiang Yu suddenly leave, throw a person on the ground, and then stepping on his face.

Since when did Yu Yu have such strength?

After that, An Yimin was confused after hearing the conversation between the man and Jiang Yu.

He knew that Shun-Ning and Jiang were fighting over the Oasis Project. In the beginning, he had a hand in the project.

Later, when Yu Yu returned to the Jiang family, in order to avoid suspicion, he withdrew himself from the Oasis Project. He didn’t know the final outcome of the project proposal.

After learning that Shun-Ning had won the Oasis Project, An Yimin didn’t think too much about it. The competition in the world of business was fierce and anything was possible. Perhaps it was because Shun-Ning had performed well this time that they were finally able to defeat their powerful enemy, the Jiang Corporation.

What did any of this have to do with Yuyu though?

She had betrayed the Jiang Corporation?

An Yimin advised, “Young man, you can’t say that. Yu Yu is only a high school student. How would she have had access to the project materials? Besides, Yu Yu is a good child. She would never do such a thing.”

“What do you know?! Why can’t she do such a thing? She’s a treacherous person!”

Yuan Xinrong pushed An Yimin fiercely. “And you, don’t think I don’t know what you’ve done!

“Shun-Ning asked you to contact her and then get her to reveal the project information to you so that you could go back to Shun-Ning and report your findings! So, did you get a promotion and a raise?! You stepped on our hard work to get to the top. Do you feel at ease taking that kind of money?”

The man pushed An Yimin and he almost fell to the ground.

Jiang Yu held An Yimin and said with a dark expression, “Apologize.”

“I won’t! What can you do to me?”

Jiang Yu curled her lips and smiled coldly. “Looks like you haven’t tasted enough dirt.”

She stomped on the ground with the tip of her foot, giving the impression that if Yuan Xinrong didn’t apologize, she would let him have intimate contact with the earth again.

The young girl’s gaze was vicious. Yuan Xinrong thought of her strength just now, thinking she really was going to stomp him into the ground.

He subconsciously shrunk back and gritted his teeth before saying softly, “I’m sorry.”

Jiang Yu said unhappily, “Speak up.”

Yuan Xinrong raised his voice and said, “I apologize but even if I do, it won’t cover up the fact that he is a Shun-Ning dog!”

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