Chapter 267: I Have Something Even Better. Do You Want to See It?

Lin Yongsheng’s face lit up.

Just as they had predicted, Jiang Yu has indeed come over!

Now, he could send the photo over.

Lin Yongsheng sized her up.

Jiang Yu was indeed not An Yimin’s biological daughter. With such a pretty face, how could she be the offspring of this man?

Her lips were red and her teeth white. She had a nice body too.

If the other party had not been Jiang Yu, just looking at her, he would have really loved to enjoy her…

The look on Lin Yongsheng’s face turned lewd. Jiang Yu felt disgusted by his undisguised lust and said coldly, “Why don’t you turn around and take a look first?”

Lin Yongsheng said disdainfully, “You trying to distract me? You’re actually trying such a childish trick on me?”

Wasn’t she just waiting for him to turn his head and then do something to him? For example, maybe throw something at him. If he couldn’t dodge it in time, wouldn’t he get hit?

Lin Yongsheng refused to fall for this trick from a naive high school student.

Jiang Yu’s face revealed a mocking expression.

Suddenly, bursts of exclamations came from the hall behind him!

Lin Yongsheng was attracted by the voice behind him. He wanted to turn around and look but he didn’t want to fall into Jiang Yu’s trap.

However, the voices behind him kept getting louder and louder, attracting everyone’s attention.

Lin Yongsheng could faintly hear his own name being said.

The people walking past him were all secretly looking at him and whispering to each other, making Lin Yongsheng even more uneasy. Even the receptionist was looking at him strangely.

The receptionist couldn’t help but glance behind him. In the end, she blushed, lowered her head, and said embarrassedly, “Manager Lin, you should turn around and take a look…”

She had given Lin Yongsheng a way out and he took it. He said impatiently, “I’d like to see what everybody is making such a fuss about!”

He turned his head and saw the photo displayed on the LED screen above the lobby. After staring at it for three full seconds, his eyes suddenly widened and his face turned pale!

On the screen, it was the chat history between him and a female colleague with whom he had been having an affair and how he had threatened her into it!

The content on the screen kept changing. The next one was an indecent photo of him!

However, the female colleague’s name in the chat history and even in the photo, her information had been completely covered up but his information was there for everyone to see. His face had been completely exposed to everyone!

“You, you, you…” Lin Yongsheng stuttered, “How could you have such a thing!”

After he finished speaking, he realized that he had just admitted that he had done these things. He quickly changed his words and denied, “How did you photoshop this picture of me and put it on the screen?! Why do you slander me like this?!”

“It seems that this isn’t enough,” Jiang Yu said, sounding bored, “I have something even better. Do you want to see it?”

When Lin Yongsheng was attacking An Yimin earlier, Jiang Yu didn’t show up immediately because she was collecting all this information.

This Lin Yongsheng was really evil. With just one quick look, she had found so much incriminating evidence.

Jiang Yu hacked into the screen in the Shun-Ning building entrance and broadcasted all this information on it for everyone to see!

How dare he slander An Yimin?

She would let everyone see what kind of trash this lowlife was!

Even doing this, Jiang Yu’s anger did not subside. She sneered, “Guess what will happen if I submit this to the police?”

Lin Yongsheng felt like he couldn’t breathe. He said angrily, “You’re framing me! You’re framing me! Hurry up and take that sh*t off the screen! Otherwise, I’ll make you suffer!”