Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Jiang Yu’s Underlings

When Shun-Ning got their hand on Jiang Corporation’s plans, they took the essence of Jiang those plans and changed them into their own.

On the day of the proposal, the Jiang’s people realized that their hard work had been stolen by another party. They had been caught off guard. Even though they had prepared meticulously, it wasn’t as good as Shun-Ning who stepped on their shoulders and refined the plan. Thus, they missed out on the project.

Another inside source also claimed that the Jiang Corporation was looking for a mole within the company. They had investigated the core members related to the project but they had yet to find anyone who had contact with Shun-Ning.

Nevertheless, everyone in the Jiang Corporation was suspicious of each other. No one could tell if the colleagues around them were spies or not. The progress of several projects had slowed down because of this.

Jiang Yu searched the IP address of the insider.

It was the address of an internet cafe.

She followed the post and hacked into the surveillance camera of the internet cafe. However, she discovered that the surveillance camera of the internet cafe had been under maintenance for those few days. There was nothing there.

Jiang Yu put her fingers to her chin. This was interesting.

This “insider” was obviously releasing this information deliberately.

She recalled that day, to the man who appeared to her at the banquet and said, “Miss Jiang, I hope we will continue cooperating in the future.”

Ah, so that was what it was.

Someone had dug a hole for her and was waiting for her here.

The driver in the front seat had secretly been observing Jiang Yu’s face. He saw Jiang Yu’s expression turn cold upon hearing the address.

Was there something wrong with this company?

Did Boss have problems with them?

Was there anything they could do?

Whatever order Boss gives, they would willingly do it!

The young man thought passionately. After peeking at the girl’s face through the rearview mirror, his thoughts ran away again.

Ah ah ah, even with such a dark expression, Boss was still so good-looking!

Today, when they learned that their boss needed a ride, they had all volunteered and ended up fighting for the spot for the chance to meet the boss. In the end, he was the one who had come out victorious, after winning the few rounds of rock, paper, scissors, he managed to win the honor of ferrying the boss.

The young man drove along happily. The feeling of being close to Bos was great!

Seeing Boss in person, she’s even more beautiful than the photos!

She was so talented. They all really admired her!

The phone in the young man’s pocket kept vibrating. He knew that the others were jealous of him and wanted to ask about the boss.

He was driving right now though, how could he multitask while driving?

Let them sit and wait!

The project they were working on was related to telecommunications. To put it simply, it was actually a smartphone.

Now, smartphones were already a booming market and once the world got used to the conveniences that smartphones can bring, it would further raise the demand for even better smartphones.

It was a struggle to meet the consumers’ needs but also make the operation simple, a user-friendly interface, and improve various functions on the smartphone. They’ve been working on solving this.

However, every company had its own R&D team, and now the current mainstay phone on the market contained chips and technology from other countries, very much praised by the market.

Domestic technology was currently inferior to foreign technology, and the R&D teams were mainly there to make improvements on these foreign technologies but this young man’s team did not agree with this approach.

Their dream was to have a smartphone that was exclusively China’s so that they could use that to spread China’s technological knowledge to the other nations and lead the foreigners to follow their example.