Chapter 260: A Sealed, Warm Yellow Dream

When An Yimin came out of the kitchen, Jiang Yu handed over the gift she had prepared for him.

An Yimin looked at the exquisite package and asked, “Is this a gift for me?”

“Yes, see you like it.”

“As long as it’s from Yu Yu, I’ll like it.”

An Yimin felt a little warm in his heart.

Although it was a little strange for Yu Yu to address him as “you”, perhaps it was because Yu Yu felt that calling him “Uncle” would be too unfamiliar.

No matter, she was still that obedient child, Yu Yu.

Jiang Yu took the initiative to ask, “Can I take a look around the house?”

She wasn’t a curious person. When she had gone to Jiang Xingyi’s house previously, she didn’t wasn’t the one who wanted to take a look around Jiang Xingyi’s house. It was Jiang Xingyi who insisted on the house tour.

However, the place Jiang Yu was at now, this was where this body originally lived. She had replaced her and started at another place, she had never been here before.

Jiang Yu suddenly had the urge to look at this body’s old room.

An Yimin was stunned for a moment before he quickly said, “Alright, Yu Yu. Your room is just as you left it. I’ve only cleaned it once since you’ve been away and I was afraid that dust would settle on the furniture. I’ve covered everything with dust-proof cloths, I hope you don’t mind.”

An Yimin pushed open the door.

The curtains in the room were open and sunlight shone in. As An Yimin had said, the table and bed in the room were indeed covered with light yellow dust-proof cloths.

The entire room had a light yellow tone, it looked like the sun in the morning, giving off a warm scent.

Jiang Yu was a little surprised.

After she had transmigrated, no matter who she talked to, everyone had said that the original owner of this body had been an introverted and lonely little girl.

She assumed that the original owner’s room would also be decorated with a dark color. She hadn’t expected it to be the opposite. It was like the warm yellow dream of a young girl.

Now, at this moment, this dream seems to have been sealed.

Jiang Yu walked in, feeling like a ghost. She lifted the cloth on the table and saw the photo on the table. The young girl in the photo was smiling like a flower and did not know the outcome of her story.

She muttered, “Do you regret it?”

An Yimin stood at the door and did not hear what Jiang Yu said. He asked, “Yu Yu, what did you say?”


Jiang Yu exited the room.

She clenched her fists and said, “I need to go to the washroom please.”

An Yimin pointed the way and said, “It’s over here.”

Jiang Yu entered the washroom. She turned on the tap and slowly washed her hands.

Just now, it was the first time she had felt any emotion toward the original owner.

She only remembered what her little sister had told her about the story. She said that the original owner had done many things that could not be undone but Little Sister had not told her the details of what had happened.

So, what had happened to the original her?

What happened to her that made her put her life in such peril?

After Jiang Yu washed her hands, she turned off the tap.

She raised her head and looked at the face in the mirror.

It was really strange.

In real life, she had the same face as the original Jiang Yu

When Jiang Yu walked out of the bathroom, she heard An Yimin on the phone.

He said hesitantly, “Manager Lin, it’s the weekend today…”

Jiang Yu could hear that the voice on the other end of the line talking loudly. When she got closer, she heard the person on the other end say:

“I’m asking you to follow up on this project because I’m giving you an opportunity! Do you think this company is paying to keep trash like you around?”

“If you don’t want to do it, just say so. If you don’t appear in the office within the next hour, you can forget about working here!”