Chapter 268: You Can Try

Jiang Yu ignored him.

Lin Yongsheng said angrily, “Somebody! Hurry up and turn off the screen!”

He was so anxious that he stomped his feet. He couldn’t care less about his manners as he roared, “Also, where are the security guards? Where did the security guards go? Does the company feed you for nothing? Why isn’t anyone here? Are you all deaf? Or are you blind? If you don’t want to do your job, then get lost!”

“Manager Lin, you’re so impressive. It seems like you’re the one who runs Shun-Ning,” Jiang Yu said casually. “Does Director Ning know that you’re so impressive?”

Lin Yongsheng scolded, “Don’t try to sow discord here. My brother-in-law and I have a good relationship!”

“Oh…” Jiang Yu said meaningfully, “As expected, you came in through the back door.”

Lin Yongsheng was defeated. He still insisted stubbornly, “I got to where I am today because of my own hard work. I worked my way up bit by bit!”

Jiang Yu said, “Then why don’t you take a look behind you again.”

Lin Yongsheng was suspicious. What kind of trick was this little girl trying to play?

Then, he turned his head and was caught off guard by another chat record. In the past, he had stolen the work of one of his male colleagues and signed his own name on it. In the end, he had forced that male colleague to resign.

The male colleague wanted to sue him but he used his connections to suppress the matter and even threatened his colleague. If his colleague dares to sue him, he would make sure that this person never gets a job in this line of work ever again.

This time, in addition to the picture of their conversation, there was also a voice recording of him threatening the male colleague. The recording was broadcasted through the speakers!

Lin Yongsheng covered his ears and shouted, “Turn off those speakers! Now!”

He was beginning to doubt whether Jiang Yu was the one who was really doing all this.

Where did she get so much information?!

Soon, the lights on the screen went out and the speakers turned off. Lin Yongsheng felt that the world was finally peaceful again.

He straightened his body and pointed at Jiang Yu and An Yimin. “Security, seize them! Bring them to the security room!”

What happens in the security room, he didn’t say out loud.

There were too many people here and there were surveillance cameras everywhere. Lin Yongsheng knew better than to come out in the open.

Jiang Yu moved her fingers. “You can try.”

Lin Yongsheng forced himself to say, “Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

Jiang Yu: “Oh?”

Lin Yongsheng looked at Jiang Yu’s indifferent gaze and felt an inexplicable sense of fear toward this little girl.

After all, what happened today had been a disaster. Somehow, there were pictures on the screen and audio recordings were played…

Lin Yongsheng was a little suspicious. Could it be that she had planted a puppet inside Shun-Ning?

With that thought, Lin Yongsheng changed his words. “Security, throw them out!”

Jiang Yu said in disdain, “No need for that. We don’t want to stay here in such a lousy place.”

She took a step back and comforted An Yimin, “Let’s go. There’s nothing good about this place. Let’s leave this snake pit. I’ll find a better place for you.”

Lin Yongsheng couldn’t help but mock her when he heard this. “You’re just a little girl. What ‘good place’ can you provide? Isn’t it just an ordinary position in the Jiang Corporation? Do you think the Jiang Corporation will accept him?”

At the same time.

Jiang Chenglang received a few photos on his phone.

One was An Yimin’s work pass, one was An Yimin’s record of participating in the Oasis Project, one was Jiang Yu visiting An Yimin, and the last one was…

It was a photo of Jiang Yu and An Yimin walking through the doors of Shun-Ning Corporation.