Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 257

Chapter 257: He Really Was a Grateful Person

At this moment, Jiang Chenglang looked at Feng Lin Bai sympathetically.

He let out a sigh. “Forget it, you can stay for dinner.”

It was just another pair of chopsticks. No matter how many meals he had with the Jiang family, it would be very difficult for Jiang Yu to realize that something was up.

Feng Linbai was not put off. He said, “Thank you for your kindness, Director Jiang.”

Then, he turned around and sat down beside Jiang Yu. He even gave him the eye.

Jiang Chenglang: ???

He had been too careless!

Usually, when he and Feng Linbai fought behind the scenes, he would fight to sit next to Jiang Yu.

Today though, he had felt a tiny bit of sympathy for Feng Linbai. This person had just taken advantage of his weakness?

He was really shameless!

Jiang Chenglang despised himself in his heart. He really had too much d*mn sympathy!

Jiang Chenglang sat down in front of Jiang Yu in a huff. Then, he saw Feng Linbai pick up some food for Jiang Yu and said softly, “Yu’er, eat more of this.”

Jiang yu replied politely, “Thank you.”

“Yu’er, I’ve told you many times already. There’s no need to be so polite with me.” Feng Linbai turned his body and looked at Jiang Yu with a loving and gentle gaze. “I should be treating you well. I’m just worried that I’m not good enough for you.”

Jiang Yu did not see Feng Linbai’s gaze.

She ate the chicken in her bowl and thought to herself, Feng Linbai sure seems super grateful that she has cured his eyes.

Hmmm, he really was a grateful person.

Thinking about it, did she make the wrong move?

Should she just make some sort of request with Feng Linbai and let him satisfy that so that he would stop thinking about it?

It was as if he wanted to make it up to her.

She doesn’t lack anything though, neither did she want anything. However, it wasn’t good for Feng Linbai to keep thinking about how to repay her.

He was being too attentive. It was a little unbearable.

Feng Linbai had no idea that what he had just said didn’t cause any ripples in Jiang Yu’s heart. She thinks that he’s just returning the favor, for her treatment. She even looked down on his intimate and friendly approach.

Ignorance is bliss though. He looked at Jiang Yu’s face in happiness. Up close, his little lady’s skin was so soft and tender. She was so adorable.

Jiang Chenglang saw that Feng Linbai was getting closer and closer. He placed his chopsticks on his bowl a little too loudly and asked, “Fifth Young Master Feng, why aren’t you eating?”

Feng Linbai said righteously, “I’m a slow eater.”

Jiang Chenglang said with a fake smile, “If you eat any slower, I’m afraid that the rice will spoil.”

Feng Linbai pretended to be surprised and said, “Is the quality of the rice here so bad? I’ll be sure to send over some rice and vegetables tomorrow. Don’t worry, it will all be of top quality. No need to thank me and don’t worry about the money.”

“I don’t want people to keep saying that I’m freeloading.”

Jiang Chenglang almost vomited blood.

The corner of Guan Hongshun’s mouth twitched.

Xiao Bai, aren’t you just here to have your fill every day?

Now he even wanted to pay for it?

He was amazed by this side of Feng Linbai. It was as if a door to a new world had been opened.

In the past, Feng Linbai always had a straight face on. He has never seen him show so many expressions. Moreover, the words he used to scold people were not the same as before. His tone dripped with sarcasm.

He still remembered, a few years ago, when he accepted him as a student, he had already lost the use of his eyes.

At that time, his entire person was very gloomy and he had been cold to everyone around him.