Chapter 254: My Little Sister Is So Nice. Why Wouldn’t You Be Interested in Her?

Feng Tianrui swallowed.

Uh… He just said not to compare him to Feng Junhao, but in the end, he himself had immediately made the same mistake.

Feng Tianrui quickly admitted his mistake. “I was wrong, I said the wrong thing.”

Jiang Zeyu stroked his chin. “But now that you’ve said it, it’s actually not far from the truth. Other than fighting, I don’t seem to have any other skill…”

Oh, actually, he couldn’t beat Jiang Yu in a fight but Feng Tianrui didn’t need to know about this.

Actually, to be honest, there was a skill that he had but that thing had been sealed away a long time ago.

Feng Tianrui didn’t say anything.

Jiang Zeyu rolled his eyes and said, “Listen to me carefully, even if you’re my brother, you can’t target my little sister! She is still young and shouldn’t fall in love at such a young age!”

Feng Tianrui pursed his lips. “Yeah, okay. I’m not interested in your little sister anyway.”

Jiang Zeyu was surprised. “My little sister is so nice. Why wouldn’t you be interested in her?”

Feng Tianrui rolled his eyes and said slowly, “I’m not interested in girls.”

Jiang Zeyu: “… ?”

Did he just hear a relevant?

He said solemnly, “Don’t worry, Brother. I won’t look down on you and I won’t tell anyone.”

Feng Tianrui was a little lost.

He didn’t know where Jiang Zeyu’s imagination had gone. He focused his attention on his phone and saw that it was almost time. “Eh, I’ll talk to you later. I have something to do first.”

After saying that, he expertly logged into the game and skillfully manipulated the game character with his fingers.

Out of curiosity, Jiang Zeyu leaned over to take a look. “Oh, you play this game too?”

“Yeah, I play a little.”

Jiang Zeyu took out his phone. “I play this game as well but I don’t play it much. Let’s add each other as friends. We can team up in the future. What’s your game ID?”

“Lucky Snow, Herald of Good Harvests.”

Jiang Zeyu mumbled. Why did this name seem familiar?

When he logged into the game, the leaderboard automatically popped up on the main page. Jiang Zeyu glanced at the leaderboard and was about to exit.

When his finger moved to the cross, Jiang Zeyu suddenly stopped.


Number one on the leaderboard..

Lucky Snow, Herald of Good Harvests?

When Jiang Yu returned home, she found a pair of shoes at the door.

She was not surprised. When she walked into the living room, she indeed found a familiar man sitting on the sofa.

Feng Linbai had heard her. He turned his head. He saw Jiang Yu walking in. He curled his lips and said in a low and unhurried voice, “You’re home, Yu’er.”

Jiang Yu shrugged and replied offhandedly. She went upstairs to put her bag away and then came back downstairs. She walked to the sofa and sat down beside Guan Hongshun.

Jiang Chenglang had not returned yet. Three of them, Jiang Yu, Guan Hongshun, and Feng Linbai sat around on the sofas.

Feng Linbai leaned forward and said with a smile, “Yu’er, why don’t you come and sit with me?”

Jiang Yu asked, “Why do I have to go sit next to you?”

Feng Linbai’s smile deepened. “That’s because I want to be able to see you better.”

Jiang Yu said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Your eyesight has recovered to about level 5 and you don’t have myopia. You should be able to see me clearly even if I sit over here. There’s no need for me to go there.”

Feng Linbai let out a deep laugh from his throat. “You’re so beautiful though, Yu’er. You’re such a sight for sore eyes, it’d be even better if I can see you up close. Well, since…”

He dragged out his sentence. “Since Yu’er isn’t willing to come over, then I’ll go there. The sofa is big enough anyway. It’s not a problem to sit one more person, right?”